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Opal engagement rings

Opal engagement rings are majorly trending with millennial brides-to-be. Opals are unique gemstones, vary in color, and can make a lovely engagement ring within a spending plan a truth. We’re smack in the middle of an opal resurgence, and more fashion jewelry designers are now offering opal engagement rings in every shape, color, and size.

If you’re trying to find deep meaning with your engagement ring stone, look no more. Opals have extraordinary significance attached to them, going back to the middle ages– it was believed opals had the power to make their wearer unnoticeable. Referred to as “The Queen of Gems” Opals have traditionally come from those celebrating an October birthday. Recently, opals have gotten appeal among millennials– most likely due to their special nature, since no opal stone resembles the other.

Opal engagement rings likewise bring a vintage, Art Deco ambiance due to the stone’s popularity in the late 19th century. Opals increased back into fashion when Queen Victoria’s became fascinated with them– she had her really own individual collection of opals, and often gave them away as presents. Other well-known opal fans in history include Cleopatra and Empress Josephine. So, yeah, opal fans you remain in good business.

You can wear it every day but you must take precautions if you are to do so. The first opal is soft, so always avoid having it on during any activity that could scratch it’s surface. Second avoid activities that involve water, sweat or cleaners. This can quickly dull the luster. Opals are heat sensitive but if you avoid the situations where you sweat, your normal body heat should be ok

While opal is considered an October birthstone, it is widely used in a range of jewelry and can be very much a fashion piece for anyone. There are many gorgeous variations of opals including a variety of eye catching fire opals. If you follow the two guidelines above, then you should be able to wear it on a daily basis if you like.

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