Black wedding dresses – is it a tactlessness? Is it appropriate to wear it for a wedding?

You feel comfortable in black on a daily basis, so it is often your first choice for special occasions? However, you are afraid that it may not be appropriate to appear in black at the wedding. Are black wedding dresses a good idea? That is the question – for which I have an answer!

In the article you will learn:

  • why you shouldn’t wear a black dress to a wedding?
  • why a black dress for a wedding is a good idea?
  • what are the current trends among black dresses?
  • how to style black dresses for a wedding?
  • what are the opinions of the readers about the black dress?
  • whether a black wedding dress could be a good choice for a bride.

Black wedding dress – does it fit? Dress code and color symbolism

You probably heard many times that a woman at a wedding party should not wear a dress in two colors – black and white. White on the wedding day is reserved exclusively for the bride. In turn, blackness in the tradition is equated with sadness and mourning after the loss of a loved one. Therefore, these associations are in conflict with the wedding mood of happiness and love as well as cultural symbolism.

According to the principles of savoir-vivre, a black dress should not be worn at a wedding. Precisely because of the above reasons. If you want to meet the requirements of etiquette and dress code rules that apply at weddings, give up the controversial black in favor of light, matte colors (also excluding white and blood-red).

Fun fact Victoria Beckham’s styling during the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was considered inappropriate due to the very dark color of navy blue.

Black dress for a wedding – superstitions

Some believe that coming to a wedding in a black dress can bring misfortune for a young couple. If you believe in superstition and do not want to bring bad luck to the newlyweds, choose safe dark colors, such as navy blue, graphite, maroon or bottle green.

X: Heavy velvet dress in mourning style unsuitable for a wedding V: Navy blue light fabric dress appropriate for a wedding

Why is it worth wearing a black dress for a wedding?

If you are not conservative with clothing and etiquette, you will certainly say that it is not what color you appear in, but what your intention is. You may think that regardless of the color of the outfit, your image will emphasize such a special occasion with appropriate respect.

Long black dress suitable for a wedding

Such outfits will include elegant and subtle models that will not be too “funeral” (such as built-up, lace Victorian dresses) or too sexy (emphasizing the figure too much, revealing too much of the body). A black dress with contrasting accents, such as colorful patterns and decorative details, will also be a good solution.

X: black dress inappropriate for a wedding V: black dress suitable for a wedding

For many of us, well-being is key in every situation and if you feel comfortable only in black, which reflects your personality and style, you should not give it up, also at a wedding reception.

If you wear a plus size, you will surely appreciate the black dress for the fact that this color optically slims the figure. If you choose the right cut for your figure, emphasizing the values ​​and hiding shortcomings, it can be a bull’s eye wedding. When choosing a style, follow the principle of elegance and subtlety, and with accessories, do not forget about a colorful accent in the entire styling.

When is it better to give up black for a wedding and a wedding reception?

There are some crowning arguments against black at a wedding. First, it is the will of the bride and groom. If the bride and groom ask guests – whether verbally or in the text of the invitation – to avoid dark colors, the request should be respected. But even within the British royal family there are mishaps. It was not different this time. A navy blue dress was worn on the occasion by the Duchess of Meghan, despite breaking the protocol.

Secondly, the nature of the party and the season in which it is held are important. Better not wear a black dress when you have received an invitation to a distinguished banquet with a clearly indicated dress code. Or the opposite – it will be an outdoor event during the day or in the summer season. In the first situation, it is better to reach for an outfit perfectly suited to the suggested dress code, and in the second – a light (but not white!) Dress made of airy material.

It is also recommended to give up black to loved ones. So important a person, as a mother, sister or witnesses, are the center of attention and should adhere to the most stringent requirements of the label, not to commit social blunders.

