Boho Wedding Dress. Trends 2021

We love boho wedding dress for several years. What is their phenomenon, what are they characterized by and what will be fashionable in the new season of 2021? Bride, I found real gems for you!

Boho, to the surprise of many, has been accompanying the wedding industry for several seasons. You can even say that boho wedding dresses have recently been the most popular among brides. Nothing unusual! Their nonchalance and subtlety affect the comfort of wearing, and the casual atmosphere of the creation allows for a bit of slack during this very stressful day. Certainly, its fame is greatly influenced by the more and more frequent outdoor and idyllic weddings, which will be perfectly complemented by charming boho wedding dresses!

Boho style wedding dress – why is it a good choice?

There are many reasons. One of them is that the boho style has a chance to become a timeless style . It allows for individuality and is as popular as, for example, the glamor style. Looking at your photos in 20 years you will not feel ashamed that your (then dreamed) wedding dress has overshadowed you, your beloved and … everything around you. However, most importantly, a boho wedding dress gives a lot of room for styling. It does not have to be a “curtain” or a boring sack. If you have always dreamed of a tulle skirt, a model that emphasizes the figure or you have a weakness for retro, we have good news for you – you can mix the boho style with others!

Boho style wedding dresses – characteristics

There is no one right recipe for the perfect boho outfit. However, we can surely list together a few elements with which the boho style identifies itself. One of them is definitely lace . Subtle, but also sensual, romantic, sometimes also melancholic, but always very feminine. Another often recurring feature is the lack of a stiffened, corset top – it is usually found in classic “princesses”. Any kind of long sleeves are also welcome. Boho is also represented by fringes – a frivolous, modern decoration for brave brides. And airiness– a boho style dress must be light and not restrict movement. Not necessarily like a transparent haze and too girly, but it must not give the impression of heaviness and cannot overwhelm you. This is a creation in which you are in the foreground – it only emphasizes your natural beauty.

Did you know that … rustic wedding dresses are often the same as the boho ones? The former are inspired by nature and simplicity, and the latter are derived from an eclectic marriage of hippie and gypsy bohemia, but they share many common features. That is why in wedding fashion, the boho and rustic style is sometimes treated as a synonym. 

Boho style wedding dress – trends 2021

In 2021, we will discover a bride in a boho style in a new version. Our attention will be drawn to heavier, but still airy, materials, more built-up styles (especially long sleeves ), but we will be more eager to expose the back. Dresses will have more layers. Lace will be fleshier, dignified, perfect for the evening. Until now, we associated the boho style especially with summer, now it will be directly created for winter weddings. This is also evident in the audacity to more flash. Previously, it was more casual and casual, in the new season it will turn out to be more elegant. Until recently, full of girlish charm, in 2021 – more sensual, related to conscious femininity. Are you curious what else will be on top in 2021 wedding fashion?

I found the most beautiful boho wedding dresses for you, which I chose from the latest collections for 2021. I’m sure you’ll be surprised how many views a boho bride can have. Do you see your dream outfit among these proposals?


Classic boho style wedding dresses that will never go out of style!

Long Sleeve

Long-sleeved focus, which in 2021 will surprise us with many variations and forms!


Lace boho wedding dresses are the essence of the boho style, and here they are in the lead, from head to toe!

boho lace wedding dress with sleeves

boho lace wedding dress with sleeves


Boho glamor? Of course! More style and fit to the figure, and you will achieve a perfect golden mean!

Boho princess

A boho style princess? It is also possible! A voluminous but light skirt and a modern style is a recipe for success!

Boho fringe dress

Fringe and boho are a perfect duo both in fashion and in the decor of your wedding hall. I love this nonchalant touch!


Flouncing with every movement is another hallmark of a boho style dress. +10 charm guaranteed!

Boho dress with Flowers

All floral motifs, i.e. references to nature, are welcome in a boho look. Always!

Vintage boho dress

A reference to the 70s fashion and inspirations from our mothers ‘and grandmothers’ wardrobes is a perfect recipe for a retro boho style!

Boho festival dress

If you are a fan of music festivals, the boho atmosphere is for you. After all, festival fashion constantly draws from this style!

Like from the catwalk

Bold, creative and in details, drawing on the collections of top designers and street fashion trends…. So boho style wedding dresses perfect for fashionistas!

V neckline

Plunging neckline boho wedding dress. A deep V-shaped neckline will be the top trend of 2021, also in the boho style. A perfect balance of sensuality and subtlety!

The most beautiful boho style wedding dresses from

Are you looking for even more inspiration? You will find them in the gallery below!

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