Top 3 most simple wedding rings 2021

Wedding rings are the seal of the wedding ceremony, and after the wedding, they are the only souvenir from that day that we do not part with. Therefore, their choice cannot be accidental. Are you looking for jewelry inspiration for your wedding in 2021? Meet 3 models of simple wedding rings that will steal the hearts of stylish young couples in the new season!

Еxperts recommend simple wedding rings for 2021 that perfectly combine timeless classics with current trends. In the case of men, reliable minimalism reigns, and women’s hands will be decorated with a refined glow. Here are three jewelry duets for those in love with each other… and in fashion!

Gold wedding rings

Yellow gold wedding rings are still the most popular option among future young couples. The timeless elegance and warmth of the shade of this metal will continue to be famous. The men’s version is characterized by a refined simplicity, while the women’s version shines with a perfectly symmetrical row of 48 stones (you can choose between zircons or diamonds).

White gold wedding rings

If you prefer cool shades in your jewelry and wear silver every day, choose white gold wedding rings. In 2021, glossy finishes will be particularly desirable, and the modern character will be additionally emphasized by the geometric pattern adorning the women’s model. Two strips that go diagonally and touching, set with stones, can sparkle with cubic zirconia or diamonds.

White and yellow gold wedding rings

The last proposal is dedicated to a marriage with a modern, even bold style. Not every couple will decide on two-color simple wedding rings made of white and yellow gold. However, the women’s version will attract the most attention. The men’s one is divided by two types of metal along the length, but without additional decorations. On the other hand, the female variant, in addition to the horizontal division of the ore, has an original structure – a decorative step that presents the main stone and the remaining rhinestones or diamonds of various sizes.

Which duo of wedding rings stole your hearts?