Wedding Bouquet 💐 How to choose the RIGHT flowers for a wedding and a wedding reception?

Flowers for a wedding are not only 💐 a bridal bouquet, but also a decoration for a wedding hall, 💒 church or other accessories.

So how to choose those that will harmonize with each other, will withstand the entire wedding and reception, will be a beautiful decoration, and at the same time “will not let us go with bags”?

Flowers are a wonderful decorative element, but their price can knock you off your feet. 😱

  • So what flowers to choose?
  • What is the significance of the time of year when you get married?
  • How to combine flowers?
  • What to absolutely ⛔️ AVOID?
  • Which wedding bouquet should you put on?
  • How to prepare for a meeting with a florist?
  • And what price do you have to reckon with?

Remember, however, that the selection of decorations and flowers is only a part of organizing a wedding ceremony and reception.

Flowers for a wedding – how to choose?

The basic rule is: choose SEASONAL flowers.

💠 advises: “Not all species are available all year round. For example, we won’t get tulips between

May and September. If we are guided by the availability of flowers in a given month, we will definitely save. “ 💠

Importing flowers from abroad on request definitely increases the cost of decoration.


On the other hand, you also need to match the plants to the style of the wedding.

💠 advises: “Not every genre is suitable for a given style of decoration. Exotic flowers are the most suitable decorations in the Modern Jungle style (with monstera, chico and robelini leaves dominating this season). These can be, for example, orchids or proteas. However, you have to remember that exotic flowers are more expensive than standard roses or carnations. “💠

Flowers for the wedding and the time of the year

We already know that it is much better to bet on seasonal flowers. The ones that are publicly available in the month of your wedding.

So what flowers to choose at a given time of the year?

🌱 Spring wedding flowers🌱

💠 advises: “A spring wedding should be associated with blooming flowers in bright, pastel colors. In spring, tulips are the most popular. The color range of these flowers is very wide, so everyone will find something for themselves. Other flowers characteristic of this season are hyacinthsanemones and glaucoma. A wedding that is supposed to be typically spring can be decorated with blooming branches of trees, e.g. magnolia. “💠

spring wedding bouquet

☀️ Summer wedding flowers ☀️

💠 advises: “In the summer we have many more species to choose from. Starting with peony, through Eustomadahliafreesialeukemia or hydrangea. In the summer we have a lot of flowers to choose from, with pastel colors as well as intense colors. “ 💠

🍁 Fall wedding flowers 🍁


💠 advises: “When it comes to autumn species, these will include heathersasterssunflowersamaranthalstroemeria , zinnia. The colors that are associated with autumn are primarily shades of brown, orange and purple. And these are the colors of an autumn wedding. 💠

❄️ Winter wedding flowers ❄️


💠 advises: “In winter weddings, white will be the most characteristic shade. Flowers for the winter are mainly tulipsamaryllisanemonebuttercuphellebore and cotton. “ 💠

Flowers for a wedding – how to combine?

We already know that it is worth betting on seasonal flowers. ✔️ We also know that they must match the style of the entire wedding.✔️

And what else is worth following when selecting plants?


💠 advises: “Flowers should be selected depending on what effect we want. You can use the principle of contrasts, then the composition will be more modern and bold. Certainly, however, flowers should harmoniously harmonize with each other.

Flowers of the same species, differing in shade, look good. It is worth choosing a flower that will guide you.

Some flowers look better when there are many of them in one composition, eg gypsophila or other small flowers. 💠

Flowers for a wedding – what to ⛔️ AVOID?

1. Smell

💠 advises: “When choosing flowers, it is worth remembering that some species have an intense fragrance, such as oriental lily, lilac or hyacinths. Due to the strong scent, we avoid them in flower arrangements for guests’ tables. “ 💠

2. Dirty wedding bouquet

💠 advises: “Artificially dyed flowers should be avoided in wedding bouquets, as they may stain the wedding dress and the bride’s hands. The same is true for flowers that have dirty pollen. They should be removed before giving the bride the bouquet. “ 💠

3. Combine some species

💠 advises: “Narcissus and hyacinth are examples of flowers that should not be combined. Because of the mucus that the stems secrete, they harm each other. “ 💠


Flowers for the wedding – what do young couples choose?

With the knowledge of how to choose flowers for a wedding, let’s now take a closer look at what plants Young Couples choose for their special day.

