Wedding church decorations DIY. How to get a 🧚‍♀️MAGICAL atmosphere?

Wedding church decorations. Decorating a church for a wedding can be a real challenge. On the one hand, everything must be connected together in such a way that it creates a coherent whole and in fact constitutes a decoration of the 💒 church interior.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations or limitations made by the pastor in this matter.

Therefore, to make your task easier, together with our ⭐️ experts, we will suggest:

  • How to choose church decorations for a wedding?
  • What to look for?
  • What flowers 🌷 to put on?
  • How to choose decorations for the season 🍁 ?
  • What to consider when choosing a decorator for your wedding!

However, the choice of decorations and flowers is only a part of the organization of a wedding ceremony and reception.

Therefore, to ensure that you do not miss the rest of the schedule, check out our  complete guide: wedding and wedding step by step!

Wedding church decorations DIY – where to start?

First of all, before you start making plans or visions about the decor of the church, talk to the priest about what you can afford. 🤔

The interior of the church for the wedding
The interior of the church for the wedding

Decorating restrictions are very common. And what can you meet most often?

💠  From the expert’s experience: “Most often, the restrictions apply to flowers on the altar, as only a nun or a designated person from the parish can handle them.”💠

On the other hand, the limitations in decoration are also in order not to damage the historic elements of the church, such as pews or floors.

💠  The expert advises: “Before the wedding, it is worth paying attention to the assembly options. We try to ensure that each decoration is hung or attached to a suction cup that will not leave a trace. “ 💠

Wedding church decorations – what to choose?

If you already know what your options and limitations are when it comes to decorating the church. ✅

You also checked how you can install decorations in the church. ✅

The time has come to think about what the church should look like on your wedding day.




The interior of the church for the wedding
The interior of the church for the wedding

First of all – pay attention to the interior

Decorating a church for a wedding should be a real decoration, bring out the beauty of the interior, not obscure it.

💠  From the expert’s experience: “We decorate modern churches differently than wooden or historic ones. An important issue in the selection of decorative elements will be to determine what the interior is, what colors dominate, what kind of benches is there, lighting and, of course, the style of architecture. “ 💠

➡️  Wooden, historic churches

💠  The expert advises: “In wooden historic churches, we focus on simplicity. There will be no need for material elements or tulle at the benches. Nature itself will work well here – floral bouquets, wooden chairs, green elements. 🌿 The interiors of such objects are usually small, so decorations should be added moderately. “ 💠

➡️  Baroque churches

What characterizes the baroque church? Primarily:

  • Monumentalism,
  • Sizeable and
  • Rich decorations 🖼 (sculptures, bas-reliefs, paintings).

So how do you approach church decoration in this style?

💠  An expert advises: “Elegant and more decorative elements will work well in baroque churches. These can be pedestals for flower arrangements or alleys with glass lanterns. Material elements, such as tulle, will work as a background for flower bouquets. “ 💠

➡️  Modern churches

💠 The expert advises: “In modern churches, where the floor has a light marble floor, a simple form of benches and a large open space, we can create decorations using geometric stands for flower arrangements. The compositions themselves should be light in form and spacious. The white carpet and the modern form of lanterns also blend in nicely with this interior. Transparent “ghost” chairs will be perfect for the newlyweds 👻 . “💠

Think about what decorations you want to use

Flowers are the first decorative element that comes to mind. What else can you use?

💠 An expert advises: “Rose petals are a frequent addition to decorations. 🌹 Scattered on the carpet or along the alley, they are a beautiful transition for the newlyweds. We are also happy to use stands for flower arrangements, which can be placed both at the altar and at the chairs of the Bride and Groom, or in front of the entrance to the Church.

Another decorative element are wreaths made of greenery or with the addition of flowers, which can be an alternative to bouquets at the benches. A popular decorative element last season were also plaques with the “Hymn to Love”, which can be placed along the road to the altar. “ 💠

Decorations only inside or in front of the church?

Decorating a church for a wedding does not have to be limited only to the interior. You can also choose to decorate the area in front of the church. How to do it?

💠 An expert advises: “Most decorations are made inside the church. Mainly due to the fact that the planning of decorations takes place a few months before the wedding and we cannot predict what the weather will be like. ☔️ However, there are decorative elements that we can place in front of the Church. Examples include lanterns or flower arrangements on stands or pedestals. “ 💠

What are the current trends in church decoration for a wedding?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “Minimalism has taken the lead in decorations. Delicate decorations by the benches, without any hanging materials. Usually in the form of small bouquets of flowers or greenery alone, with a delicate ribbon hanging.

