How much alcohol for a wedding? How to calculate the number of drinks

89% of people responded that a wedding without alcohol is not a good idea. Since you think that stronger drinks are an important item on the wedding menu, it’s worth considering how much alcohol to buy for a wedding to plan your budget well and ensure your guests have fun. Our practical converter will help you with this!

When the first emotions after the engagement have subsided, it is time to start preparing for the wedding. The list of things to do will be endless, so it’s worth using the help of a virtual wedding organizer. Setting a wedding date, choosing a wedding hall and finding your dream dress – that’s what awaits you first. There will definitely be many doubts. It’s natural, don’t worry. The wedding day is special and unique, which is why you care so that everything is done up to the last button. What challenges await you? In the case of the wedding menu, it is definitely the amount of alcohol. To facilitate your task, we have prepared practical tips on how to convert the amount of alcohol into a wedding.

How much alcohol for a wedding?

To answer the question of how much alcohol for wedding you should buy, you need to analyze the nature of the party or the type and number of guests. The following conversion rate for alcohol is accepted: 0.5 liters of vodka per person and 0.7 liters of wine per person.

How do you convert the amount of alcohol into a wedding?

Regardless of whether you decide to have a big party or a modest celebration, alcohol should appear. Even if the young couple themselves are abstainers, the tastes of their guests should be respected. A traditional Polish wedding is usually a party heavily sprinkled with alcohol, which is no secret to anyone. Since the feast cannot take place without high-grade liquors, what to consider to buy the right amount?

Number of guests and amount of alcohol

Set the number of guests at the very beginning. Alcohol is often bought before confirming the final number of guests, so assume that about 20% of invited guests do not appear at the wedding. You can also divide your initial guest list into those who will definitely appear and those who are uncertain. Then it will be easier for you to estimate the volume of purchases.

Type of guests and the amount of alcohol

Then remove from the list those guests who will definitely not reach for high- percentage drinks or will not drink at all. They will definitely be children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, elderly aunts and abstinent friends. The amounts and types of alcohol will also matter when planning an international wedding. For example, if you invite a lot of guests from France or Spain, get ready for more wine. A smaller amount of alcohol will certainly be consumed at the table of the bride and groom or their parents, who also want to keep the whole party cut. At this point, you can still divide guests into vodka and wine drinkers or other drinks.

The nature of the wedding and the amount of alcohol

The vast majority of you agree that alcohol must be at the wedding, but remember that not every type of party will match every party. In the case of traditional feasts, a larger amount of vodka should be counted, and only a symbolic amount of wine can check during a modest party in the restaurant. At a lavish glamor or royal wedding, you may not like a beer associated with a looser atmosphere. In turn, the rustic climate currently popular is perfectly complemented by tinctures or other homemade liquors.

Alcohol converter for a wedding

For the list of people who drink alcohol (even symbolically), take the following conversion rate:

  • vodka: 0.4 – 0.5 liters per person
  • wine: 0.5 liters – 1 bottle per person
  • prosecco / champagne : 0.4 – 0.7 liters per person
  • sparkling wine: 100 ml per person
  • beer: 1 liter per person
  • tinctures: 0.2-0.3 liters per person
  • whiskey / cognac : 0.2-0.3 liters per person

Are you wondering why to convert the amount of alcohol you buy for a wedding? First of all, because alcohol should not be missing. In addition, the organization of a wedding party is a considerable expense and making a huge supply of alcohol can significantly burden your wedding budget.

How much alcohol for a wedding

Alcohol for a wedding – what not to forget?

Don’t forget that on your way to the church or wedding hall you may come across a wedding gate. According to the old custom, you will go on sharing alcohol. In addition, if your region has the habit of giving wedding guests a bottle of alcohol, consider that too. Especially if, for example, you anticipate the play on the eyes, in which the bottle of vodka or wine becomes the prize. At this point, it is also worth considering whether you will hand alcohol to the hall staff after the wedding or whether you will put a bottle on the table of e.g. a music band. You also can’t forget about the corrections. If you convert 0.5 liters of vodka per person for a wedding, then we recommend to count 0.7-1 liter per person, together with the corrections.

What to do with alcohol that will remain after the wedding?

Because alcohol has a long shelf life, the bride and groom usually buy it “uphill” according to the principle ” it is better to leave a carton of vodka than one bottle “. In fact, it makes sense, because certainly, every host of the party does not want his guests to run out of anything, especially such an important item on the wedding menu. If this does not tarnish your budget, buy a little more alcohol, and the remaining, unopened bottles will make your celebration of other celebrations referring to that day more pleasant,  e.g. the wedding anniversary or baptism of your child. However, if you do not want to “freeze” your money after a wedding for a long time, ask before buying if you can return unopened bottles after the party. This is an increasingly common practice, especially wholesalers have no problem with that. Another option is to sell alcohol, e.g. to friends who are planning a wedding soon.

How much alcohol for a wedding

To not have to worry about over budgeting and remaining alcohol, follow our conversion rate. Keep in mind, however, that it is impossible to answer the question “how much alcohol for wedding”. Your guests may surprise you. One person will not drink anything because he or she will decide to be a driver, while another will enjoy the champagne mood until dawn.

The expert advises: Before you think about the amount, however, you need to determine the type of alcohol. In separate articles we suggest what liquors to choose for a wedding  and what to put on the wedding table instead of vodka and wine , and we also write more about wine and beer.

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