Vegetarian wedding menu. For guests who don’t eat meat

Everyone knows what the menu looks like at a typical wedding. Meat broth, cutlet devolay, a platter of cold cuts, stroganoff and stew after midnight. Vegetarian dishes for the vegetarian wedding menu are scarce, while vegetarianism is becoming more common, so guests may not eat meat at parties. How to please them? We drop ready patents for a tasty vegetarian wedding!

Giving up meat – a fashion or a healthy diet?

A vegetarian diet is a diet that excludes the consumption of meat and meat products. More radical varieties of vegetarianism, such as veganism, also exclude fish, dairy products and other animal products. Vegetarians eat mainly (or exclusively) plant products: whole grain bread, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms. A vegetarian diet includes legumes as the primary source of protein, replacing animal protein.

Properly balanced nutrition when giving up meat can protect against many diseases, including obesity, gastrointestinal cancer, type II diabetes, gallstones, hypertension and excessive cholesterol. This is due to the low content of saturated fat in the diet, and in turn increased – of fiber and antioxidants. That is why vegetarianism is considered by the supporters to be a healthy lifestyle, and many studies suggest that the inhabitants of regions of the world where it is widespread live longer.

In Europe, including Poland, vegetarianism has more and more supporters, mainly among young people. There was a problem in this regard, how to entertain people who do not eat meat at the wedding and whether it is appropriate to organize a wedding without meat dishes, if both bride and groom do not eat it. The more so that some meat gourmets call vegetarianism a “food fad” or “quirk.”

Wedding menu – traditional or modern?

According to research, currently about 3 percent. people don’t eat meat. This is not a staggering number in terms of the total number of inhabitants. There are environments in which vegetarianism is the same everyday life as in other broths and pork chop for Sunday (and wedding!) Dinner. If – which is rare – the bride and groom, their families and friends do not eat meat, a vegetarian wedding can be organized. However, when organizing a wedding where both carnivores and vegetarians are supposed to have fun, a golden mean must be found.

How to determine if an invited guest eats meat or not? All you have to do is put an annotation RSVP (French: répondez s’il vous plaît , literally: please answer) with a tick, e.g. veggie – yes or no. In this way, the young couple will know how many guests to provide meatless meals.

According to the results of the “Meatless menu for vegetarians” survey conducted on social media:

  • 35% of respondents are YES and provide a vegetarian menu at their wedding
  • 65% of respondents are NO and plan the same menu for all guests

The survey shows that supporters of a mixed menu (meat and meatless) at the wedding are over 1/3 of young couples. The vast majority, nearly 2/3 people, however, are against planning a special menu in the veg version and intend to propose the same dishes to all guests.

However, if we know that there will be many vegetarians at our party, the best solution would be to propose several vegetarian items more than we find at a traditional wedding. Even if it happens that the majority of your guests are supporters of a meatless diet, a completely vegetarian wedding will not be a good idea. But it is also inappropriate that family or friends, knowing that the wedding will be veg, quietly organize meat dishes. A compromise is always needed, extremes can cause unnecessary grinding, which we should avoid on this beautiful day.

Vegetarian wedding menu – reviews

On the occasion of the survey, we asked you for opinions on the veg wedding. Here are your comments:

MagdalenaOf course there were dishes for vegetarians. Those who declared not eating meat had “substitutes.” The room’s owners said no problem, and that there was no additional cost. The waitresses only needed to know where these people were sitting.

JudytaIt was similar to us. Plus, food allergies were taken into account. I am allergic to myself and I really appreciate at parties when someone remembers it. The cost is small or not at all.

MariaI had vegetarian dishes to choose from. A lot of people praised them, including carnivores.

DawidVegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, vegetarians – it’s hard to please everyone.

PaulinaI didn’t have to worry about that. Because the room top-down provided 6 portions per person and there were both meat and fish, and various kinds. Also, I didn’t even notice everything and try. (…) Everyone has found something for themselves.

AnnaI don’t eat meat, but at least I wasn’t hungry at my wedding, as I had before. That is why I took care of my guests in this respect. I can’t imagine anyone saying that he had nothing to eat.

AsiaWe will mainly have vegetarian dishes and fish for one main course. I was at a few weddings where I ate only fruit, even though the young couple knew that I did not eat meat. I was sorry that there was no alternative for me.

MonikaMaking a vegetarian option is not a big effort, but is an expression of willingness and respect for a loved one. At my wedding, even for my grandmother, on a specialized diet, I was able to arrange food.

