Rustic Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Rustic weddings are one of the most interesting wedding patterns. When you think about a rustic wedding, you may think earth components, the woods, a homestead, the wide open and nice Wedding Favors. Is it true that you need a couple of rustic wedding thoughts? If so you’re in the right place. All through this article, we’ll be making a couple of recommendations to fuel you with motivation for your very own wedding arranging. So right away, we should jump into our top picks.

The first part of favor on our point of view, is tasty favor. Let look what we can offer you in this way

Mason Jar Treats

Take this well-known nation wedding adornment and make it your wedding support! Artisan container wedding favors can be a good time for ladies to make since you can make them into nearly anything you need. From sweet holders to jars, the bricklayer container wedding support is so much fun!

Mason Jar Popcorn

Present a late-night nibble with smaller than expected Mason Jar Popcorn loaded up with a simple to-DIY treat like popcorn. Brighten the containers with rustic, yet sentimental subtleties like burlap, trim or jute twine. From wedding popcorn bars to popcorn wedding favors it has never been so mainstream to serve popcorn at your wedding like it is currently! Discover a merchant like Brain Freeze Events which has practical experience in jubilee type nourishment for your wedding and they can set up a popcorn bar at your wedding.

Jars of Jam

mason jar wedding favors

Your visitors can appreciate at breakfast the following day with minor pots of your preferred jam. Containers with a customized homestead new sticker for a custom touch. You should consider giving your visitors pumpkin jam or even creamy fruit spread, raspberry jam or my undisputed top choice, strawberry spread. You can buy them or do it by yourself. For this you might need empty jars, nice stickers and tasty including). We have some proposals for you


wedding favors

Tell your visitors you believe they’re the honey bee’s knees by sending them home with a container of nearby honeys. Include these “a debt of gratitude is for honey beeing here” stickers if (like us) you can’t avoid a decent play on words.

Sweet Treats in Burlap Bags

Visitors can’t avoid a sweet bite like chocolates, confections or treats. Present them in rustic burlap packs for a handcrafted contact. For decoration you can use

Packaged Pie

Nothing says genial (or delightful!) very like a high-quality pie. Bundle up these little treats yourself with this delightful smaller than expected pie box pack.

Hand Pickled Veggies

Into making your very own pickles or have a most loved nearby brand you’d love to share? Thank your visitors with some homegrown blessings named with a rustic kraft paper tag in the state of an artisan container.

Maple Syrup

Particularly suitable for a fall wedding, nearby maple syrup is a sweet method to demonstrate your visitors you give it a second thought. Top containers or name bottles with a harvest time sticker with your names and wedding date. A great wedding support for weddings in New England, this sweet support comes in such a significant number of various sizes, shapes, and styles that ladies nearly have a perpetual measure of alternatives. Maple syrup wedding favors are one of my most loved favors to get as a visitor since you generally realize you can put them to great use!

Rosemary Olive Oil

Maybe you and your partner like o cook together and this your both hobby, that you really love to do together, share a sample of your side interest with some natural mixed olive oil. Treat your visitors to containers of gourmet injected olive oil that they can utilize when cooking at home. You can even go the DIY course and empty your very own creation into little swing-top jugs. You can incorporate a card with your preferred formula or tips about how to utilize the dressing. We particularly love this thought in case you’re getting hitched at a peaceful scene, similar to a homestead or vineyard.

Succulents wedding favors

Give your visitors a blessing that continues developing. Arranging a rustic wedding implies you likely have some association with nature. Sending your visitors home with seed bundle wedding favors is magnificent thoughts or you can go above and beyond and give your visitors a live tree with a tree sapling wedding support. Plant them in smaller than normal metal buckets to play up the homegrown feel. For DIY you can buy just nice… and plant it a couple of weeks before the event

Seed Packets

Bundles of nursery seeds are wedding support thoughts that continue giving. This thought is consummately proper in case you’re having an outside wedding at a nursery or ranch scene. For the most valuable seeds, pick simple to-develop plants that twist both inside and outside — a few choices incorporate lemongrass, basil, chives, lavender, and mint. This may be to a greater degree a conventional wedding support however flying creature seed is a simple DIY wedding support. Buy ……

Comfortable Blankets wedding favors

If the climate will be cold on your wedding day, keep your visitors comfortable by giving downy covers. Customize them with your wedding monogram, date, or initials. After you’re hitched, everybody will be helped to remember your extraordinary day at whatever point they twist up with the cover at home.

Potted  Herbs

Here’s a rustic wedding support that scents as flawless as it looks. Pot up some fragrant herbs in smaller than normal watering jars to oblige a sentimental nursery subject.

Good Luck Horseshoes

Demonstrate your visitors that you are so lucky to have them share in your wedding day by sending them off with this exemplary image of good karma. Extra focuses on the off chance that you have horseshoe pits set up at the gathering for a benevolent game.

Teacup Candles

candle wedding favors

Crisscrossed teacups give the ideal vintage vessels to give an entirely different importance to the word tealight. To make your own, shop swap meets, second-hand shops and antique shops to locate a decent grouping and just load up with minor votives.

Pretty Packaging

We know, it’s what’s inside that matters. In any case, with regards to enriching favors with a rustic subject, the bundling can be similarly as significant. Regardless of what you intend to give your visitors, this vintage-motivated wrapping unit will dress it up in style.

Hot cocoa blend

coffee wedding favors

Hot cocoa blend is a wedding support thought that visitors of any age will love. Bundle the powder and marshmallows in smaller than normal glass bottles for an extra-charming and customized contact.



Regardless of whether you put away them separately or balance them on a custom divider show, doughnuts are constantly a group pleaser. Your visitors will be so eager to take these favors home — if they don’t eat them first, that is!

