Nails for wedding. 💅 21 ways for an AMAZING manicure! 🤩

Are you going to a wedding as a guest? 🥳 Have dress, hairstyle and makeup chosen? So check which nails for the wedding to choose for your styling!

First of all, think about whether classic and elegance will work better in your case, or whether you can afford the extravagance.

Also, take into account your complexion and the length of the nail plate or fingers so that the 💅 color and shape of the nails are properly matched.

You don’t know what color and shape will be right for you? 😱 Check out our article about wedding nails!

Nails for a wedding – do it yourself!

In addition to choosing the color of the nails, consider whether you prefer a classic manicure (i.e. ordinary nail polish), hybrid or gel manicure.

When deciding on a hybrid or gel manicure, first of all, you can do it a few days before the wedding, because it will last until the ceremony. 👍

In addition, such a manicure can be used at several adjacent celebrations, which is very useful, especially in the “wedding season”, if you have several weddings next to each other.

A hybrid or gel manicure should easily last for 2-3 weeks.

An additional advantage of a hybrid manicure is that you can easily do it yourself at home. 😮 And when you get fit, you will surely forget about other methods and become a nail stylist for yourself.

In the long run, you will save not only time but also 💸 money.

The basic starter kit that you need to make a hybrid consists of:

  • UV LED lamps, 💡
  • Base for hybrid varnish,
  • Hybrid color varnish,
  • Top for varnish – an outer coating that additionally 🛡 protects the color against scratches and fading,
  • Cleaner, i.e. a liquid for degreasing nails – thanks to this, the nail polish lasts better and longer,
  • Files, polishing block, sticks to move cuticles and cotton pads.

You can complete it yourself or use the starter kits specially designed for beginners.

# 1 Nails for a wedding – minimalist

Delicate, not very distinctive nails are a proposal for minimalists. Their decisive advantage is that they always look elegant and match any styling .

First of all, the now adored color is nude , which is a color that imitates skin, blending with it. Thanks to this, the nails are delicate and basically invisible.

In addition to nude , other shades of beige will also work well, as well as delicate 🌹 pinks.

Minimalist nails for a wedding also do not have to mean a complete lack of decorations.

However, in the case of minimalist nails, they are only a small addition, e.g. one small zircon on each nail or a delicate line.

# 2 Nails for a wedding – gold

Gold is currently one of the favorite colors in nail design. ❤️ There are so many ways to use it!

On the one hand, it may be the sole or main color of your nails. Gold looks good in both glossy and matte, mirror or glitter versions.🤩

In addition, it will be perfect for creating decorations on nails or as an addition to the main color.

Below you will find several suggestions for using gold in nail styling, but the possibilities are definitely more!

You will find gold here more than once in other wedding nail designs.

# 3 Wedding manicure – rose gold

Rose gold is a modern and elegant color that is a combination of gold and pink, additionally containing a sparkle and glamor effect.

Therefore, it is perfect for an 🌙 evening outfit!

Rose gold is currently one of the more fashionable colors that is used not only in nail styling and makeup, but also loved by fashion, jewelry and interior designers.

💠 Advice for you: the effect you can see on the nails in the photo in the upper right corner, you will get the so-called “Cracking varnish”.💠

# 4 Nails for a wedding – french classic

Classic never goes out of style! That is why classic French is still perfect.

And like other classic and minimalist proposals, it will suit any styling.

French was invented in the 1970s with ⭐️ Hollywood stars in mind. It was supposed to work with any outfit on the red carpet!

Target 100% achieved!

And french is still often chosen by women all over the world.

# 5 Nails for a wedding – French with a modern twist

However, as is often the case with the classic, attempts are usually made to modify it, refresh it or add a bit of a modern twist.

It is no different in the case of classic French.

Therefore, if you are one of those women who is not afraid to 🧪 experiment and likes to break the classics, then French with a modern twist may interest you!

What is modern French?

One option is to give up the classic colors of pink and white. Now French can be, for example, beige and gold, black and gold, beige and black or colored.🌈

In addition, you can also decide on the so-called tiny french or double french.

Tiny French means that the strip on the tip of the nail is very thin, definitely thinner than in classic French.

However, in double french, we have two lines instead of one. One at the end of the nail and one thin just above it.

# 6 Wedding Manicure – Moon Nails

Another well-known technique of nail styling is half-moon nails, i.e. 🌙 moon nails. It consists in making a half-moon at the very beginning of the nail.

In fact, it consists of outlining or drawing the nipple, which is the naturally occurring lightest part of the nail next to the cuticle.

You can usually see the nipple on your thumb. For some it is just crescent-shaped, for others it is more square.

You can make half-moon nails by painting the half-moon with varnish, as in the photos on the left, or you can make them in the form of a negative effect (photo on the right).😮

# 7 Nails for a wedding – decorations

Even simple and minimalistic nails can be made more visible and effective if you add decorations to them! 😍

What can you use for nail art?

They can be, among others, pearls, lace, rhinestones or crystals. 💎

Here you can, first of all, see ornaments as accessories for a manicure. However, there are also styles that make the main nail motif out of ornaments, e.g. pearls. Then one or two nails are completely covered with them.

# 8 Nails for a wedding – ombre

Ombre is a color effect that we have fallen in love with for a long time, ❤️ but still, enjoy unflagging popularity.

Initially, this effect dominated the hair. Later, it began to be visible also in fashion and interior styling. So it could not be missing also in nail styling!

