Wedding accessories for a stylish bride – trends 2021

The most important function of an accessory is to emphasize the value of the outfit it complements. It is no different in the case of the bride’s styling, who, regardless of style, age, size or budget, should still focus on enhancing her natural beauty. Fashionable wedding accessories 2021 will help her in this!

Accessories for the bride – beautiful returns

Currently, fashionable accessories for the bride are diverse and creative, but the common denominator of most of them are sentimental returns. Designers once again go back to the archives and give a new shine to accessories that until recently functioned in the “fashion history” category. In a modernized and more subtle version, we can rediscover classic veils, timeless pearls, retro headbands and elegant tiaras.

Fashionable wedding accessories 2021: 10 accessories that will emphasize the beauty of the bride


Capes for wedding dresses have been leading the way in the most fashionable brides’ covers for two years. Their triumphs will continue in 2021. In what form will they charm us in the new season? They can be built into the dress, but for practical reasons, we especially recommend the detachable ones. This is a wedding accessory that will fulfill your dreams of a dignified train and will provide the desired “wow” effect, and at the same time will cover your shoulders during the wedding ceremony, will not cause discomfort that may arise in the case of a veil, and will not interfere with the fun. When choosing the perfect cape, look for airy materials and length (at least to the ground). I also take a closer look at wedding dresses with a cape in the article ” Wedding dresses – trends 2021 “.

Wedding accessories. Long veil

We herald the renaissance of the veil. Classic, long and effective like never before. Even modern brides who have never considered this accessory will be convinced of its magic. It is best to add a veil to the theoretically ready wedding stylization. Often, it is this moment during the fitting that makes a woman discover that it is this outfit and that there are tears of emotion in her eyes. Veil supporters mention that it is a dot on the “i” of wedding styling, which made them feel like real brides only after adding it. Admittedly, the veil has a hidden power! In 2021, we will discover her in spectacular veils with a trainmade of tulle or lace, in Victorian and classic royal style.

Hair ornament with pearls

We fell in love with pearls completely. We wear them every day and on special occasions, casual and elegant. The fashion for white stones also came to weddings. Brides choose wedding dresses, shoes, veils decorated with them, and especially accessories for hairstyles: wedding hair ornaments with pearls are especially hairpins and headbands. The simplest styling will add a timeless class, regardless of whether they are standard or more modern. They can take various shades, forms and sizes. They can single-handedly decorate a bun or encircle the entire head. In each version, they will be the perfect complement to a wedding outfit in 2021.

Hair ornament with flowers

Flowers, due to their natural romance, return to wedding trends every season. In 2021, those in 3D will reign supreme. They will decorate dresses, shoes, jewelry, and especially hairdressing accessories. Wedding hair ornaments with 3D flowers are a great idea to smuggle your theme or the main color into your styling. If flowers are an important element of your decorations, it is worth emphasizing it also in the outfit. In 2021, it is worth reaching for flowers in white, pink, maroon and yellow. On this topic, I recommend reading articles about trends in wedding decorations, the theme of the wedding and the theme color of the wedding. As for the hair accessories themselves, choose accessories in the style of luxurious minimalism, so that they do not eclipse your beauty and display it with dignity.


Wedding bands have not enjoyed such popularity for a long time. Like pearls, we like to wear them on a daily basis and on festive occasions. It is worth measuring because there is a lot to choose from! These velvety and silk ones, in vivid colors resembling croissants, lined with pearls, are especially eye-catching for fashionistas. For fans of the classics, the more delicate ones, decorated with crystals, in neutral colors will be suitable. Regardless of the color, shape and ornaments, however, the headband will give each bride a youthful charm and retro romanticism in a completely new edition.

Wedding accessories. Combs

Wedding hairpins and combs are another recently forgotten offer among wedding accessories, which is returning to favors. And that’s good because it can be the proverbial icing on the cake in wedding styling. Even if you are a minimalist, it will beautifully enhance a simple look. On the other hand, if you love the glamor style, it will subtly emphasize the main theme of your wedding. It will always be the perfect finishing touch to a wedding hairstyle. In the case of pin-ups, it will expose the key part of it, and when your hair is down on one side, it will elegantly complement the side of your head with fewer strands. In 2021, the most popular will be cufflinks with pearls, effective combs with crystals and buckles with an element referring to the theme of your wedding.


Tiaras and wedding tiaras are another return, this time due to the inspiration brides get from royal weddings. Among the accessories, it is hard to find a better reference to the royal style than hair decorations taken off crowned heads. If you are counting on a truly royal effect, see what tiaras Diana, Kate and Meghan were wearing that day. You must choose a long veil for them – only then will you achieve the desired look. And if you fancy a subtle reference, look for less obliging accessories, e.g. decorated with flowers, leaves or pearls.

Wedding accessories. Fascinator

Fascinator, as the name suggests, is a fascinating and surprising headgear. A modest or very eye-catching ornament, it is attached to a delicate and thin wire or to an almost invisible band. A fascinator that amazes with its shape adds a hint of extravagance to the bride.


Another, yet not very popular, headgear in our country is a toque. This type of wedding accessory is most often in the shape of a teardrop, circle or oval. Its additional decoration can be lace or feathers, which add lightness and femininity.


A somewhat surprising, but very unique hat – a hat has recently appeared on the wedding market. Traditionalists will probably choose the white one. However, women who want to emphasize their character with a headdress can choose a gray, beige or even red hat.


It’s certain: only brave brides will choose jackets for wedding dresses. In 2021, they will be wearing leather or jeans jackets. It all depends on what end result you want to achieve. Interestingly, both proposals, although very modern, will refer to the vintage and festival style. Leather, regardless of color and decorations, will always be rocky, while jeans will bring a lot of casual slack to the styling. A great idea that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin used at their wedding subtitles. The stars were wearing black jackets with studs in password Husband and Wife. Overprints of yours are also becoming more and more popular new common surname.


If unadorned hair, maybe a waist? Straps for wedding dresses are the perfect option for those women who want to emphasize their waist and add even more feminine character to their styling. It is a solution for pear, hourglass, column or inverted triangle figures. For those of you who have a distinct waistline, the belt will additionally emphasize the right place. On the other hand, those of you who have a straight silhouette, can obtain an optical indentation effect with the help of a horizontal insert. Belts can be sewn to the wedding dress or constitute its separate element. You will pay more attention when the stripe is in distinctive color or it is accompanied by an ornament in a 3D version.


Wedding bags are still not a popular accessory for a bride, but in 2021 I herald an increase in interest for him. Why? Every woman likes to have her favorite gadgets on hand. Modern brides will want to have a phone, their favorite lipstick or mints with them. Why run around the rooms or turn to a witness with every tiniest thing? In addition, we women love handbags and we know that it is one of those accessories that can perfectly emphasize our style. Unconvinced? Just look at these beautiful clutch bags and creative models with the inscriptions: Bride, Just married and Mrs. Taylor!