First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

The wedding first dance lyric is an essential moment at any wedding. It finally starts all the fun! At the same time, he gathers guests around the newlyweds 👰🤵 and draws their attention.

That is why the first dance is also so stressful for many Young Couples.

It is especially difficult for people who avoid dancing like fire, do not feel confident in it, and even more so do not like when someone watches them dance. 😳

So how do you approach the first dance?

We will answer this question together with the dance instructor, as well as the organizer of dance shows at the wedding (you can read more on this topic at the end of the article ⬇️).

The first dance lyric – how to do it?

On the one hand, you can bet on “what will it be”, that is, do not exercise, do not prepare anything, just “go to the element”.

I understand that you may not want to dance a particular pattern or learn it, that you may not need to make your first dance spectacular.

But this does not mean that such a dance will at least look good. 🤷‍♀️

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

If you don’t dance together, or you do it very rarely, you may find that you are completely out of tune with each other.

And instead of dancing, you keep stepping on each other’s feet and jerking each other. 🤕

Therefore, anyway, try to do even a small rehearsal at home.

The first wedding dance in the form of a functional dance may be a fantastic solution for you! Why? About this later.👍 ⬇️

On the other hand, some Young Couples decide to learn their first dance online.

This is a convenient version because you can do it at home whenever you have some time.

However, then there is no one who will look at you from the side, correct your posture or tell you how to make a given figure to make it look good.

Therefore, most couples choose the third option, which is classes with a dance instructor.

Thanks to this, you are under the supervision of a professional who will adjust the choreography for you, give you important tips and make everything look fabulous! 🤩

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

The first dance – where to start?

So let’s start with a few important points that you should think about before you start learning your first dance.

The song for the first dance

First of all, the song for the first dance does not have to be one song! 😮 You can choose a mix of songs for your first wedding dance.

If you are unable to decide or are not sure which will be better for you, discuss it with your instructor.

But remember that you must like the song in the end! It’s hard to dance a romantic first dance to a song you hate.

On the one hand, because it is more difficult to learn a longer choreography, on the other hand, because it can be too boring for the guests.

The space in the hall

Pay attention to what space you have at your disposal in your wedding hall.

Also consider 🍽 the table layout, decorations and space for your guests around the dance floor.


In this matter, the most important thing is the bride’s wedding dress. The groom’s outfit is usually not a problem.

At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning to the instructor about possible limited freedom of movement, which is the case, for example, in the case of a 🐠 fish-cut dress.

On the other hand, if you have a wide gown with a circle, it’s worth taking the circle with you to the test.

Shoes are also important. And what shoes are the best for all-night fun?

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

Of course, 👠 dance shoes!

Currently, more and more models are available, and if you order them early enough (a few months before the wedding), you can also match them:

  • Shape,
  • Color and
  • Type and height of the heel.

💠  The expert advises: “For dance shoes, it is worth additionally taking care of silicone overlays that will protect the heel and also prevent the dress from slipping and tearing.” 💠

Time to learn

How long does it take to learn the first dance?

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

3-4 lessons is the first 🚨 last-minute dance. It is enough to master a short and simple choreography, the figures are also greatly simplified.

5 – 8 lessons is the right number of lessons to prepare a more complex choreography and work out details.

9 and more lessons are the number of classes that allow you not only to prepare the choreography for the first dance, but also discuss the issues of functional dance, i.e. the one that will be useful during the wedding dance on the dance floor.

Therefore, as a standard, learning the first dance takes 6 to 8 hours. A larger number of hours is recommended for couples who have decided to mix dance.

Therefore, when starting classes with the instructor, you must determine ⏰ how much time is left until your wedding and how often you can come to the class.

It is best to report to the first dance instructor about 2.5 months before the wedding. This is enough to calmly prepare the choreography, fine-tune it and still have time to practice at home.

The first dance – what are the classes like?

✔️ You decided to learn the first dance, ✔️ thought about the issues I mentioned a moment ago, you ✔️ chose the instructor and what next?

What are these classes like?

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

Setting your expectations and possibilities

The first thing is to set your expectations. How do you imagine your first wedding dance, would you like it to be slower or more lively, and what 🎼 music you would like to dance to.

But besides that, it’s also important to identify your options.

How much do you already know, how much time is left until the wedding, how often can you come to class, how much space do you have at your disposal, do you have limited freedom of movement in some way?

On this basis, the instructor will be able to arrange a choreography for you.

Learning choreography

When all the arrangements are behind you, it’s time to meet the instructor in the dance hall.

Remember to come to classes in 🎽 👟 comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movements.

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

From the very first class you will work on your choreography, which consists of 3️⃣ parts:

  • Entrances to the dance floor,
  • The proper dance part and
  • The final of the dance.

The entrance to the dance floor begins with the presentation of the Young Couple.

💠  The expert advises: “When entering the dance floor, make sure you have the correct posture. This will make you feel confident and relaxed. Don’t forget to smile! “ 💠

After the presentation, it’s time for the key element – your choreography. And everything ends with the final, i.e. the final presentation.