Geometric solids have also become fashionable. Both in the form of flower stands and candlesticks, which we also add to church decorations.
The decoration, without which the decor is incomplete, is crowned with the carpet. White is the preferred choice.

When it comes to the bride and groom’s place, Chiavari is a popular wedding chair. Beautiful, decorative and lightweight chairs that fit into the interiors of many churches.

Young couples also eagerly focus on decorations with the use of
🕯 candles and simple glass lanterns with candles, which are usually placed in groups in front of the first benches or along the entire alley. The effect of so many lit candles is always beautiful. “💠

Church decoration for a wedding – what flowers?

Flowers are a decorative element in most weddings. Very often, the decorations of the church are also consistent with the flowers appearing in the bride’s bouquet or the decoration of the wedding hall.

What flowers to choose?

💠 The expert advises: “You should pay attention to the seasonality of flowers. Many species are only available for a limited time, such as tulips and peonies. If you are looking for safe types of flowers that are available all year round and last for a long time, choose: anthurium, daisies, cloves or alstroemeria. Often lilies or roses are also often added to the composition. “ 💠

Church decoration for a wedding – does the season matter?

Does the church decoration for a summer wedding look different from those organized in autumn or winter?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “Often, young couples want to relate to the season in which they are getting married. This is most often the case with 🍂 fall decorations. Then we like to put on heathers, elements with cones or moss.

Winter ❄️ decorations are perhaps the most characteristic, due to the fact that many weddings take place around Christmas. Fir branches appear then sprinkled with snow spray, and in the church, it smells beautifully of Christmas tree. Then we also focus on a large number of candles on the floor and give up the carpet due to the prevailing aura.

In spring and summer, the decorations are rather similar. In all seasons, of course, the main element that changes is flowers. All because of their seasonality. “💠

Church decoration for a wedding – how long does it take?

Are you wondering whether to take care of the church decoration on your own? It is one thing to prepare the whole concept of church decor for a wedding.

On the other hand, you also have to set aside time for this. Not only before, but also on the wedding day.

How ⏳ long does it take to decorate a church?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “We usually make decorations in the church 2 hours before the wedding. The assembly itself takes about an hour and a half. Half an hour of spare time is the moment to light the candles and make the last corrections. That’s when the first guests start arriving for the wedding ceremony. The assembly itself in the church is preceded by long preparations in the studio. We check whether we have the right amount of decorations, pack the car, iron the covers and prepare flower decorations so that they are ready for assembly in the church. “💠

Church decoration for a wedding – when to book?

So, if you have decided that it is worth hiring a professional to decorate your church, the fundamental question arises: when to contact the person or company dealing with decorations?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “It is best to book the date for the decorations of the church itself after arranging the wedding date with the priest and the company’s decorating options. We usually accept reservations one year before the scheduled date. However, there are young couples who come to us a month or two before the wedding. If we have an available date available, of course, we sign a contract. “💠

Church decoration for a wedding – 5 questions for the decorator/decorator

1️⃣  How many weddings do you do in one day?

This is your special day. Therefore, it is important that you receive the right amount of attention and take care of every 🔍 detail.

Ask how many weddings a person or company does in one day and how much time they spend on decorating one wedding.

As we mentioned, it takes 1.5-2 hours to decorate the church. Therefore, if the company offers you that it will do it in half an hour, then look for someone else.😉

2️⃣  Do you prepare flower arrangements?

A much more comfortable solution is to hire one person or company that will take care of 🎀 decorations and flowers at the same time .💐

Otherwise, you will have to look for an extra person to only take care of the flowers. In addition, you will have to work out further details and then harmonize everything with the decorations.

3️⃣  How do you assemble decorations?

As we have already mentioned, the way the decorations are installed is important in order not to damage any elements in the church.

Should something happen, any complaints will fall on you as the bride and groom and not on the decorator. 😓

4️⃣  Do you take decorations apart and when?

It is worth determining who is responsible for cleaning the church after the ceremony.

💠 The expert advises: “It is good if everything is removed immediately after the wedding because of other masses that may be held on the same day. Also, the churchman, or the priest, may complain that the decorations were not cleaned up after the ceremony. “ 💠

5️⃣  What’s included in the price?

