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May flowers for wedding

If you’re having a spring wedding event, you’re certainly selecting a prime time for flowers. Flowers that bloom in spring are a few of the most rich and stunning of the year! Nevertheless, one of the most unexpected costs to any wedding is flowers (if you’re choosing to have them– hello, non-floral decoration can be cool too!).

Among the most dependable ways to save cash and get more bang for your buck when it concerns wedding event flowers is to have your floral designer just utilize flowers and greenery that are in season. Using flowers that are out of season indicates that you’re importing flowers which significantly contributes to the expense– plus, if you’re getting hothouse flowers, they’re simply not going to be rather as beautiful. We know, we understand, you want huge, beautiful fluffy peonies everywhere, however if you’re getting married in the dead of winter season, that probably isn’t the best choice. Disappointment. But hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves– this has to do with flowers that are in season in May, not January! And fortunate for you, May is almost the best time of year to get those spectacular, extremely searched for peonies.

However, May benefits more than simply beloved peonies! This beautiful spring month is breaking with delicate and fragrant blooms– from gardenias to garden roses, if you’re getting wed in May you definitely chose a great time of year for flowers! So what flowers are in season in May, you’re asking? Here are 15 of our favorite and most popular flowers for the month of May.

We have actually most likely all heard of the expression that “April showers bring May flowers” and whilst the weather might constantly be changeable year-on-year, you can be sure that there the saying is ideal about one thing. There are various flowers that bloom in May.
You might or may not realize it, but the fifth month of the year is the time when many of the world’s preferred blooms rupture into life and share their beautiful colors and aromas with us to advise us that summer season is coming and winter is well and truly behind us.

Let’s have a look at some of them in more information:


Roses as May flowers for wedding! Another traditional flower that will never ever disappear and has an infinite amount of ranges and colors for every design. They work well mixed in with other flowers in both centerpieces and bouquets. Unless the roses are a mix of colors and types we don’t suggest using the exact same variety and color of roses just in an arrangement– that can start to enter into an ugly area (imagine a bouquet of all red bodega roses– it’s a no-no!).


May flowers for wedding

These graphic beauties are perfect for whatever from timeless to romantic to contemporary plans. Try a conventional all anemone bouquet if that’s your vibe, or get a little boho and blend them in with roses and trailing plant. These scentless blossoms range in color from crisp white (without a doubt the most popular variety) as well as bright red, pink, magenta, purple, and blue. Additionally, there are other white anemone ranges with green centers in addition to yellow centers. They are quite middle-of-the-road when it concerns rate.


These stunning South American blooms are a reward to enjoy in May. Often understood by the name the Belladonna Lily or the Easter Lily, they are available in distinctive red, orange, pink and white tones and communicate pride.


We love snapdragons. They’re whimsical and be available in upwards of 60+ colors and look sculptural on their own in a bouquet, or used sparingly with mixed blooms. Price-wise these are on the less expensive end.


May flowers for wedding

Peonies are favorites for weddings currently, which comes as not a surprise as their abundant buds burst beautifully with color. In pinks, whites and even purples, these pastel colored flowers are ideal to help you share some real May magic.


This beautiful garden favorite, which is likewise the birth flower of February takes its name from the Greek word for Rainbow and is synonymous with wisdom and courage.


Sweet-smelling lilacs are another flower to make their look during the month. Symbolizing the essence of puppy love and self-confidence they can likewise grow up to 10 feet tall.


May flowers for wedding

There was a time these tropical charms were considered tacky as a wedding flower (hint– that time was not so long ago), today they’re also trending and we have actually been liking all the fun brand-new methods they’ve been used in plans with a modern twist! Not just do they can be found in a substantial variety of colors (and patterns for that matter) however they have many ranges– tiny orchids, big orchids, every shape possible!


We can get down with every variety of tulip (these are fringed, but we like a parrot, double, and French tulip as well!), and each type has a different design and feel. Plus colors! MANY colors.


May flowers for wedding

Magnolias are amongst the most difficult flowers around, with the ability to endure excellent cold and strong heat. Unsurprisingly for a May flower, their blooming is seen as a natural symbol that spring has actually shown up.


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May flowers for wedding

Heather is another hardy flower which has the ability to endure the cold winter seasons of Northern Europe. In fact, its It’s purple flower carpets the land is a welcome sight to see and in traditional Celtic cultures, it was frequently offered to reveal affection for someone special.


May flowers for wedding

Pansies are intense, diverse and pleased flowers that bring great deals of favorable undertones of loving thoughts and believing freely. In Victorian times they were a secret symbol given to reveal love covertly.


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Freesias are a welcome arrival throughout Might, coming in many tones of white, blue, pink, yellow and purple. These intense and colorful flowers are usually offered to show innocence, trust, and friendship.

As you can see May flowers are lots of and among the most gorgeous flowers of the year to decorate gardens and homes. Do you think May flowers are the best the year has to provide or do you prefer flowers from other months of the year? Let us know in the remarks.

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