Colorful drinks for a wedding. Wedding cocktails

The culture of drinking in our country has changed significantly in recent years, which can also be seen in the selection of the wedding alcohol menu. The point is not only to put in a word quickly, but also to enjoy the consumption process itself. That is why next to traditional vodka wine and even beer appear more and more often on the tables. Colorful drinks for the wedding have also become a real hit.

And this is not surprising. Not only that, they look effective, but you can also slowly sip them, savoring their delicious taste. The virtually unlimited number of ingredient compositions allows you to hit even the most diverse tastes. Something for themselves will be found both by lovers of stronger drinks and lovers of sweets, as well as those who look for refreshments in the first place.

Wedding cocktails  – how to serve?

As for the way of serving colored drinks at the wedding, we have at least several options to choose from. One of them is to find a wedding hall that also includes the bartender’s presence in the service package it offers. You can also rent a mobile drink bar for a wedding, along with its service. Many companies specializing in this type of order can also provide additional attractions in the form of a professional display of bartending skills (so-called flair), often involving guests willing to participate.

No bartender

If we have a fairly limited budget, a certain solution will be to prepare a special self-service table, which will include several types of alcohol, flavoring syrups, juices, ice and recipes for several simple wedding cocktails in the boxes. Wedding guests will be able to prepare them themselves, in accordance with the instructions, as well as choose components and their proportions according to individual preferences. It is best that this type of colorful drink for the wedding does not require the use of a shaker, but just to mix all the ingredients in a glass.

Not very popular, a bit time-consuming, but very interesting idea is to prepare several types of drinks first and put them in glass, single-dose bottles. Placed in an attractive way on the separate table, they will encourage you to help them. Applying a label informing about the content of each bottle will make your choice easier.

Tips for guests

The labels can include not only ingredients, but also funny cocktail names, e.g. those referring to the theme of the wedding. The same applies to the drink bar menu in virtually every other variant. It will also be good to indicate if the drink is more sweet or dry, sour or bitter etc.

Colorful drinks for a wedding – how to choose?

If we hire a professional bartender for a wedding, he will certainly help us establish a list of basic wedding cocktails that guests will have to choose from. It should take into account different flavors, as well as the presence of minors, motorists and pregnant women who are happy to drink interesting non-alcoholic drinks (so-called mocktails). However, there is no need to extend such a list unnecessarily, thus complicating the subsequent decision-making process. 5-8 items are enough.

A professional will be able to prepare cocktails on special request. He will also compose colorful drinks for the wedding to match the theme of the latter or its theme. It can also prepare drinks in consultation with future newlyweds, so that by choosing them from the card, guests will be able to better get acquainted with the tastes of the bride and groom. It is always good, however, to give the wedding guests the opportunity to order or prepare at least a few “evergreens”, which are known and liked classic drinks.

wedding cocktails
wedding cocktails

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Most popular wedding cocktails

The simplest ones, which are great for a self-service drink bar, include:

  • cuba libre – delicately sweet and refreshing – just pour light rum into a glass of ice, press 2 quarters of lime, top up with coke and mix everything;
  • daiquiri – another easy-to-prepare variation on the theme of rum and lime, this time without cola, and with sugar syrup;
  • gin and tonic – nothing more, nothing less;
  • Aperol Spritz – a dry and refreshing drink that has been fashionable in recent seasons – to make it, you need to pour ice and orange slices in a glass (or wine glass) with aperol and a small amount of sparkling water and top up with prosecco.
wedding cocktails
wedding cocktails
Colorful drinks for a wedding

Classics that require the use of a shaker and a bit more practice are:

  • whiskey sour – especially eagerly drunk by men – a combination of whiskey, lemon juice and sugar syrup in the proportions 4: 2: 1;
  • cosmopolitan – lemon vodka, triple sec liqueur, lime juice and cranberry juice;
  • sex on the beach – the peak of bar popularity, this sweet, “womanish” drink is behind it, but at weddings it is ordered extremely willingly (vodka, peach liqueur, cranberry juice and orange);
  • Mojito – a sweet and sour-mint refreshment – this drink made of rum, lime, cane sugar, crushed ice, sparkling water and mint is prepared relatively long, but especially on hot days it cannot be missed.

Drinks to toast

We can also offer guests the so-called shots, or drinks drunk “at once”. Particularly good in terms of both appearance and taste are especially well-known rabid dogs (vodka, raspberry juice, tabasco) and characteristic blue kamikaze (vodka, lime or lemon juice and the blue curacao liqueur). They can be an excellent alternative to pure vodka when raising subsequent wedding toasts.

Lemonade for wedding guests

Wedding decorations for the Bride are often as important as choosing the perfect wedding dress. After all, they will be the background for most photos from this important day and it cannot be hidden that we want them to be memorable. Separate stands with sweets or gifts for those present are known and proven ways to combine beautiful and useful. However, are there other attractions that would give the wedding even more beauty and originality? Yes, of course! One of them will definitely be a charming corner, where guests will be served lemonade.

Colorful drinks for a wedding
Colorful drinks for a wedding

Guest lemonade – where to serve it?

There are countless ideas on how to decorate a place where we will serve lemonade. Thanks to this, we can look for the perfect solution that suits our taste and perfectly fits the style of the wedding. If you’re interested in a more elegant version, let’s use a table beautifully decorated with lemons and limes. However, if our party is to have a casual character, especially when it takes place in the open air, we can let our imagination run wild and opt for a wooden stand full of dishes filled with lemonade, lots of straws and matching glasses. Or maybe we want to set up a booth with a counter in which children sell lemonade in films? With a little fantasy, we can create a really great attraction!


Lemonade for guests – how and in what?

All right, the stand is here, but what next? Preparing lemonade is an incredibly easy task. We mix water with lemon juice, sugar and mint and we have a drink that people will queue for. We can also prepare other flavors with other fruits. Colorful lemonades will look even more magnificent in our corner. When it comes to dishes, special jars with taps will work best, under which you can place glasses and pour the drink. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to handle it themselves, without any hassle or mess. If we do not have such a possibility, we can use carafes and jugs. It is also very important to prepare a large supply of ice.


Lemonade for guests – good for every wedding?

The answer to the above wedding is simple: of course! It is true that the thought of cold lemonade first brings to mind a hot day in the middle of summer. But don’t let it fool us – the fact that during our wedding outside will be cooler does not mean that our guests, warmed up from dancing and having fun, will not dream of a glass of lemonade coming off the dance floor. To sum up, regardless of the season, weather and the nature of the party, lemonade will be successful and worth serving.

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