Fashionable wedding cakes – the most beautiful decorations and trends of 2021

The highlight of each wedding party is wedding cakes. Not only its taste, but also appearance is very important. Increasingly, wedding cakes fit into the theme of the party and are often a real work of confectionery. Below you will find some tips for this sweet treat and a mass of the most fashionable pastries for 2020!

Wedding cakes – tips

  • If you dream of a wedding cake with a complicated design, with lots of decorations or live flowers, you can consider its dummy. It consists in the fact that only a piece of the cake is made of real dough, and all the rest inside is made of foam. Sliced ​​pieces of real cake are taken from the kitchen by the waiters directly to the guests’ tables. It is a convenient and quick solution, and at the same time effective due to the size and form of the cake.
  • Please note that in the place where you organize the wedding, there is a suitable place to store the cake. It’s best if the place has a cold store . If there is no such point, and the sweet baking will stand in the fridge, put it on the lowest shelf (then we will avoid any damage if the shelf should break under the weight).
  • Make sure there are people responsible for moving the cake at the right time. Also make sure there is a cake table – the most comfortable one is on wheels. You can cover it with a tablecloth and decorate it in the style of your wedding.
  • Watch out for live flowers ! If you do not have a dummy cake, and you dream about real flowers, arrange them in detail with your pastry chef or florist. Choose them carefully, because some species are deadly poisonous!

Fashionable wedding cakes – trends 2020

Since slicing a cake is one of the key moments of a wedding, you can’t choose accidental baking. It must meet your taste and aesthetic expectations and fit stylistically into the main theme of the party. Just like in fashion and wedding decorations, the same in wedding confectionery there are changing trends that should also be taken into account. What styles, shapes, colors and decorations reign in 2020? We will be inspired by nature and design

Classic wedding cakes

Classics never go out of fashion, as evidenced by baking at the wedding. If you are a fan of traditional baked goods, choose sugar covered, powdered or white wedding cakes with lace, delicate decorations in an elegant style.

Wedding cakes with crystals

If you decide to organize a lavish wedding party, the perfect solution is a wedding cake with shimmering elements in silver and gold, with elements. These colors will give your baking a unique, elegant character.

Naked cakes

Naked cakes are cakes not decorated with any creams , with all layers visible. The so-called. naked cakes fit into the natural rustic style , which is why they are often additionally decorated with live flowers and leaves and fruit. To further emphasize the nonchalance of the cake, it is worth serving it on a slice of tree, box or wooden board.

Wedding cakes with frills

Perfect for romantics, wedding cakes with frills conquer the hearts of an increasing number of brides. This is not surprising: the richly decorated cakes formed in a frill are extremely stylish and subtle like clouds. When you decide on them, note that they are usually made in white or pastel colors and decorated with flowers.

Wedding cakes with colorful flowers

Spectacular wedding cakes with intricately made flowers made of sugar mass will certainly arouse admiration among guests. They are a bit fairy-tale, certainly romantic and will look beautiful in photos. Remember, however, that the multi-colored garden on your cake will be so expressive that you cannot compete with it in the form of other colors in wedding decorations – then it is worth moving at least one shade from the cake to the decor of the party.

Wedding cakes with a leitmotif

A wedding cake is one of those elements that can become a key  “carrier” of your wedding’s theme or particularly highlight your interests. If your key color is gold, the cake can be all bathed in gold ornaments. If you love the sea, ask the pastry chef for blue waves-like elements. However, when you organize a wedding in Hawaiian style, your cake can perfectly highlight this exotic leitmotif.

Marbled wedding cakes

The fashion for marble has mastered our interiors, accessories and nails, and now it has also reached confectionery. Wedding cakes with the marble effect will flatter the tastes of all people who value good design and are up to date with trends (not just wedding). They will delight with their dignity even a guest who has already tasted many of wedding cakes. Classic marble cakes will be in shades of white and gray, but they will also look great in blues, roses and blacks.

Copper wedding cakes

Copper is another interior design trend that also finds its place in wedding decorations. The classic copper shade or super fashionable pink copper in the form of e.g. backing rings on wedding tables can perfectly correspond with the elements on the wedding cake. It is worth to dose such copper decorations with caution and maximally propose one layer covered with this color, but it works best in stylish accents, accompanied by white and black.

Botanical wedding cakes

For several seasons we have a great weakness for vegetation in our homes and we try to transfer this passion for living flora to other areas of life. A great idea is a wedding, especially a cake, which will display such an ornament in a special way. Now in the trend are wedding cakes with green vegetation, especially exotic, such as succulents, and minimalist and raw, e.g. leaves.

Wedding cakes with ferns

Against the backdrop of popular vegetation in wedding decorations, the fern has recently been emerging. Its subtle leaves gracefully envelop cakes, especially in white, providing a perfect background for them. Wedding cakes with fern leaves also blend in well with other green plants and white flowers.

Geometric wedding cakes

If your wedding will be in a modern style, be sure to consider wedding cakes with geometry. These can be cakes with a spatial structure, but also pastries decorated with geometric patterns, like diamonds, triangles, circles or deltoids. However, if you opt for a cake in a classic form, you can always choose geometric stands – transparent glass blocks make an impression.

Wedding cakes with geometric shapes

Referring to the above trend, it is worth highlighting cakes whose one layer is a spatial block. Each baking decorated with a transparent ornament will gain a refined lightness and a modern character. Wedding cakes with spatial sculptures either present such decorations between layers, or at the very top of the cake, and terrariums with plants are now the popular choice.

Black wedding cakes

Finally, a polemical idea, because its main color is not associated with the theme of the wedding. Wedding cakes in black may surprise many of you, but in current trends in wedding decorations, there is more and more a combination of black with gold and white and flowers. The effect is extremely elegant and dignified – just look at these confectionery works of art!

Black wedding cakes
Black wedding cakes
Black wedding cakes
Black wedding cakes

Traditional or modern, with flowers or leaves, white or black, rustic or royal style – fashionable wedding cakes in the 2020 season give a lot of stylization possibilities to literally match every element of the party to the preferences, character and style of the bride and groom.

Get inspired by current trends and choose your favorites! We are interested in your types – be sure to share your opinion in the comments with us!

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