Classic french with the release of ombre lived to see even the name of its own – 👶 a baby boomer (you can see it in the picture at the bottom right).

But you can use ombre in a variety of colors, both matte and glossy, and even glitter.

# 9 Wedding Manicure – Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns 📏 📐 are now also one of the most popular motifs, especially in interior decoration and styling.

They also work great on nails!

As you can see in the photos, it can be a very minimalist version, as in the case of natural nails, with golden lines, or very effective as in the case of a green and gold pattern (photo above right).

Another idea is to create an abstract mosaic of geometric patterns (the largest photo – thanks to the use of light, pastel colors, the nails are perfect for ☀️ summer styling) or use the 3D effect (at the bottom, second photo from the left).

# 10 Nails for a wedding – floral designs

Floristic motifs can be both very feminine and delicate, as is the case with the 👒 vintage style, and more modern, with the use of a leaf motif – e.g. monstera.

The use of folklore floral motifs on the nails is also beautiful!

# 11 Nails for a wedding – pastels

Pastels are sunny, ☀️ summer, but also extremely elegant and delicate color versions.

Each spring, pastels in their full range come back in our styles, and when autumn comes, they calmly wait until the next year.

Pastels are primarily a perfect solution for a spring or summer party. In classic colors, such as gray, beige or pink, they will work all year round.😍

# 12 Wedding Manicure – Dots

There were polka dots on dresses and skirts, now it’s time for dots on the nails. 😃

On the one hand, it’s a pretty girly pattern, especially if we look at those in a colorful version. But you can also make them more feminine, as in the photo below right.

Although still, in my opinion, in this version they will not fit an elegant or formal outfit. For this to be the case, the number of dots must be significantly reduced, so that they are rather an accent, and not resemble a 🐞 ladybug.

# 13 Nails for a wedding – mirror nails

Mirror nails are one of this year’s trends in nail styling. These metallic, highly reflective nails are an absolute hit!⭐️

You can make mirror nails in various colors – gold, gold rose, silver, blue, red or colored.

# 14 Nails for a wedding – pearl

Pearl colors are coming back to favor and give a little glow to subdued colors.

Thanks to this, you can add a little shine to your nails, but in a gentle way.

💡  Also, note the clever use of the pearl color and the pearl motif, and styling one nail per shell. 😍

# 15 Wedding manicure – abstract patterns

Are you a fan of abstract creativity? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to be Picasso? Now you don’t need a large canvas or paints.

Try to do it on your nails!

Some outfits are real works of art. 😃

# 16 Nails for a wedding – negative effect

The negative effect 🎞 is one of the current hits in nail styling, which consists in painting and creating patterns on natural, unpainted nails.

The technique is not the simplest one, but it offers a lot of possibilities.

At the same time, it is quite modern and certainly not everyone will like it. 😉

# 17 Nails for a wedding – marbling

Marbled wedding nails are supposed to imitate nothing other than natural stone.

You will find them in various guises, but one cannot be denied. They always look elegant and classy.🎩

As you can see, the marbling can only be an accent in the form of one or two nails. However, you can safely decide to paint them all this way.

# 18 Wedding Manicure – opal

Here, in turn, a nail design proposal inspired by one of the most expensive gemstones in the world.

I am talking about opal, of course.

Such nails can easily replace your jewelry. They are very effective in themselves.🤩

# 19 Nails For A Wedding – V-Shaped

Another pattern that is often used today is the V-shape.

As you can see, the shape can also be obtained by doing a la french manicure, by painting it at the beginning of the nail at the cuticles or by using a negative effect.

A V-shaped manicure will work well with square, pointed and almond-shaped nails.

In the case of pointed nails, the V shape is painted approximately halfway down the nail, thus sometimes creating a ❤️ heart shape.

# 20 Nails for a wedding – matte

Matte varnishes have been with us for several seasons and are still popular.

If you are looking for something elegant and classy or you are just 😴 bored with shiny nails, then matte is definitely for you!

The fantastic thing is that matte nails look perfect in all colors and, additionally, they blend in perfectly with various patterns and decorations.

# 21 Wedding Manicure – Cosmic Nails

And finally, something from a completely different planet! 🚀

Galaxy nails, i.e. cosmic or galactic nails, definitely make an impression!

You can make them both in a very expressive version that imitates the galaxy, and the more delicate one, with tiny points resembling a starry sky.

You can also use the constellation of stars or the sun to decorate your nails.

👑  Summary, or how to choose the perfect nails for a wedding 👑

What should I consider when choosing nails for a wedding? 🤔

First of all, think about which nails will suit your styling better – classic or modern, minimalist or more 💎 decorative? Secondly, think about whether you want it to be a classic, hybrid or gel manicure.

What are the latest trends in nail styling?

Currently, on the one hand, minimalism and toning down are fashionable. On the other hand, ⭐️ mirror nails, marble, negative effect, geometric and floral motifs and dots are an absolute hit. Among the colors, gold and gold rose stand out.

What nails to choose for a ☀️ summer wedding?

It all depends on the styling. Classics, such as nude or French, will always work. Pastels are great for summer, but also vivid and ⚡️ energetic colors. In the case of summer stylizations, it is also worth playing with motifs and using the ombre technique or abstract or floral patterns.

What color of nails for a wedding to choose?

Each! Anything you want! Each color will work depending on the styling. Currently, however, the most fashionable colors are gold and gold rose . Pastels dominate the summer colors.😃