Caramel apples wedding favors

caramel apple wedding favors

Caramel-secured apples are extraordinary compared to other wedding support thoughts in case you’re getting hitched in the fall


wedding cookies favors

Macarons make a rich and chic wedding support, particularly in case you’re having a Paris themed wedding. Bundle them in boxes so they’re simple for your visitors to convey toward the night’s end.

Smores wedding favors

S’mores are a staple of outdoor weddings in any season, but especially in the fall when the weather gets chilly and a bonfire is apropos. You’re cooking them up over a bonfire, adding them to your sweets table, and even making them into cakes! But a perfect way to provide a dessert AND a takeaway gift is an easy-to-make s’mores wedding favor.

Trial mix bags

This is one of the most uncommon wedding favors you’ll ever watch. It’s doesn’t get impressively more provincial than trail mix. You could consider getting little burlap sacks and after that filling them with heavenly gourmet-style trail mix ideal for DIY women! In the event that you and your assistant have experienced various a week’s end together climbing, outside, and getting a charge out of outdoorsy activities together, by then this idea is perfect for making your wedding individual to you and your accessory.

Another part of wedding favors is drinks) Yes, drinks. Look what we have found for you

Small champagne bottles

mini champagne bottles wedding favors

To prop the festival up after your wedding closes, send visitors home with smaller than usual champagne bottles. Pick your preferred image of bubbly or include additional personalization with custom names. Then again, you could utilize smaller than usual jugs of wine, lager, squeeze, or even cool mix espresso!

Miniature liquor bottles wedding favors

You can even please both sexes, men and women. Sometimes women don’t like strong drinks and some of them would prefer liquor

Miniature whiskey bottles wedding favors

Miniature alcoholic drinks, mini liqueurs, and personalized whiskey miniatures, … A unique idea for wedding favors or as corporate gifts to promote marketing.

Mini wine bottles wedding favors

Regardless of whether you plan your wedding at an upscale lodging or a family vineyard, an endowment of wine is one your visitors make certain to appreciate. They can raise a glass to you after your pre-marriage ceremony and recall the celebrations affectionately as they taste or utilize a wine-themed embellishment.

The third part of your proposal to your ideas is useful things as favors. You can present to your guests something that they can use in usual life. Yes, it will be very short use time, but we found some long term using goods) Lets check!

High-quality soap

High-quality soap

Hand-made distinctive cleansers are one of our preferred wedding support thoughts in case you’re getting hitched outside or throughout the late spring. Consider obtaining them from a neighborhood independent company or making your very own utilizing scented wax and oils — stay with every single characteristic element for the most secure, hypersensitivity amicable cleansers.


Envisioning a couple of glad tears during your function? Vintage hankies are a sweet and nostalgic token that your visitors will acknowledge as you’re perusing your manually written promises.


Parasols are fun wedding support thoughts for a seashore or late spring wedding. Pick ones that match your wedding shading palette, or blend and-match for an unconventional look. They’ll keep your visitors agreeable in the shade, also that they’re additionally charming props for your wedding photographs. On the off chance that you figure it may rain on your wedding day, swap the paper parasols for umbrellas. Your visitors will much obliged!

Lavender floral sachets

Here at Cake and Lace, we adore lavender! It’s the ideal aroma, shading, and style to compliment any vintage style wedding. These muslin style sacks underneath, encase delightfully fragrant dried lavender petals. Your visitors would then be able to take these sachets home and put them in their garments drawers. Ideal for keeping clothing smelling new! Obviously, on the off chance that you’re going for a purple or lilac shading plan, at that point lavender packs are an extraordinary method for tieing your topic together.

Evergreen pine sachets

In case you’re considering tossing a captivated forest wedding or picking a rugged setting encompassed by moving backwoods, at that point a pine sachet would be flawless! These are inconceivably special, so I question your visitors will see these coming! In the underneath model, the sack is produced using muslin (a material that will not have a doubt supplement your rustic stylistic theme) and holds dried resin pine tree petals. These smell divine, much the same as new pine trees! Your visitors can bring home a little cut of your wedding, and at whatever point they smell an evergreen, they’ll think about the delightful day you spent together. They won’t overlook your occasion in a rush!

Pinecone Fire Starter

The ideal DIY wedding support may very well be this custom made pinecone fire starter. Simple to make and amusing to bundle this support is ideal for a winter wedding and particularly a rustic winter wedding. Perceive how to make your very own pinecone fire starters with our DIY instructional exercise.

Candle wedding favors

No wedding is complete without henna/mehndi candles. There is something about these mehndi candles that make them so essential to a wedding especially if it is an Indian wedding. Such beautiful candle is an ideal gift to give to a guest as a wedding favor, celebration candle or event gift.


Smaller than usual pumpkins are charming bring home favors for any couple having a fall wedding. When September moves around, smaller than expected pumpkins and gourds are generally simple to discover in an assortment of hues. Also, they twofold as brightening spot cards!

Mint to be wedding favors

“Mint To Be” – what a smart wedding favor ideas. These unique mint wedding favors are perfect for a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary or engagement celebration. And it would be very in place at a mint-colored wedding These unique favors are perfect for a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary or engagement celebration. Assembly times can vary each week.

Sunglasses wedding favors

sunglasses wedding favors

This fun and functional favor for guests to use at your outdoor wedding reception or any celebration. Enter the bride and groom’s name and wedding date or short message to be printed for a personal touch.  
Perfect for a beach or destination wedding, bachelorette party, or bridal shower,

Keychain wedding favors

Charm your guests with a nice key chain that resembles a mylar balloon. Great for any romantic themed event! The charm can be crafted from different materials and has a stunning decor.

Wedding bells favors

You can invite your guests to ring miniature white bells during the wedding ceremony and reception. It would be so nice)

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