💠 From the experience: “ English roses and peonies are the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets. Apart from them, classic roses and carnations, which we often use in flower arrangements for the room (mainly due to the year-round availability and one of the wider color palettes).

A popular flower is also Eustoma (delicate in appearance and durable). Of the remaining flowers, certainly hydrangeasfreesias and dahlias.

It is also worth mentioning not only about flowers, but also about greenery, which plays a big role in flower arrangements.

Brides willingly choose different types of eucalyptus, with delicate silver leaves. It is so loved that we have it practically in most decorations. It should be remembered that in the wedding season there is also a break in its availability and prices then soar.

As for green additives, it also includes monstera and leaves of anthurium or aralia. They are often chosen for weddings in a modern style. 💠


Types of Wedding bouquet

Speaking of flowers for a wedding, of course, we cannot fail to mention the wedding bouquet. As our expert mentioned, 🌹 English roses and peonies are the most popular choice for wedding bouquets.

But did you know that choosing flowers is not the only decision you have to make?

The type of wedding bouquet is also important. So even what shape or size is to be.

11 types of wedding bouquets

1️⃣  Arm Bouquet – this is an arrangement placed on the Bride’s forearm, made of flowers with long stems.



2️⃣  Scepter bouquet– a bouquet made of large, slender flowers with long stems, e.g. calla lilies.



3️⃣  Biedermeier bouquet – a bouquet of spherical shape, arranged from one or more species of flowers.




4️⃣ Camellia bouquet – it is a bouquet, actually one large flower, made of layers of flower petals.

5️⃣ Cascade bouquet – otherwise a flowing bouquet. It is a rich composition in which the flowers are arranged as if they were flowing down from the hands towards the ground.

6️⃣ Muff bouquet – it is most often chosen by winter brides. It is a very original composition, reminiscent of a woman’s garment.

7️⃣ Nosegay bouquet – a natural style wedding bouquet. The flowers placed in it are arranged in a parallel way, so that the composition is formed in the shape of a ball or a mushroom.



8️⃣ Field bunch – a loosely arranged composition, with exposed stems, tied with a ribbon. It fits nicely with the wreath on the bride’s head.



9️⃣ Pomander bouquet – a bouquet in the shape of a ball, which is hung on a ribbon, decorative chain or string. It is a bouquet that the bride can hang on her wrist in the form of a purse.

1️⃣0️⃣ Handbag – a floral arrangement which, like in a pomander bouquet, can be hung on the bride’s wrist. It gives many options in fine flowers and accessories.

1️⃣1️⃣ Fan – it is a combination of flowers and decorative elements and materials. Often built on special racks.


Wedding bouquet – wedding trends

So let’s take a look at the current trends in the field of wedding bouquets. What do other young couples choose?

💠 From our experience: “The most frequently chosen bouquets today are bunches of loose shapes. Flowers arranged in an artistic way, not forming a compact sphere. Wedding bouquets made of greenery

are also very fashionable – many species are mixed together to create very original compositions. To give the bouquet a tropical flair, you can add monstera or chico leaves.

The flower accessories are primarily proteasanthuriums and orchids.

One of the most fashionable colors is burgundy. A strong and bold color can be a guiding bouquet in a bouquet or serve as an accessory. Peonies and roses look beautiful in these shade and cloves. ” 💠



And what will the 2021 wedding bouquets be like?

Invariably, from last season, decorative grasses will be an important addition to seasonal flowers in wedding bouquets.

💠 According to the expert: “Decorative grasses, for example, pampas, add delicacy and airiness to the bouquets. Moreover, they blend in beautifully with other flowers – Eustoma, rose or dahlia. They create extremely natural and extensive forms. “💠

From the florist’s journal – the most difficult wedding bouquet

The most difficult bouquet? Bouquet in the form of a fan of roses in 🖤 black color. A very brave bride with a specific vision.

To prepare such a bouquet, we have downloaded a special variety of rose, which is called Black Baccara. Its petals are velvety and so dark maroon that they are almost black.

It is the only rose that occurs naturally in this color.

The whole frame of the bouquet was hand-made with the use of decorative wires – lacework. Not to mention how long it took to prepare the rack, the bouquet itself was quite a challenge to make it look perfect.