It is worth asking exactly what is included in a given package, whether there are any additional fees and whether you will have to pay a deposit. 💸

From the journal of a decorator and florist, you have to fight for the effect to the end!

“We had the decorations in the church already prepared. Beautifully decorated benches, a carpet to the altar and floral arrangements.

We placed lanterns along the alley, 4 sets on each side. It was 12:00 and we had plenty of time until the wedding, which was starting at 2 p.m.

The day before, we were supposed to receive a return of 2 sets of lanterns from another couple, but it turned out that they would not be able to deliver them and they would not hand them over until Saturday at 13:00. So the day before it got a little nervous. 😳

We wanted to deliver lanterns to the others in the Church, because we had such arrangements with the Young Couple. It struck 13, we drove to pick up the lanterns. Great, we did it, we picked it up.

We go back to the church at 1.30pm and only needed 10 minutes to set up the rest. Then we enter the church and meet the parish priest, who absolutely does not allow us to add anything . 😱 What’s more, he adds that there is already too much and that apart from the candles on the altar, no others can shine.

We were shocked because all the charm of the lanterns is when they are lit. In addition, he treats an established order for 10 sets of lanterns as sacred and cannot be 8.

Fortunately, at the last moment I was able to negotiate with the priest the delivery of lanterns and lighting of candles. “

Church decoration for a wedding – price

The decoration of the church for a wedding is very often combined with the decoration of the hall and the preparation of a wedding bouquet. Therefore, usually, the price for a florist’s services is given immediately for everything.

And how much does it cost to decorate the church itself?

💠 From the expert’s experience: “The costs depend mainly on what decorations the Young Couple will choose. Will he also decide on the flowers on the altar prepared by us, or only for the decoration of the alley. We have prepared several price packages, in which each pair will find something to suit their budget. In the lowest of them, we offer a truly complete wedding aisle, i.e. decoration of chairs for the newlyweds and witnesses, as well as kneelers. We decorate the benches along the length of the alley and lay out the carpet. The packages differ in the number of decorations and various elements. “💠

That is why the cost of church decorations for a wedding ranges from 150$ to even 2,000$.

What to AVOID in decorating a church for a wedding?

Whether you choose to decorate the church on your own or in collaboration with a professional, there is something you should definitely avoid!

What is this? SPLENDOR!

💠 The expert advises: “The wedding ceremony is an important moment in which the young couple should be the most important. Decorations are an accessory that embellishes this moment. However, it is worth focusing on elements that will not distract guests from what is happening at the altar.

I’ve heard about the 🎈 balloons in the church and the illuminated arches. I don’t think this is a place for such decorations.

It is also worth considering the number of decorations standing on the ground along the alley. Mainly because of the guests who go to the benches and can easily trip over standing elements. Alternatively, it is a good idea to block the aisle in this situation, so that guests can only pass through the aisles to the benches.

Strips of material lying on the ground along the benches are also not a good idea. Better to replace them with candle lanterns. ” 💠

👑  Summary, that is, decorating a church for a wedding in questions and answers 👑

Where to start planning decorations? 🤔

First of all, talk to the priest about what you can afford, what is not allowed or how you can decorate the church without damaging the historic elements of the church, such as pews or floors.

What to choose to decorate a church for a wedding?

There are two things you should consider when choosing decorations. First, the interior of the 💒 church, second, what you like. Also, consider whether you want to decorate only the center or the area in front of the church. To decorate churches, you can use: 🌿 flowers, lanterns, rose petals, carpets, 🕯candlesticks, wreaths, tulle, “Hymn to love” signs, decorative chairs.

What flowers 🌹 to choose for decoration?

Many species are only available for a limited time, such as tulips and peonies. If you are looking for safe types of flowers that are available all year round and last for a long time, then choose: anthurium, Margaret, cloves or alstroemeria. Often, lilies or roses are also eagerly added to the composition.

How to decorate a church in winter? ❄️

Fir branches sprinkled with spray snow are perfect for a winter wedding, and they also make the church smell beautifully like Christmas trees. Also, put a lot of candles on the floor and give up. Cotton balls are also a beautiful filling of bouquets.

Decorating a church with a decorator or on your own?

In fact, the basic question is, do you have ⏰ time to take care of it. First, to arrange all the details with the priest, then complete the necessary elements, and finally install them in the church. It takes about 1.5 hours to decorate the church on the wedding day. You must also remember that decorations must be dismantled. If you organize decorations on your own, you will also do it, probably right after the wedding.