Short wedding hairstyles

Do you wear short hair and are looking for hairdressing inspirations for your wedding? You hit perfectly! Check why you should bet on short wedding hairstyles and what trends are in force in 2020!

Bride with short hair

Short hair is still a minority in wedding trends. Most brides decide to do their hair with long hair. It is possible that they are convinced that long hair gives more styling possibilities. Not necessarily! Contrary to appearances, too long hair can provide hairdressers with a slight problem with light and permanent hair. In addition, it is widely known that short hair sharpens facial features and gives women a claw.

If you wear and like your hair of short length, you do not have to grow it for a wedding at the barber to have different styling options. Get to know all the trends for 2020

and the hairdo options, and we guarantee that you will present yourself perfectly and exactly as you dreamed of at the wedding!

Short wedding hairstyles – trends 2020

In 2020, according to stylist forecasts, short wedding hairstyles will often be decorated with flowers and elegant accessories. Brides will wear romantic waves in a natural way, smoothly finished hair inspired by retro style, as well as immortal bobs. Learn more about all trends and choose your favorite offer!

Short wedding hairstyles with a flower

One expressive flower or floral composition is woven into short hair will perfectly emphasize the theme of the wedding close to nature, as well as highlight the subtle beauty of the bride herself. Flowers in your hair can be worn on the front or back, but remember to make them consistent with your wedding bouquet.

Short wedding haircuts with a wreath

If one flower is not enough, put on a wreath of live flowers. It’s a must-have for the Bride who decides to wear a boho style wedding dress and a rustic wedding. Short wedding hairstyles with wreaths look exceptionally girly and fresh, especially if you still decide on subtle waves.

Short wedding hairstyles with a veil

The veil looks good only with long hair? Nonsense! Just look at these short wedding hairstyles that have been enriched with a classic, long veil. This unique attribute of every bride is perfectly displayed on short hair. To enhance the effect, put it together with a band or wreath.

Short wedding hairstyles with a toque or fascinator

Short hair alone adds character to every woman. If on the wedding day you decide to wear a toque or fascinator , you will be sure that it is the hairstyle that will be the strongest point of your stylization. Then remember to leave the other accessories subtle so as not to overload the whole. In 2020, veils covering the face, floral decorations and feathers are fashionable .

Short wedding hairstyles with a tiara

The tiara is a perfect combination of a crown and a band because it draws the best from both. It maintains the lightness of the band thanks to the subtle design, but refers to royal accessories thanks to the rich jewelry decorations. Precious stones, crystals and silver or gold frames add sophistication to short hair. 2020 is definitely one of the silver tiaras!

Short wedding hairstyles with a headband

If the style of the princess is not for you, but you are looking for a unique ornament for short hair, put on an elegant headband. Material, in pastel colors will be more delicate, and the gold or silver will certainly be more chic. This year, asymmetrical bands with decoration on one side reign.

Short wedding hairstyles – bob

The iconic king of hairstyles – bob. Both short and semi-long hair. Classic and asymmetrical. With and without bangs. In the straight and wavy version. All options have been in trend for many seasons, but for a wedding, hairstylists recommend a bob decorated with a fascinator or wreath. In the first version, it will be more standard and dignified, in the second it will be delicate and romantic.

Short wedding hairstyles – curly hair

In 2020, Brides will be enchanted by short haircuts from curly hair. The most popular will be Hollywood-style waves, but in a casual, nonchalant version and natural turns à la surf look . Such loose curls will give you girlish delicacy and unforced charm. You can additionally decorate them with subtle decorations.

Short wedding hairstyles – ups

Hairpin up? Yes, it is possible and, contrary to appearances, there are many options! You only need to have strands covering your neck to make a wedding hairpin. You can choose from partly pinned hair, e.g. by weaving a selected braid on the top of the head and leaving the rest of the hair loose. If you want to pin all your hair, opt for a loose hairdo (the free hairpin effect will be strengthened by previously wavy hair).

Short retro wedding hairstyles

If you love retro fashion and your wedding styling will be in vintage climates, refine all the details, also related to beauty. Short hair is simply created for a retro look! We immediately have in front of our eyes Daisy Buchanan, the heroine of the “Great Gatsby” from the 1920s or the icon of the 1960s – top model Twiggy. Both women today are an inspiration for women wearing short hairstyles. Especially the style of the first one will work for a wedding, because perfectly styled, smoothed hair is additionally supplemented with jewelry decorations, and the effect is part of an elegant evening dress code.

Short wedding hairstyles – natural hair

If you prefer natural haircuts both on a daily basis and for special occasions, you can also put simplicity on your wedding day. A natural short wedding hairstyle in the saute version, devoid of decorations, subtly wavy or with a delicate accent steals the heart of every modern minimalist.

Short wedding hairstyles – a gallery of inspiration

Are you looking for even more inspiration? Look at the album with the most fashionable wedding haircuts from short hair and choose your dream stylization!

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