Alcohol for a wedding – what apart from wine and vodka?

It is hard to imagine a wedding without alcohol. And there is no doubt about it. Vodka is by far the most popular Alcohol for a wedding, followed by wine in the ranking. On this special day, Young Couples want to get to the last button, so that oversights do not leave the guests unpleasant memories. They try to meet the expectations and tastes of all their loved ones and carefully prepare the perfect wedding menu. It is worth remembering that not everyone drinks vodka and not everyone likes wine. When organizing a wedding party, it is worth considering what other type of alcohol should appear on the tables.


We associate real champagne with luxury and something special. And yet the wedding day is unique and one of a kind. If your budget allows you to organize a party, treat your guests with champagne, which they will be able to toast to you.

Alcohol for a wedding

Homemade tinctures

Home-made liqueurs appear more and more often at wedding receptions, which are popular not only among women, but also men. You may be tempted to prepare the tinctures yourself, but if it would be difficult for you, ask your relatives for help. This type of alcohol does not have excise duty, so before you come to the wedding hall, you should ask the owner for permission.


If you know that among the invited guests there are amateurs of whiskey, try to take care of their needs. This strong drink is unfortunately not the cheapest alcohol, so if its price is too high, give it up for serving at a wedding party.

Alcohol for a wedding

Beer at the wedding

Although seemingly beer at a wedding may not seem very elegant to you, it is usually very popular. Not everyone prefers stronger drinks, and there are really many beer lovers. Take care of large and elegant glasses, from which guests will be able to drink beer. Traditional mugs are better left for another occasion.

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