Good work organization, solid construction and mounting ensured our full success. The bride was enchanted by the composition, and for us it is the greatest 🏆 honor.


Wedding bouquet – when to pick it up?

And since we are talking about the wedding bouquet, it is also worth mentioning:
➡️ when to pick it up and
➡️ how to handle it,
so that it will surely last until the wedding and then also survive the entire wedding.

💠 advises: “It’s best to pick up the bouquet on the wedding day – in the morning or on the eve of the wedding – late in the evening.

In our company, the most common practice is to deliver a bouquet to the bride when decorating the wedding hall.

This is usually the day before the wedding. If the flowers are well prepared, fresh and watered with water, don’t worry – they will last the wedding and a few more days.” 💠


Wedding bouquet – how to store?

💠 advises: “Store the wedding bouquet in a cool place, such as a cellar. Ideally, the room temperature should be between 3 and 7 degrees.

The bouquet can also be stored in the refrigerator (if you have space). However, this should be done so that the flowers do not touch the walls of the refrigerator. We put the bouquet into a container and pour enough water so that it does not reach the ribbon. “ 💠

Flowers for a wedding – decoration of the wedding hall

Flowers 🌺 are also an essential decorative element of a wedding hall. How can you use them on it?

💠  The expert advises: “First of all, it is the decoration of the guests’ tables, i.e. flower arrangements.

In addition, also: arrangement of the table of the Young Couple, which includes the main composition, floral arrangements of the wall behind the Young Couplecompositions for the entrance to the premises or in front of the wedding hall, flower decoration of the board with a schedule, or flowers on buffets and themed tables.

We also often prepare decorations on napkins for guests – they are single flowers or sprigs of greenery.” 💠


How long does it take to ⏳ decorate a wedding hall?

If you are wondering whether to decorate the room on your own or hire a professional, it is worth asking yourself whether you will have time for it.

How long does it take to decorate a wedding hall?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “The decoration in the room usually takes about 2 hours with us. However, there are projects where 2 hours is definitely not enough. Everything depends on the number of decorations ordered.

There are also arrangements that we have to perform directly in the room. An example is a wall that consists of live flowers and greenery. Usually, they are very large structures, so it would be impossible to transport them in full. Then we need a few more hours.

We try to prepare the decorations in such a time that the Young Couple could come and see the final effect.” 💠



How else can flowers be used?

Wedding bouquet, decoration of a wedding hall, church … And how else can you use flowers at a wedding and reception? 💡



💠 advises: “Other uses are mainly accessories – boutonnieres (for the groom, witness and parents of the bride and groom) and privateers (i.e. flower bracelets, which are most often prepared for bridesmaids or a witness).

Another element is the bride and groom’s car. Usually, decorations are bouquets on the door handles or the decoration of the mask.

We also prepare flowers for thanks to parents and grandparents. These can be standard wedding bouquets or, currently fashionable, flower boxes or flower boxes.

Yet another floral element is the bride’s head wreath or hair comb-shaped flowers.

In addition, we prepare flowers, or rather their petals, for the departure of the newlyweds from the church. Then we create flower cones with which the guests shower the newlyweds.” 💠


Flowers for the wedding – when to book?

First of all, you first need to decide what you want to order from the flower and decoration person or company.

You can do everything yourself 💪 or leave it to a 😎 professional.

Another option is to split tasks. You can order the preparation of a bouquet and decoration of the room, and, for example, decorate a car or a church on your own. Some Young Couples choose such a solution, looking for savings.

Even if you plan to hand over only part of the decorations to someone else, you have to do it in advance.

The right one or what? 🤔



💠 An expert advises: “We usually sign most contracts about a year or even a half in advance. This is a safe time so that we can be sure the appointment will be free.

There are also young couples who leave the florist’s choice at the last minute. However, then it may turn out that, unfortunately, he will not accept another wedding on the same day.

Even if your wedding will take place on Thursday or Friday, you cannot be sure that the date will be free for a long time. Currently, we organize many weddings in the middle of the week, especially when the date is adjacent to the long weekend.

Often, there are many inquiries from the young couples on one date. Therefore, we suggest not to wait for the last moment. “ 💠

How to prepare 🧐 for a meeting?

In order for your concept to be implemented as you imagined it, you have to convey it in the right way. How to prepare for a meeting with a florist/decorator?


