Red wedding dress 2021. What lengths, colors and styles are there?

Choosing a dress for a wedding is a real challenge. The question arises: how to dress in order to look appropriate to the occasion and look beautiful at the same time? We start our search for an outfit by choosing the color. We often consider red. No wonder: a red dress for wedding seems like a very elegant choice. But are you sure? We check!

In this article, let me tell you:

  •       is it appropriate to wear a red dress for wedding?
  •       what length of the red dress will be suitable for the wedding?
  •       how to style a red dress for a wedding?
  •       what shades of red will be appropriate for a wedding?
  •       what red dresses are in fashion now?

Red dresses for wedding – does it fit? Dress code rules

Red is one of the most elegant and feminine colors. However, is it appropriate to wear this color for a wedding? It depends. According to the rules of the dress code, women should not wear a red dress for a wedding and a wedding reception if it is a very invasive and too eye-catching shade, such as blood red.

Such an aggressive color may attract too much attention and overshadow the whiteness or other delicate color of a wedding dress, and we certainly do not want to (and should not) achieve such an effect, regardless of whether we are the witness, the bride’s mother or the guest. The strong red color can be even more overwhelming if it still has a shiny finish, the outfit is long, uniform and has an extravagant cut. Let’s leave such bold stylizations for other occasions.

Red dresses that are NOT suitable for a wedding

However, if you are convinced that red is your color, you do not have to give it up, even at a wedding and reception. How to wear red at a wedding to feel comfortable and appropriate to the situation? Move away from clean, harsh tones in favor of less defiant, aggressive shades, e.g. cool, deep, light, pastel, smoky or pale.

These shades in the total version are better not to wear for a wedding:

  • blood red;
  • cardinal red;
  • crimson red;
  • poppy red;

Red dresses that are suitable for a wedding

These shades will be a safe choice for a wedding:

  • strawberry red;
  • claret;
  • Burgundy;
  • marsala;
  • coral red ;
  • ruby red;
  • brick red;
  • scarlet red;
  • cherry red.

When choosing a red dress for a wedding, consider not only the shade of red. For a more subtle effect, you can consider the varied color of the dress, so a model is accompanied by red, there will be a different color that will calm it down, e.g. beige, white, black, delicate pink, green or blue. Elegant prints, such as flowers, polka dots or stripes, as well as the shading effect, i.e. ombre, will also be a good solution.

Red dresses for wedding – long or short?

Red dresses for a maxi wedding

A long red dress for a wedding is now an increasingly popular creation. The maxi length always emphasizes a special occasion and appropriately – it does not show too much body. Just be careful not to show too much at the top, and if you also want to meet all the requirements of the garment etiquette, make sure your long dress is not too flashy a shade of red.

Red dresses for a midi wedding

A red knee-length or mid-calf wedding dress is the most optimal choice in terms of suitability for the occasion according to the dress code. The midi-length will be appropriate for both a day and evening wedding, and the red color will be the least invasive in this version.

red dress for wedding
red dress for wedding

Red dresses for a mini wedding

A short red dress for a wedding will work in a few cases. It’s easy to make gaffe here, because the combination of mini length and strong red (not to mention extravagant cuts) can be read as tacky and/or vulgar. The acceptable version is the one slightly above the knee and with a subtle cut.

Red dress – stylizations for a wedding

What cut?

The cut of the dress should always be properly matched to the type of your figure – so that it emphasizes the strengths of the figure and conceals its shortcomings.

Too short, tight and low-cut dresses are not suitable for such a solemn event as a wedding, and with a red color they can be even vulgar.

Follow your favorite aesthetics, but also comfort. A wedding is an event lasting many hours until dawn, where creations that do not restrict movement – made of flexible, airy and high-quality materials will work best.

red dress for wedding
red dress for wedding

For a wedding, in the case of a rather expressive color, which is red, it is recommended not to overdo it with extravagant style and excessive details. Instead of emphasizing the strong color, try to balance it. An elegant, but minimalistic dress or an evening gown with a classic cut will be perfect for a wedding.

How to accessorize red wedding dress?