Sometimes, as part of the finale, the Young Couples decide to invite all the guests to dance, so that they also become part of their first dance.

And what is the dance learning scheme itself? 🧐

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

Here is the most classic version used by the instructors:

  • Presentation of the step diagram along with its settlement, 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣
  • Correct positioning and maintaining the figure (the famous 🖼 “frame” will appear in standard dances ),
  • Basic technical information about a given figure,
  • Smooth dancing of the “dry” element and ” />to the music,
  • Putting an element into the whole choreography,
  • Further grinding, e.g. finishing 👋 hands, heads, 👱‍♀️ adding accents, discussing the technique of a given step in more detail,
  • Adding emotions 🥰 – you just CANNOT run out of them – emotions are the most beautiful decoration of every first wedding dance.

💠 The expert advises: “Polishing the choreography is a good time to start rehearsals in wedding shoes, intensify classes and arrange a dress rehearsal” 💠


The dress rehearsal can take place in the dance hall or at your wedding hall. Plan it as close as possible to your wedding day.

How to prepare for such a trial?

  • Take your target 👠 wedding shoes with you,
  • For the Bride: if you have the option to take the ⭕️ dress circle, it is highly recommended, optionally a long skirt will also be fine,
  • For the Groom: pants similar to wedding pants, 👔 shirt and possibly a jacket (unbuttoned),
  • Before the rehearsal, practice the choreography on your own a few times, 🏡
  • You can invite a small 👪 audience to this occasion.

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

During the general rehearsal, the instructor will make any minor corrections and put you in a positive mood before the performance!

First dance – what kind of dance?

Choosing a song for your first dance is not so simple. On the one hand, you have to take into account your possibilities, and on the other hand, what you like.

It is completely different when you already have a specific song, then the only thing left to do is choreograph it.

And how is it with other Young Couples? What is the most popular dance?🤔

First Dance 💃🕺 A lot of tips and 93 first dance wedding songs!

his is the distribution of the most frequently chosen dances, taking into account the dance mixes:

  • 🇦🇹 Viennese Waltz: 40%
  • Utility dance: 12.7%
  • Rumba: 11.2%
  • Cha Cha: 10.4%
  • 💂‍♂️ English Waltz: 9.5%
  • Other: 4.6%
  • Salsa: 4.6%
  • 🦊 Foxtrot: 2.2%
  • Jive: 2.2%
  • Quickstep: 1.6%
  • Tango 🌹: 1%.

As you can see, the undisputed king is the Viennese waltz. However, below you will find song suggestions for all types of dance listed here.

The first dance – the Viennese waltz

So we start with the most popular dance chosen for the first wedding dance, i.e. the Viennese waltz.

There is also nothing surprising about it, because it is a fast standard dance, danced in ¾ time, associated primarily with a ballroom. 👸 />

Contrary to what many people imagine, it doesn’t have to be stiff!

💠 The expert advises: “By spending more time learning the basic figures, the cylindrical rotation will look smooth, and the choreography enriched with traversing and swinging will make the dance dynamic and interesting.” 💠

Here are some suggestions for the Viennese waltz as the first dance:

The first dance – functional dance

The functional dance as the first wedding dance is a proposal for you if you would like to dance a simple, utilitarian choreography.

And you know what’s the best?

That when you choose a functional dance, you don’t even have to prepare any specific choreography! 🙌

You just need to learn the individual elements and then you can dance them in any order.

Here you will also find a few tracks that are suitable for this:

The first dance – rumba

Rumba 🔥 is the most popular Latin American dance for the first wedding dance.

It is danced in 4/4 time, so it will be perfect for many of your favorite songs.

The characteristic technical elements of this dance are overstretched knees and sensual movement of the hips.

After all, it is sometimes called the dance of love. ❤️

Here are some examples of songs that you can use:

First dance – Cha Cha

Cha cha is a Latin American dance from 🇨🇺 Cuba. It is an ideal solution for young couples who cannot see each other in a classic waltz or a quiet rumba.

In addition to using cha cha for the first dance, it is also great for other weddings or parties, because it has a pace typical of most popular songs.

Examples? Here are a few of them:

The first dance – English waltz

The English waltz is younger and much slower than the Viennese waltz. It is considered one of the most 🎩 elegant dances.

The characteristics of the English waltz are falling and rising.

If this is your first dance choice, here are some song suggestions:

The first dance – latino

The first latino-style wedding dance? 💃 Why not!

It has been known for many years that the waltz is not the only dance reserved for this occasion.

However, if you decide to dance Latin, it is worth starting preparations a bit earlier.

In these styles, the emphasis is primarily on energy, dynamics and accentuation of the music, which we cannot learn in a week.

💠 advises: Also consider whether the bride’s creation does not prevent you from performing your first dance in this style.💠

Apart from cha cha or rumba, you can also dance salsa, samba or bachata.

These songs are perfect for the first dance:

The first dance – foxtrot

Foxtrot 🦊 is a dance from the group of standard dances, considered the most difficult walk in the world.

The most important feature of the foxtail is the combination of open figures with a swing action.

