Anti wedding ideas. 12 unfashionable things for a wedding 2020/2021

Unhappy 12? This is the case here. We are convinced that some anti wedding ideas can surprise you and even confuse you. Remember, however, that these are only trends, and trends have this in themselves, that they are only a starting point, an indication of heavily exploited trends, a hint, not a necessity that all young couples must take into account.

However, if you are interested in what is the issue of weddings and weddings in 2020/2021, get to know the types of experts from the wedding industry from around the world!

1. Anti wedding ideas – rustic style

For many people, it will be a hard nut to crack because it is still the most popular wedding style in our country. Of course, if as a young couple you live in the countryside and have always been close to nature, this will be the best idea for your day. However, if you decide on such an atmosphere just because everyone does it, reject this idea. The effect is that all weddings begin to look the same, and probably not all this is about?

2. Anti wedding ideas – naked cakes

The so-called. Naked wedding cakes are also strongly associated with the rustic style, which also introduced to people the fashion for cakes not covered with cream, with visible layers, decorated with nonchalant fruit. And again: if the natural style actually reflects your lifestyle and interests, choose such a cake. However, if it’s just a matter of everyone doing it today, choose a better classic finish for your cake.
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3. Anti wedding ideas – too strong make-up and hairstyles

Naturalness is nowadays and it is easy to overdo it excessively, especially on occasions such as weddings and wedding receptions. Women want to look impeccable, which is why they arrange visits to make-up artists and hairdressers, or when choosing self-styling, choose a larger amount of cosmetics to distinguish a weekday from such a special occasion. The effect is often such that we have aged coca on our heads and artificial wallpapers on our faces. Let’s remember the “less is more” principle and let’s be inspired by Meghan Markle’s wedding look! Our expert reveals more mistakes in wedding makeup.

4. Anti-trends wedding – too nonchalant dress

This applies to both the bride and groom and the wedding guests. After an era of very formal attire, it was time to relax the dress code. Some, however, approach this issue too nonchalantly and decide on a too casual outfit. We move away from too rigid balls, but even if we organize casual outdoor weddings, so raised the occasion, which is a wedding, requires appropriate clothing. Elegance, even if subtly broken, shows respect for people and events.

5. Anti wedding ideas – all bridesmaids looking the same

The bridesmaids’ trend has already arrived. However, let’s not shift fashion from the west to the same dress as all women. Anyway, there is also a departure from it. It’s good if the outfits are in a similar style (e.g. from one collection of the brand, the same material or a similar finish), but let’s consider that each woman has a different figure and feels good in something else. The same applies to color. We don’t try to have the same shade for each bridesmaid because each one has a different type of beauty. A good solution may be choosing several shades from a given color palette or transferring two / three most important colors that match the theme of the wedding.

6. Anti-wedding ideas – artificial flowers

You probably don’t need to convince me about this anymore. Nothing adds to the charm of a wedding like beautiful, fresh flowers and nothing subtracts like artificial ones. Even modest single flowers in a natural version will give a better effect than rich floral compositions made of synthetic materials. So let’s not try for apparent luxury, because it will give an only kitschy result. This is another point that confirms that naturalness always wins with artificiality.

Wedding anti trends

7. Wedding anti trends – all on the web

In the internet age, privacy is difficult. Especially young people who do not part with the phones and throw everything into the network cannot respect special occasions and situations. The solution to this may be an unplugged wedding, i.e. one where the bride and groom ask that guests do not take photos and videos, but focus on experiencing this important moment together. You don’t have to worry about relationships – it’s done by photographers and cameramen.

8. Wedding anti trends – LOVE inscription

At how many weddings have you seen the illuminated letters forming the inscription LOVE? Exactly! Or maybe it’s worth trying a slogan, a more original decoration element or another inscription that will also reflect your feeling? You will find a lot of suggestions for an unusual setting for your party. If you want to bet on decorations with light, check cascading installations based on flowers and bulbs, and preferably natural candles.

Wedding anti trends

9. Wedding anti trends – thanks to parents in the form of a film

We explain immediately: there is nothing wrong with the film itself, the only complaint concerns its form. Young people began to reach for this kind of thanks a few years ago and there would be nothing wrong with that if all these films are the same. Only the main characters change, but the idea for the film, screenplay, its implementation and message are the same. It is partly the fault of companies producing such films, but also of the Bride and Groom. Both parties lack creativity and personalization, and that is what it’s all about. Only then will such a film be unique and will impress both parents and guests.

10. Anti-wedding trends – a wedding for several hundred guests

Large wedding receptions for several hundred people are also forgotten, at which the whole family, all their friends, as well as parents or neighbors were invited. Smaller parties for fewer people began to be appreciated, so you can pay more attention to each of the guests, and refine the details of the ceremony. The worst situation is that the bride and groom are often forced to invite completely strangers, and yet it is their holiday that they want to spend in the company of their loved ones. That is why we say stop to such weddings!

Wedding anti trends

11. Wedding anti trends – put up and pledge

It’s somewhat related to the previous point. There used to be a conviction that a real wedding must be big, unleavened and put on display. Sumptuous balls were organized for three hundred people, which was often associated with the need to take a considerable loan. All this to show others that we have more and better. There were weddings only for the eyes of guests. Now more important are close relationships and shared experiences, rather than tables bending over food and drink or fancy attractions. Quality, not quantity. We still want to serve everyone as well as possible, but not at the cost of tarnished financial stability or stress generated by the unfortunate slogan “what people will say”.

12. Wedding anti trends – meeting the expectations of others

And finally another continuation of previous points. After all, there are weddings in vogue in which the Bride and Groom are actually on a pedestal. The bride and groom can finally make their dreams come true, surround themselves with people closest to each other and experience every moment of this special day just as they play in their soul. Naturally, it is always advisable to consult experienced parents and grandparents or ask your aunt involved for advice, but never meet their expectations. Starting from the wedding dress and ending with the taste of the cake. It’s your day, it’s your dream – remember that!

Wedding anti trends

The triumph of naturalness over artificiality, minimalism over glamor and listening to your own needs to be able to fulfill your dreams. This is a perfect summary of wedding trends and counter trends for 2020/2021. In our opinion, however, it sounds like a perfect recipe for weddings and weddings, regardless of the seasons, because a fashionable wedding is your wedding!

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