Traditional wedding menu

Guests remember the wedding for a long time. To a large extent, it depends on the traditional wedding menu whether they will talk about it in superlatives or not. The choice of dishes is a big challenge, especially if there are several dozen people at the wedding. Although you would do everything in your power to find people who do not like dishes. You should take care of all guests, so for allergy sufferers, vegetarians or children create a separate menu. Choosing a wedding menu is only seemingly simple, easy and pleasant. If you don’t know which kitchen to choose, a traditional wedding menu should take over the palates of most people.

Traditional wedding menu

Wedding menu

What to look for when setting up a wedding menu? First of all, use common sense and approach everything in moderation. This does not mean, of course, that you have to save on food, but also do not overdo it with the amount. Also, consider the time of year and the temperature that will prevail outside the window.

Diversity is very important, everyone likes to have a choice. At least two soups, two types of meats for the main course and a few salads should appear on the table. If the dishes will be served in vases and on platters, make sure that the waiters compliment them on a regular basis. An interesting idea that most young couples choose is an elegant menu. Thanks to it, guests will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the dishes that will be served at the wedding party.

Traditional wedding menu

Traditional wedding menu

The taste of traditional dishes defends itself. Sometimes it is worth going in this direction, and leave creative and new dishes for another occasion.


  • chicken noodle soup
  • tomato cream with croutons or goat cheese
  • mushroom soup with cream

Meat for main course:

  • Duck breast
  • Pork chop
  • Beef slips
  • De volaille with herb butter

Additions to the main course:

  • potatoes with dill
  • Silesian noodles
  • baked potatoes
  • Young Cabbage Salad
  • fried beets
  • carrot salad

Hot snacks:

  • beetroot soup with dumplings
  • dumplings with meat
  • roast turkey

The table also includes salads, baked meat and cakes, fruit and of course cakes, muffins and cookies.

Trends in the wedding menu

Guests agree that food is one of the most important elements of a successful wedding. Are you wondering how to combine the classic of the kitchen with current trends and how to surprise your guests so that your party is remembered as the one with the best menu? summarizing our conversation about the latest trends in the wedding menu. Are you curious about what we are talking about? Check with us how to celebrate the tastiest wedding of the season!

Trends in the wedding menu: seasonality, locality, quality, personalization

The best local products

Cuisine with a hint of modernity

The wedding party has its own rules and it is quite a challenge to choose the menu to suit all Guests. Therefore, the best solution is based on classic cuisine, which everyone knows and likes. At the same time, it is also worth focusing on an original accent that will distinguish our party from the majority we go to. You can subtly break traditional Polish dishes by replacing one ingredient with something more unusual or among standard dishes, add a few more modern items, but still fitting the character of the entire wedding.


Dishes created from ingredients that occur only in given periods guarantee freshness and the best taste. It is also a saving, because seasonal products typical for a given region cost much less than those exotic and out of date for a given date, imported especially from abroad.

Not quantity but quality

Now there is more emphasis on the exquisite and visual presentation of dishes. At the wedding, every little detail matters, and it is also true that we “eat” with our eyes. In addition, such a special occasion, which is a wedding, requires a unique setting, also culinary.

Sushi station

If you are looking for a bit of a break from traditional and want to surprise your guests, Chef recommends a sushi station. ” This is a fairly new trend, but more and more often it appears at weddings. The show of the sushi master, who prepares delicious Far Eastern dishes in front of guests, is always impressive “

BBQ station

People love to grill, so why not organize a barbecue on the terrace during a wedding? If it’s a season, and the nature of your party allows for more casual attractions, a barbecue is a great idea not only to diversify the menu, but also to introduce a more homely, loose atmosphere during the wedding.

Chocolate fountain

This is not the latest wedding trend, but it is still enjoying growing popularity at present. Cascades of milk, dark or white chocolate, and a lot of spectacularly arranged pieces of fruit, waffle tubs or marshmallows – this can’t go wrong. Take care of the high quality of chocolate and additions, and we guarantee that it will be one of the most visited stations at your wedding!

Menu for children and people on diets

You can’t focus only on general. If children are invited to the wedding and we want them to be as happy as adults, it is worth thinking about safe dishes. This applies not only to lunch / dinner, but also appetizers or drinks. Similarly with people on diets. If we care about warmly welcoming all guests, it is worth respecting all dietary preferences and needs.

Bride and groom preferences

Personalization is also a clear wedding trend. Currently, each element of the party is adapted to the expectations and needs of customers.

Remember that all trends are just a starting point. A fashionable wedding menu is one that fully suits the tastes of the hosts and their guests and becomes a great incentive to jointly celebrate important moments for them.

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