Wedding decorations 2021 – trends. 15 ideas for a fashionable wedding

Classic and modern, monochrome and multicolored, fabulous and surprising with mathematical precision. Wedding decorations 2021 confirm that diversity reigns in wedding trends. The common denominator for all proposals, however, will be sustainability. Are the times of “rich” gone forever?

  1. Pampas grass

If you dream of a boho-style wedding, but you have enough of the usual patterns, choose the total hit of the season – pampas grass wedding decorations. This plant is one of the most ornamental grasses, whose multi-colored, fluffy inflorescences will transform your party into a picture like a fairy tale. Its lightness and subtlety, and at the same time steppe, wild nature makes it an extremely characteristic decorative element that can decorate your wedding tables, chandeliers, wedding pergola, bride’s bouquet or entrance board.


  1. Conical candles

Conical candles, brilliant in their simplicity, are returning to the salons. In various sizes and heights, as well as in various colors – wedding decorations with candles will always add elegance to royal wedding ceremonies. In the blink of an eye, without effort and without a large budget, you can add glamor and style to your surroundings with a few candles. What style you ultimately achieve will depend on the color of the candles and, to a large extent, on the candlesticks themselves – and here you have to take into account more costs for decorative bases. The cheapest, simple candlesticks can be bought for as little as 1$.

  1. Transparency

Wedding decorations with translucent or translucent elements will be a hit in the 10th for modern couples or those who want to add a fresh touch to the standard style. Recently, I was at the wedding of friends who organized their party in a typically rustic inn, and the green decorations were in line with the greenery trend. Overwhelming wood and natural, lush greenery could overwhelm, which is why simple chairs made of colorless, transparent material have become a perfect counterpoint here. They made the wedding hall light and modern. You will achieve the same effect by choosing transparent decorative elements made of acrylic glass (plexiglass) or classic glass, e.g. lampshades, vases, lanterns, tables, as well as wedding stationery.

  1. Rattan

Rattan has returned to favor. We use it again in our interiors and even wardrobes – you surely remember the last boom in wicker baskets and handbags. Now we are transferring the value of furniture and accessories made of climbing plants to weddings. A party enriched with rattan wedding decorations will have more home warmth, but also an exotic touch. It all depends on the form and style of using this material. In the company of the aforementioned pampas grasses, it can create the perfect boho duo, and against the background of lace and natural wood, it can be known as a new version of the vintage style.

  1. Strong color

Wedding stylists and decorators are looking forward to bold colors again. Among the still popular whites, greens and browns, bright, expressive shades, but also deep, noble tones will mark their presence. You can read about all the most fashionable colors for a wedding in 2021 in the article about trends in leading colors, but in short, I can tell you that there will be a lot to choose from. Among the roses, it is worth choosing coral or fuchsia. You will be surprised by the energetic shades of yellow and orange. If you like unusual but darker colors, choose ultraviolet, navy blue, burgundy or bottle green. You do not have to focus on an intense total look – it is even not recommended – it is enough for colorful wedding decorations to appear in accents.

  1. Black

When it comes to strong colors, the still-controversial black must not be missing. Despite the fact that it is not a color directly associated with a wedding, newlyweds more and more often choose it when they want to obtain an elegant base, depth and multi-dimensional style. It is absolutely not black from head to toe, but black wedding decorations in detail – as a background or as a counterpoint to another color. Black accessories, such as napkins, under-plates, stationery, candles and ribbons, will perfectly harmonize with white, gold, purple and green. An interesting, but very bold idea is a black wedding cake. To keep it from being overwhelming, add subtle details and colors, such as flowers or pastels.

  1. Green

Of course, green wedding decorations are a greenery style that is in demand this season. We will never get bored of natural green in the lead role. It introduces the expected romanticism and idyllic atmosphere to the wedding, which will be perfect for the new version of the rustic, boho or classic elegance. Such decorations will be based on natural green, which may possibly be accompanied by white flowers. They should be found primarily on wedding tables and on the wall behind the bride and groom. In addition, a green pergola will look beautiful at a wedding. If you have a larger budget, you can still opt for spectacular suspended decorations with loose hanging plants. Ceilings and chandeliers decorated in this way will undoubtedly create a “wow” effect!