💠  Our advice: “For the meeting, it is worth preparing photos with inspiration regarding your expectations. It is best when there are a lot of photos in which you will be interested in wedding bouquets, accessories, shades of flowers and species.

It is worth taking with you, if you have already selected, accessories such as stationery or the material from which the wedding dress will be made. In addition, also a photo of the wedding dress to choose the right wedding bouquet.

It is worth browsing the internet in search of flowers that appeal to shape or shade. The florist will advise if they will be available in a given month or if they can be replaced with other ones. “💠

🚨  What else is worth knowing before the meeting? 🚨

💠 From our experience: “The florist will definitely ask about the time of the wedding and the availability of the wedding hall on the day before the wedding. That is why it is worth talking to the room manager in advance.

If you have a budget for the decoration, please send this message at the beginning of the meeting, before making arrangements, so that floristry can match it with the decorations you are interested in.” 💠


What questions to ask a florist? 🔍

First of all, ask the florist to show you what she has done so far. Thanks to this, you will be able to get to know the style of a given person and check if it is similar to your vision.

Secondly, ask about the range of services offered by the florist. Determine whether it is possible to make not only 💐 a wedding bouquet, but also flowers for the room, bouquets for thanks for parents or decorations for the car.

The more you are provided with from one company, the better.

You can then be sure that the prepared compositions will not differ in the style of execution or floral material.



Thirdly, is it possible to decorate the hall and the 💒 church in addition to preparing flowers? Not every florist has a back room with decorative elements, such as stands, candlesticks or walls.

Fourth, ask if you can watch the florist’s work live. It is worth comparing the photos with reality and taking a closer look at the compositions offered.

Thanks to this, you will know what final effect you can expect at your wedding. 👍

Fifth question – how many weddings does one day service? It is good if the florist can give you enough attention, and also advise you and suggest something from himself so that you feel that your decorations are in good hands. 🤩

And the last issue is the down payment. Ask what amount will be needed to book a date. Additionally, if decorations are also involved, ask if you will need to pay a deposit.

Wedding bouquet, flowers for the wedding – how much does it cost?

So, finally, there is the question of money. 💸 How much does it all cost?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “The costs depend on many factors. Unfortunately, there is no single price for the service. Each decoration, bouquets or compositions are different, contains different floristic materials and their quantity.” 💠

The price of the service includes:

    • The type of flowers and their seasonality,
    • Number of flowers in compositions/bouquets,
    • Transport costs,
    • Labour.

    💠 From our experience: “For example, a wedding bouquet of roses costs about 40$. In turn, the compositions for guests’ tables start from 25$. The average price is around 35$-45$.” 💠



Due to the fact that there are so many factors influencing the price, the price range for floristic and decorative services is so wide.

Church decorations start from 150$ and end at 1,500$. In turn, you can decorate a wedding hall for 400$, and you can also do it for 2500$.

If you add a wedding bouquet and other possible accessories, such as a wreath, buttonholes, corsairs or car decorations – you can pay from 700$ to 4,000$ (or even more) for the whole.

👑  Summary – 5 tips on not going bankrupt 👑

What to do if your budget is very limited and has nothing to do with flexibility?



1️⃣  Choose seasonal flowers

A much cheaper option is to use the currently available flowers than to import a specially given species from abroad.

2️⃣  Use a lot of greenery

Instead of some flowers, use 🌿 greenery. The leaves have a fantastic effect, and are larger and often cheaper than flowers.

An interesting idea at a rustic-style wedding is also the use of herbs.

Additionally, invariably from last season, decorative grasses – e.g. pampas grass – will be the wedding decoration trend.

3️⃣  Limit the number of flowers in the room

If you want to save, give up some flowers for decoration. Examples include 🕯 candlesticks, boxes, lanterns and tulle pompoms.


Another option is to bet on large flowers. Such as, for example, hydrangea.

This way you will need fewer flowers to fill the space.

4️⃣  Give up flower accessories

Your maid of honor doesn’t need to have a corsair, and the groom will probably be fine without a buttonhole. 😉

Also, refrain from decorating the car or opt for very delicate decorations.

5️⃣  Be clear about your budget

And stick to it! 💰

This applies not only to a situation where someone is preparing wedding decorations and flowers for you, but also if you do it yourself.

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