How to decorate a wedding hall yourself – a step-by-step guide

To do wedding hall decoration yourself allows future bride hand saves quite a large amount, but it is not the only advantage of such a solution. The others include great pride in hand-made decorations, the possibility of obtaining a truly unique effect or simply great fun that can accompany the entire decorating process. However, in order for it to be successful, it must be well planned. So, let’s see how to decorate a wedding hall yourself, step-by-step.

1. The right choice of a wedding hall decoration

If we know from the beginning that we will decorate the wedding hall on our own, it is worth considering it when searching for it. Let us then pay attention to whether it presents itself well enough to give it only the final shape with relatively little time, work and costs. Effective stucco on the ceiling and walls, beautiful curtains on the windows or stylish furniture will often only require decoration with fresh flowers or balloons and original vignettes on the tables.

Also, a quite modest, even ascetic wedding hall may turn out to be a great starting point for decorating it yourself. After all, even just a few expressive or original elements will be able to completely change its character. Such a room can be not only a neutral background, but also an ideal space for a banquet in the spirit of minimalism, if we wish. We should also remember that many rooms offer basic decorations included in the rental price, which can significantly facilitate our task – it is worth asking about it!

wedding hall decoration pictures

2. Determining the theme of the wedding

The next step is to determine the theme of the wedding. Thanks to this, it will be easier for us to look for inspiration, as well as flowers or materials that we will use. The setting of the party in a rustic style will require, for example, a trip to the forest to find, for example, twigs or cones, while a wedding party organized in winter can largely use ready-made Christmas decorations that can be found in stores. If we cannot or do not want to decide on any specific topic, let’s at least determine what colors are to dominate the decor of the wedding hall. To avoid aesthetic chaos, it is worth choosing up to three corresponding shades.

3.The search for inspiration (and shopping list)

Of course, we can only use colorful balloons and bouquets of flowers placed in vases on the tables as decorations, but it would be a shame not to use, at least partially, the potential of the Internet. There you will find hundreds or even thousands of ideas for decorating a wedding hall on your own, along with instructions for making individual elements. Before we start searching the web, it is worth making a list of all the things that interest us in decorating. For example, it might look like this:

  • walls (balloons, ribbons, garlands),

  • ceiling (as above),

  • windows (as above),

  • tables and the bride and groom’s table (reeds, candles/lanterns, vignettes),

  • buffet (as above),

  • chairs (covers, ribbons, bows).

Any letters are an invaluable help for each couple in their wedding preparations. As soon as we decide that a given ornament is to be in our wedding hall, let’s write down what we need to stock up on to make it happen. On a separate list, let’s note the estimated time needed to create it or place it in a selected place. And it is best to arrange the work order right away because for example flowers or blowing balloons you have to take care of the day before the party, while paper decorations can be made some time in advance. Careful planning at this stage will significantly facilitate the subsequent implementation of specific activities.

wedding hall decoration pictures

4. Shopping

Now that we have a list of the materials, flowers, and other items we need – along with estimated quantities and prices – let’s think about where and when we’ll buy them. We can order a lot of things online, which can be very convenient. However, it is worth going for some in person, if only to be sure that they will match each other in color. Places worth visiting when you plan to decorate the wedding hall on your own are definitely a tailor’s wholesaler (you will find there, among others, sashes, ribbons, decorative strings, draperies), a stationery wholesaler (glitter, paints, decorative papers, streamers, confetti, balloons) and of course the flower market.

5. Preparing the wedding hall decoration on your own

Having collected the necessary “semi-finished products”, we can proceed to create decorations, vignettes, centerpieces, bouquets and all other elements we dreamed of – and then place them in their target places. If we ask family and friends for help, or at least witnesses, the process will be much smoother. It will also be an opportunity to spend time together and have fun. For that to happen, however, in addition to a good plan, we also need the right attitude. Remember that the purpose of decorating a wedding hall is to emphasize the uniqueness of a joyful wedding day and to make it more pleasant – and not to implement the previously made assumptions at 100%, even at the price of anger, frustration and nerves …

wedding hall decoration pictures
wedding hall decoration pictures