Beer for wedding. Why is it worth providing – and how to do it

Just a few to a dozen years ago beer was considered a too common drink to be on the wedding table. Many people were also afraid of the unpleasant effects of mixing it by cheerful guests with traditional vodka. At present, however, the culture of drinking beer for wedding in our country looks completely different and the trend of offering it to wedding guests as an alternative to stronger drinks is clearly visible.

The growing popularity of regional and craft beers is of considerable importance here. Thanks to them, people learned to not drink beer, but above all to pay attention to its taste. More and more people prefer it over the taste of vodka or wine served mainly to dishes, appreciating the fact that beer hits the head more slowly. Certainly, therefore, and among the guests invited by us will be a large group that will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy this particular drink.

What beer for a wedding

These craft beers are more expensive than those known from most store shelves, but we do not have to decide on them immediately. Also among popular brands, you can find ones that will please both us and our guests. If, however, we really want the latter to be able to try something less obvious, consider, for example, finding a local brewery that will agree to provide a larger amount of its product at the wedding at a wholesale price.

It is always a good idea to suggest more than just one type of beer to choose from. In addition to the most traditional – i.e. light, pasteurized – it can be just a special craft beer (e.g. dark, unpasteurized, unfiltered or honey). It is also worth betting on flavored and non-alcoholic beer, which will be especially appreciated by drivers or even young mothers. An interesting option is also radler, which is a light, refreshing and less bitter drink resulting from mixing light beer with lemonade.

beer for wedding

Beer at a wedding – when it is worth to bet on it

Alcohol for a wedding in the form of both a radler and a “regular” beer is a hit, especially in the case of parties taking place on hot days, organized in the open air or those that start at a relatively early hour, but in principle, they are to last until night. Drinks of this type can be sipped slowly, entering into a state of pleasant exhilaration and supporting it. Also, the risk of getting drunk too quickly, or experiencing an unpleasant hangover the next day, is much lower here than in the case of toast often raised with vodka.

Beer at a wedding should also be served simply when we know that a large proportion of invited people just like it and we are sure that it will be happy to drink. It is also hard to imagine a party without it, at which we intend to arrange a bonfire or serve grilled dishes – and it is also kept in a rustic style. But a quite refined banquet does not have to lose any of its elegance if beer appears on it. Just make sure it is given in the right way.

How to serve beer at the wedding

You can definitely exclude canned beer, and even for looser fun. It looks not very aesthetically pleasing, even before it is opened, and slurping it through a small hole does not look very good. It is also a bad idea to place jugs with beer on the tables – the drink will not only warm up and degass quickly, losing its taste, but also in the event of accidental spillage it will smell unpleasant …

A slightly better choice is bottled beer, but there are a few key things to watch out for. First, it is worth placing them in a separate, designated place so as not to disturb the aesthetics of the tables. Secondly, the bottles should be filled with ice – and remember to top it up so that the beer is constantly chilled. Thirdly, you will probably need to “supplement” the duty cap opener, because there is a considerable risk that guests will lose his next pieces quite quickly.

beer for wedding


At some stylized receptions, a wooden barrel equipped with a tap will work, which can be placed e.g. around a buffet with lard, pickled cucumbers, etc. The most universal solution that will be found in virtually any, even the most sophisticated circumstances, is mobile, but aesthetically enclosed bar with a tap connected to the keg with the selected type of beer inside (it can be softened with flavored syrup placed nearby). By ordering the so-called roll bar for a wedding – as well as corrections! – we do not have to worry about maintaining the correct temperature of the drink, because it is constantly cooled by a special device. Beer can be poured by the bartender, but the self-service variant is also quite popular (and more economical).

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