Wedding superstitions – why the groom should not see the dress?

“Don’t turn around on your way to the altar.” “Get married in a month with an” r “in the name. “Pearls will not bring the bride happiness.” Heeding these warnings is said to keep a married couple happy. However, this is only a small percentage of “good advice” which, for their own good, the bride and groom should take advantage of.

Wedding superstitions cover probably every conceivable issue related to marriage. Some are more popular than others. These widely known and used wedding traditions include the principle that warns the groom against viewing the dress before the ceremony. Almost everyone has heard about it, but few people know where this superstition came from. Usually the mere “because it brings misfortune” is an explanation enough. All wedding superstitions, however, have their origins and symbolism, and this one is no exception. Even if you do not believe in any folk beliefs, it is sometimes worth finding out where they come from. It is just tremendously interesting.

Why shouldn’t the groom see the dress?

The reason why the Groom cannot see the Bride in a gown before marriage comes from – as probably almost all wedding superstitions – from the culture of the ancient Romans. The arranged marriages were meant to be nothing more romantic than a successful business deal. The bride and groom saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, and the bride revealed her veiled face only after taking the oath. This was done to ensure that the groom did not withdraw from the arrangement, discouraged by the beauty of his destined life companion. Today, the superstition that the Young Couple cannot meet at all before their wedding would be completely irrelevant. Time softened it and adapted it to modernity – a man cannot see his beloved before the wedding only in a wedding dress, because it can bring misfortune to their relationship. However, in everything else, he can watch it freely. No disastrous consequences.

Although superstition says something else, today it is all about making a surprise for the groom. Many men say that they want to see their fiancee in white for the first time on their wedding day. It is an emotional and touching event. Seeing a loved one dressed like this, so beautiful and so happy for the first time, is an amazing experience for a future husband. Therefore, whether it is superstition or not, not showing up in your wedding dress before the ceremony may be a good idea. The groom will surely be pleased with the dazzling surprise!