  1. Velvet

Velour is a material that has recently returned to us every season in autumn and winter. Naturally, it will perfectly complement the stylization of the party during this period, but you do not have to give them up also in spring and summer. It all depends on the theme and colors of the wedding. Velvet wedding decorations will bring an evening, sometimes even boudoir style to any space. The softness and natural elegance of this material will perfectly decorate textiles such as tablecloths, tablecloths, table runners and curtains, as well as upholstery for leisure furniture. Do not forget about the fashion velvet accent that will ensure the integrity of the entire wedding – it can be the groom’s suit or the bride’s shoes.

  1. Silk

If not velvet, maybe silk? It will be a much more subtle alternative among decorative materials, but equally elegant. Maybe even luxurious! Silk wedding decorations will be synonymous with sophistication and will bring out charm even from a minimalist aesthetic. It is enough to add silk ribbons to the simplest tableware, stationery or bouquets, which look beautiful both when lying down and in motion. It is enough to tie them nonchalantly, asymmetrically and leave the raw finish. The best choice will be translucent silks in light shades: white, beige, gray, pink or blue.

  1. Balloons

You probably didn’t expect this, but the balloons are back! However, you can breathe a sigh of relief – these will not be multicolored balloons stuck accidentally everywhere you can, as in the 90s or on a kinder ball. The new version of the balloon scenery will be consistent in terms of colors, and even restrained. Wedding decorations made of balloons appear in specific places, creating elegant compositions above the tables, candy bar or on the wall behind the bride and groom. A wedding pergola made of balloons will also be a remarkable, modern proposition. Importantly, if the balloons are linked together to form a larger structure, make sure they are of different sizes and a few similar shades. Pastels are doing well, but white and transparent balloons will be a total hit of the season.

  1. Zero waste

We have written about a sustainable wedding more than once, after all, it will be the leading trend in 2021. Young couples pay more and more attention to the fact that their admission does not harm the environment as much as possible. For this purpose, they reach, inter alia, to ecological wedding decorations. On the one hand, they can be natural elements, such as wood, living vegetation, linen textiles, stationery made of certified materials. The key to success is to give up plastics and the overproduction of death or disposable products. Therefore, it is also worth choosing decorations that you will still use after the wedding. Plants in pots or candlesticks made of jars will certainly be such. In addition, we recommend renting instead of buying.

  1. Macrame

Macrame, or decorative compositions made of tied strings, have made a permanent home in our homes. They mainly decorate our walls, but now we want to use them in other spaces. The perfect occasion is at the wedding reception. Macrame wedding decorations are an extremely graceful idea that will bring a romantic, vintage, but also a bit exotic atmosphere to every party. Dream catchers with macramé will fit perfectly into a boho wedding or a travel theme, but independent braids will add warmth to any wedding style. White, cream, beige or brown macrame can cover the wall behind the young, wedding tables, chairs and benches, as well as the wedding arch. An interesting idea is also a macrame-like decoration placed on the cake.

  1. Geometry

This will be another season of wedding geometry. Decorative shapes will bring each wedding to a completely new level of styling, which is why young couples who want to be up to date with current trends and are not afraid to surprise will reach for them. Geometric wedding decorations can have many versions – from glass terrariums, through modern sculptures, to multifunctional stands. The spatial decorations were especially fond of succulents, candles and wedding cakes. In the first case, plants can be exposed by lumps, in the second – candles will get a perfect setting for themselves. On the other hand, geometric wedding cakes will be a perfect seal of a wedding in a modern style.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalist weddings are another proposition for modern young couples. You may think that simplicity is boring and over-economy. Nothing could be more wrong! Minimalist wedding decorations are designed to highlight one or two main guiding elements, as well as focus on quality, not quantity. This main theme will be dominated by monochrome color palettes, mainly white, beige and gray, but counterpoints will also be important. Natural green and yellow gold can be the perfect accent that stands out. Classic candles will take care of the atmosphere, simple flower arrangements will add romance, and the lightness and subtlety will be emphasized by finishes such as feathers or silks.

  1. Classic

We go back to the roots. After numerous experiments, we appreciate the timeless trends that will be a good choice regardless of changing seasons. The fluctuating preferences of experts or the personal styles of young couples. Classic wedding decorations are balanced elegance, ensured by bright colors, standard floral arrangements and quite traditional wedding stationery. If the light comes from candles and classic lamps. Don’t forget to choose a wedding hall, the interior of which should be the perfect base for your theme.

Have you already picked your favorite wedding decorations 2021? Now it’s time to find decorating companies where you will get the most important decorations. That will help you with the final styling of the wedding.