Dark dresses appropriate for a wedding for a mother or a witness

The most fashionable black dresses for a wedding – 2021 trends

Are you looking for a fashionable dress for your wedding this year? Stylish outfits can be found on in the ” Wedding Dresses 2021” tab. In 2021, black ground-length dresses are in fashion, but only from light, flowing material and medium-length, small black dresses on the straps, subtly emphasizing the figure. Boho-style dresses invariably dominate the trends, and among the details, it is worth looking at frillsasymmetriesextended sleeves and floral patterns.

Black dresses for a wedding – what accessories?

The decision was made. You bought a black dress for your wedding party. What accessories will complement it well? So that the whole thing is not too gloomy, it is worth adding a contrasting color. All colors will look great on a black background, but girly pinks, refreshing mints, a whole range of oranges and yellows, subdued beige and metallic shades are especially recommended for a wedding. With gold and silver, however, be careful that the effect is not too party-like).

In order to “cheer up” and contrast the dark base, it is worth choosing colorful jewelry, an interestingly shaped clutch bag and expressive footwear. But avoid black accessories, such as tights, classic high heels and a minimalist clutch bag. It is also worth considering an extraordinary hair ornament.

Black dress for a wedding – stylizations

If you are looking for ready-made stylizations, I am in a hurry with a portion of fashionable sets that can inspire you when completing your wardrobe for a wedding. A velvet wrap midi, flared with a calf-length sleeve, or maybe a ground-length dress with semi-transparent lace – which look will convince you?

Black wedding dress Black wedding dresses mini Black wedding dresses Black wedding dresses Black wedding dresses

Is a black dress for a wedding a good idea? Your opinions

What is your opinion on a black dress for wedding and a wedding reception? Opinions are divided, but the votes “for” prevail:

Woman 1I would never wear a black dress.

Woman 2I believe that everyone has the right to wear whatever they want. I do not forbid anyone to wear light or black colors, although this is my wedding. I have nothing against such colors.

Woman 3Little black dress will work in any situation, even at a wedding. I am like that.

Woman 4Better black than white or cream (of course, when you are not a bride). In general, I think that very light shades, such as pinkshould be avoided because the bright color belongs to the bride. And the color black has long been identified not only with mourning, but with elegance.

Black wedding dress

Woman 5: And in my opinion, neither black nor white (except for the bride) is appropriate.

Woman 6It’s not appropriate… it’s a joyful day.

Woman 7Little black dress is always up to date, no matter what the occasion.

Woman 8: The black dress will work anywhere. I wouldn’t go to a wedding in white.

Woman 9I have been to a wedding or party a few times in a black dress. You can add accessories: color, gold or silver.

Woman 10Sure, yes, but not all black, only the minimum of two colors.

Black wedding dresses

What is your opinion about the black dress? Browse the catalogs of a wedding on net creations and decide for yourself!

Or maybe a black wedding dress?

Are you a future maiden and are you considering black? This is definitely a much bolder option than for a wedding guest. The reason is the predominance of white resulting from our tradition and culture as well as negative connotations associated with black, not suitable for a joyful occasion. But beware: history shows that two centuries ago it was black that was reserved for the wedding carpet. Surprised? Be sure to read the article: ” Black Wedding Dress “!

Black wedding dress

Little black dress – for what occasion?

Women who go to a party, date or to the theater and do not know what to wear, most often put on the so-called little black, i.e. medium-length black dress. It hangs in almost every woman’s wardrobe and we can call it an “emergency dress” because it works for almost any occasion. This type of outfit is considered very elegant and timeless in fashion – after all, Coco Chanel was its creator.

Black wedding dresses

Did you know that … The little black dress, called a cocktail dress in the terminology of the dress code, does not have to be only black? This term is meant to denote the classics of the genre and a subdued, safe shade for a specific person. For each type of beauty, this “black” can be a different color, for example navy blue or bottle green.

According to the rules of the dress code, the little black dress is an element of formal attire, so it is a model suitable mainly for afternoon or evening occasions, such as private parties and vernissages, but not necessarily for events related to professional activities. According to the rules, such a dress should be knee-length, with a deviation of 6 centimeters down or up.

Black wedding dresses

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