A red dress for a wedding, regardless of the shade, is a bold choice that in itself creates an expressive stylization. It should no longer be overloaded with rich accessories. Bet on subtle elegance and timeless classics. Accessories in dark green and old gold will be perfect for noble deep shades of red, with more radiant tones – white, powder pink and beige, and with light palettes – blacks and even blues.

If the dress is uniform and has a minimalist cut, you can afford more accessories. In the case of a patterned dress, or richly finished or decorated, it is worth limiting to such classics as beige pointed pumps, a simple clutch bag and delicate jewelry.


What shoes for a red dress for a wedding? Consider some proven styling:

  • Red shoes. Monochrome total looks are very fashionable now, but remember that the whole thing is not too flashy.
  • Beige shoes. Flesh-colored pumps or sandals will perfectly balance the red of the dress, and optically slenderize and lengthen the legs.
  • Black boots. Timeless black high heels will become the perfect background for a red dress. If the creation is expressive, it is worth choosing accessories that will “calm down” the whole.
  • Golden shoes. In the case of more modest dresses, you can even afford golden slippers, which will add evening flair to the styling.


If you decide on a low-cut and/or off-the-shoulder dress, don’t forget to cover it with: a jacket, cape, coat or shawl. This outer garment should be worn during ceremonies in a church or other place of worship, but it will also be useful at night when the outside temperature drops significantly.

Note: a neutral shade will also be a great counterpoint for a red dress.



What handbag will be suitable for the red dress? When it comes to color, you can use the palette given next to the shoes. Since the clutch bag is always at the height of the creation, it must be perfectly matched to it. If the red dress is not extravagant, you can match it with a jewelery bag. And vice versa – it is worth wearing a minimalist clutch bag with a decorated dress.


Red loves gold, so if jewelry, it’s only gold. In the case of stones, diamonds, Swarovski crystals and pearls are perfect. It is worth choosing one strong accent, e.g. a necklace like a necklace or a stately bracelet. You will achieve a very elegant, even star-shaped effect!

Red dresses – 2 perfect shades for a wedding

Maroon dress for a wedding

Dark red dresses for a wedding are a shot at 10! Why? Burgundy is an extremely noble color that will wonderfully highlight the special occasions that are weddings and receptions, especially those taking place in autumn and winter. Remember, however, that a burgundy dress for a wedding is the perfect choice for older ladies, but not always for young girls. This shade, while very elegant, can be too serious for 20- and 30-year-olds.

Maroon dress for a wedding

Coral dress for a wedding

It is completely different with coral, which rejuvenates and adds fresh energy. Due to its vibrating tone, it will fit perfectly into the style of spring and summer weddings. However, if the bride and groom decide to choose an exotic theme in the cold season or simply it is your color, go ahead and choose it. This season, the coral dress for a wedding in an airy version with ruffles or flounces is especially fashionable.

Coral dress for a wedding

Red dresses for the wedding 2020: top 3 wedding trends

For the “trend-loving” there are 3 more ultra-feminine hits of 2020: waistline, chic lace and sensual Latin inspirations.

Red flared dress

There is no more feminine outfit than the one that emphasizes the female figure. Dior’s famous new look is now experiencing its renaissance – we are again wearing dresses that enhance the waist and are rounded at the hips. If we add a truly love color to them, a perfect duo is created. A red, flared dress for a wedding in a retro version will have a timeless A-shape, and for fans of modern solutions – a waist highlighted above with a tie or belt and a loose bottom. Always the midi length!

Red flared dress

Red lace dress

A red lace dress for a wedding can have two versions. In the first version, it will be a classic tube emphasizing the figure, with short or long sleeves, up to the knee. The second option is an airy dress with a flared skirt, with shoulder straps or with short sleeves. A proposal for minimalists: a red dress with lace in the details, e.g. finished with openwork at the neckline, sleeves or the bottom of the outfit.

Red lace dress

Red Spanish dress

If you want to emphasize the upper body, the red Spanish dress is for you! The lowered shoulder line and the frill covering the neckline are very sensual details for women who love Latin American dances. Choice of: midi models fitted from the waist down or long dresses made of airy materials, also with a repeated frill below.

Red Spanish dress

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