It is danced in even time signatures, which makes it perfect for many of your selections.

For the needs of the first dance, it is often proposed in a simplified version and called – social foxtrot.

Here are a songs that is perfect for this type of dance:

The first dance – jive

It is one of the Latin American dances. And it is characterized by a fast pace and a huge amount of energy!

It must not be complete without the kicks, which are very characteristic of this dance!

Due to its energetic similarity, it is often confused with 🎸 rock and roll.

Jive is rarely chosen for the first dance. Why? Because it is cumbersome to wear in a long dress.

That is why sometimes brides, especially for the needs of jive, change into a short dress or even sneakers.

If jive has stolen your heart, consider this possibility.

Here are a song to the rhythm of jive:

The first dance – quickstep

Quickstep belongs to the group of swing dances, but due to its fast pace, the swing action is less pronounced than in the other dances.

It is a standard dance, but extremely dynamic and energetic. That is why it requires from the dancers a perfect sense of rhythm and good 🏃‍♀️ condition.

Quickstep is the first dance chosen quite rarely.

Mostly because of its fast pace, but also because of the small number of songs that go with it.

However, if you are interested in this type of dance, here is some songs that you can use:

The first dance – tango

Tango 🌹 is a ballroom dance originating in Argentina, occurring in many varieties.

It is a dance full of emotions, so mastering it may be a bit more difficult for the future bride and groom.

There is not always enough time to master the choreography and add to it the artistic expression so important in this dance. Especially if this is your first encounter with dance.

However, if you care about tango, here are the songs that you can use:

First Dance Song – Complete List

This is a complete first dance song list with songs for all kinds of dance.

So if you are not 💡 sure about any particular style and are looking for inspiration, check out the entire playlist:

7 quick tips to remember

I know that there is a lot of information here. Therefore, let’s summarize in a few simple tips what is worth knowing about the first wedding dance.

1. Choose a song you like

This is the 🔑 key point. First of all, when you practice the first pattern, you will listen to it many times, so there is no point in torturing yourself with something that you hate.

Secondly, you have to dance it in front of all the guests, full of positive emotions, joy, with a smile, not with a sour face just because you hate the song you dance to.

2. Shorten the song

If the song is more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, ✂️ shorten it.

And for you it will be difficult to learn such a long line, and for the guests, such a long performance will be tiring.

first dance wedding songs
first dance wedding songs

3. Set your study time

Think how much time you can realistically spend on learning the first dance.

See how much time you have left until the 💐 wedding, and how often you can attend lessons.

If you have very little time, the instructor can arrange a simple choreography for you or give it up altogether.

Instead, the solution is to practice a few simple steps that you can dance in any order.

4. Give the final version of your song to the DJ

Precisely because the song for the first dance is often cut short and the pace is modified, do not forget to give the 🎧 final version to the right person.

Otherwise, you will have to change the song or dance to the original. And that may not turn out so well.

5. Define the space at your disposal

Do it at the very beginning.

It makes no sense to prepare and learn the first dance that you will not be able to perform due to too little space.🤭

first dance wedding songs
first dance wedding songs

6. Match the first dance to your outfit

Remember that the first dance does not take place in tracksuits or comfortable t-shirts.

You have to take into account the limitations of a suit, and above all, a wedding dress.

7. Test!

Test what you can to get as close as possible to the conditions that you will have on your wedding day.

Try to make a dress rehearsal at the wedding hall, take wedding shoes with you, next to the wedding dress, if possible, pants similar to those of the suit.

So that nothing can surprise you when the time is right!

👑 Summary, i.e. the wedding first dance in questions and answers 👑

Where to start preparing?

First of all, choose the 🎤 song (or songs) you want to dance to. Also, pay attention to what space you have at your disposal and what freedom of movement 💃 you have in your outfits (especially important with tight wedding dresses). In addition, it is important that you define at the very beginning how much time you have to learn and whether you will have time to practice and fine-tune the layout.

Does the first dance have to be a waltz? 🤔

Of course not! Although most young couples choose the Viennese waltz (definitely less for the English waltz), the first dance can also be 🔥 rumba, cha-cha, salsa, foxtrot, jive, quickstep, tango. And if you can’t decide on one style, consider a dance mix!

When to start ⏰ learning your wedding first dance?

If you would like to prepare for the first dance with an instructor, it is best to register for it about 2.5 months before the wedding.

How many hours does it take to learn the layout for the first dance?

Of course, every couple 👫 is different and has different dance skills, but usually, 3-4 lessons allow you to master a short and simple choreography. 5 – 8 lessons is the right number of lessons to prepare a more complex choreography and work out details. On the other hand, 9 or more lessons mean the number of classes that allow not only to prepare choreography for the first dance, but also to discuss the issues of functional dance.

How to prepare for the rehearsal of the first dance?

Take your target 👠 wedding shoes with you , the bride should take a dress circle (optionally a long skirt), while the groom should take a pair of wedding-like pants, a shirt and possibly a jacket (unbuttoned). Before rehearsal, practice the choreography a few times on your own. You can also invite a small 👪 audience to the rehearsal.