Only for vegetarians – will it pay off?

Many people think that a vegetarian wedding requires much more money than traditional ones. Meanwhile, the costs are comparable if you only give up meat. Certainly more expensive are vegan meals, and therefore not containing not only meat, but also ingredients of animal origin, which need to be replaced by their vegetable counterparts – usually more expensive (e.g. soy, coconut, tofu milk). The preparation of vegetarian meals is sometimes more labor-intensive, which can affect their price, but the cost of the ingredients themselves is not particularly higher than meat. Of course, if the dishes are to be very sophisticated, this will involve the use of more expensive ingredients, but there are also cheaper and more expensive species among meats.

Sample menu for a vegetarian wedding

It is not true that you cannot prepare too many meals without using meat. The restaurants offer extremely varied vegetarian wedding dishes, from very simple to exquisite. Here are some of them:

Vegetarian snacks for a wedding:

  • smoked beetroot carpaccio with arugula and blueberry sauce, sprinkled with grated sheep cheese
  • Camembert with hammered pepper served on baked pineapple
  • shortbread muffins with kale-cheese stuffing
  • Tomato-paprika tartare arranged on pumpernickel rings
  • zucchini rolls stuffed with roasted parsley
  • asparagus baked with tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Vegetarian soups for a wedding:

  • mushroom cream with croutons
  • red borscht pure on the taste of dried mushrooms
  • white vegetable cream with truffle oil

Vegetarian main dishes for the wedding:

  • conchiglioni pasta stuffed with cheese and spinach, chanterelle sauce
  • Breaded lentil cutlet served with fried egg
  • baked pepper, stuffed with cheese and egg stuffing with green parsley, breaded and fried
  • Breaded celery rings, served with garlic dip
  • zucchini stuffed with ratatouille stuffing
  • cabbage rolls from grape leaves with rice stuffing in tomato sauce (dolma)
  • shashlik from mixed vegetables and grilled mushrooms

Additions to main dishes:

  • boiled potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • buckwheat
  • French fries or baked potatoes

Vegetarian salads and salads for the wedding:

  • Greek salad with olives
  • Cucumber salad with sour cream
  • Carrot salad with apple
  • mix of green salads with vinaigrette sauce
  • Butterhead lettuce with chives, cream and hard-boiled egg

So, as you can see, there are a lot of ideas. It all depends on the invention of the young couple and the cook.

The logistics of wedding catering, consisting of meat and vegetarian dishes, should include separate snack tables in the form of a Swedish buffet, which will be available throughout the entire wedding. Whereas dinner dishes are usually served by waiters; in this case, the vegetarian coverings may, for example, be highlighted with a different napkin color.

Ideas for a vegetarian wedding

In this case, there are two solutions. You can decide to organize a special, meatless menu for selected people, and the other guests will be served traditional wedding dishes. The second solution is to organize a completely meatless wedding. With a little desire and creativity, a vegetarian wedding is not at all difficult to implement.

Vegetarian wedding

When searching for your dream wedding hall for your ceremony, you will definitely find ones that serve only meatless dishes. If you fail to find such a place, you can help a catering company. There are many delicious vegetarian dishes that will definitely please your guests. If you are afraid of the unfavorable opinion of uncles and aunts who can not do without traditional delicacies – try to make vegetarian dishes though they resembled them. Dumplings with vegetarian filling, croquettes, patties, egg cutlets or porridge – there are a lot of suggestions. You can choose grilled, blanched, baked, caramelized vegetables, salads and vegetable preserves. Everyone will find something delicious for themselves. At a vegetarian wedding, you can not miss the juice from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to organize a healthy, colorful table where tasty snacks will be hosted. Healthy sweets will be a huge field to show off. An interesting variation will also be a chocolate fountain, which will further enrich the sweet and sour taste of the fruit. As a small gift for wedding guests,  seasonal fruit in a beautiful box will work.

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After deciding whether to organize a traditional, mixed or vegetarian wedding, it is worth communicating with the chef at a selected restaurant and discuss with him any help in shopping or preparation. It may happen that a restaurant that was chosen for a wedding for reasons such as location, proximity to the hotel, etc., has modest experience in preparing meatless dishes. In such cases, it will be worth using catering with delivery and order professionally prepared vegetarian dishes – in this case, however, we must take into account the delivery time. It should be remembered that the wedding is once in a lifetime and you need to make sure that not only its atmosphere, but also flavors are widely and positively commented on by all guests, regardless of their diet or culinary tastes.

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