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disney wedding dresses

Disney Wedding Dresses

Thanks to Disney, the dream of future brides to look like a princess from a cult fairy tale at the wedding is just coming true. And literally, because the original collection of wedding dresses was inspired by the costumes of Disney movie characters. We have their photos – they are beautiful, these Disney princess inspired wedding dresses.

For some individuals, Disney World is a location you take your kids. But for others, it’s the ideal place for a dream wedding. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Vacation Magic, airing on December 8 on Freeform, captures the magic of a wedding event at Walt Disney World Resort. This holiday-themed unique features a Mary Poppins-themed wedding event and a performance by country star Martina McBride.

Real-life Disney weddings like those included in the program can cost as little as $3000 to as much as $200,000. Whether you go select the more affordable option or spend lavishly on a ride in Cinderella’s carriage or an in-park ceremony, Disney will do everything to make your day remarkable. But if you dream bridal gown is a replica of Belle’s ball dress from Beauty & The Monster, you may be out of luck. Today, there’s no way to buy official Disney wedding dresses– a minimum of in the U.S

What happened to the Disney bridal gown line?

Till just recently, you might purchase Disney-approved bridal gown from Alfred Angelo. The dress became part of the company’s Disney Fairy tale Wedding collection, which included gowns motivated by Disney’s favorite princesses.

The dresses weren’t exact reproductions of the gowns you keep in mind from the movies, but they had information that linked each to a different princess. For example, the “Ariel” from the Fall 2015 collection was a blue, mermaid-style dress. The “Cinderella” from the Fall 2017 collection was a timeless ballgown like the one its namesake wore to waltz with Prince Charming, while the “Elsa” includes a cape, similar to the one the character uses in Frozen.

Sadly, Alfred Angelo went bankrupt and closed all its stores in July 2017. With it passed away the Disney wedding dress line, a minimum of for now. Unless you head to Japan, that is. Disney has partnered with Japanese designer Kuraudia on a line of princess-inspired dress, however they’re not sold in the U.S. Australian designer Paolo Sebastian likewise developed a line of Disney-inspired couture dress for his spring 2018 collection, however those high-end pieces weren’t commonly readily available.

You might have the ability to find Disney wedding dresses online
If you have your heart set on a Disney dress, you can still discover some Alfred Angelo gowns online. Used Bridal gown has numerous gowns for sale, including styles inspired by Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana. You can also find gowns noted for sale on resale apps like Poshmark and Tradesy.

Otherwise, retailers like David’s Bridal have various princess-inspired gowns. While these aren’t main Disney dresses, they might provide the look you’re opting for.

A company dealing in sewing wedding dresses – Kuraudia Co. – obtained a Disney license and created a unique line of wedding dresses inspired by the costumes of the six most popular Disney princesses – Cinderella, Bella (“Beauty and the Beast”), Ariel (“Little Mermaid”), Snow White (“Snow White”), Aurora ( “Sleeping Beauty”) and Rapunzel (“Tangled”).

If you have actually constantly wanted to look like a Disney princess, there’s no much better time than on your wedding. There are some absolutely stunning Disney wedding dresses out there that can put the ending up touch on your fairy tale wedding.

Disney cinderella wedding dresses

Disney cinderella wedding dresses


Disney themed wedding dresses


Disney themed wedding dresses


wedding dresses Disney


wedding dresses Disney


Disney style wedding dresses

Jasmine wedding dresses Disney

jasmine wedding dresses Disney


Disney style wedding dresses

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