Wedding fruit table

This sweet, but healthy snack can also be an effective decoration of a wedding menu. It will reach both children and people on a diet and all those seeking light refreshments. Wedding fruit table, because we are talking about them, are an absolute must-have! You just need to skillfully choose their type and quantity, as well as know how to best provide them. And this is what the article below is about.

The future bride and groom do not have to worry too much about similar issues if the fruit buffet is included in the price of catering or food provided by the place where the wedding takes place. Experienced professionals will definitely choose the fruit varieties that work best in this context. They will also give them enough to make sure that there is enough for everyone, but at the same time that as little as possible is wasted.

How much fruit for a wedding

If a young couple has to decide for themselves how much fruit to buy for a wedding, they should adopt an average conversion rate of 300 to 500 g per serving. It is worth preparing more fruit in the spring-summer season, less in the autumn-winter season and when there is a large selection of cakes.

Wedding fruit table
Wedding fruit table

The amount of fruit for the wedding – important issues

Another issue that I have only mentioned, and it is worth analyzing it more, is the abundance of the rest of the wedding menu, and especially how many delicacies await guests on the sweet table or in the cake corner. If the food is really a lot, invited people may simply not find in their stomachs a place for an additional snack in the form of fruit. A rescue in this situation can be, if necessary, corrections. Judging by the statements of many brides in the forums, fruit can be eaten much more readily than during the “main” party.

When it is known that a lot of vegans, vegetarians or people who care about a healthy diet will come, then there may be more fruit. And vice versa, if the majority of guests prefer the Old buffet, meats and cakes, it is worth considering the rather lower value, i.e. 300 g of fruit per person. But beware! Not everyone should be the same. And here we go to the issue called …

Wedding fruit table

What fruit for the Wedding fruit table to choose

Both the experience of catering companies and numerous comments on the forums strongly indicate a particular favorite, which is light or dark grapes. Why? The reasons are also tips on the basis of which you should also choose other types of fruit for the wedding:

  • you don’t have to cut or peel them,
  • you can either take them in your hand or put them on a fork or toothpick,
  • they can be put completely into the mouth, which eliminates the problem of getting dirty with sticky juice,
  • they don’t darken
  • they are not an easy target for flies and other insects.

So if we are organizing a wedding for 100 people and we are buying 50 kg of fruit, then the largest part of the latter should be grapes. But what can accompany them to diversify the appearance and content of the wedding table? Sufficiently convenient solutions are:

  • strawberries;
  • bananasmandarins – they do require peeling, but it is not as problematic as peeling oranges;
  • firm plums, apricots, cherries – let’s only give guests the opportunity to discreetly spit out seeds somewhere; if the wedding takes place outside, you also have to be aware of the fact that the stones can be scattered around …

Properly served, as fruit for the wedding can also appear:

  • watermelon, melon;
  • pineapple;
  • nectarines or peaches;
  • raspberries, blueberries;
  • kiwi;
  • oranges.

Here, in turn, the question arises …

How to serve fruit at a wedding

Of course, the ones you just reach for can be served in decorative bowls, on platters or stacked plates. Next to strawberries, bananas and grapes (preferably cut into smaller, more handy twigs), we can put even peeled and divided into particles. If one of the wedding attractions is to be a chocolate fountain, it must be placed near such a station with fruit – just like a supply of toothpicks or skewer sticks.

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Shish kebabs and cork dumplings are one of the ways to serve fruit at a wedding. Time consuming, but very effective. In this form – as well as in the form of a fruit salad – you can serve strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mandarin, kiwi, nectarine, melon or pineapple, and even a watermelon.

The last three positions may cause a little trouble, but it is worth putting a bit of trouble to the melon bore a special spoon appetizing balls, watermelon and wypestkować and cut into pieces and then put them in the green “bowl” of the hollow fruit. Pineapple, on the other hand, can be cut into thin slices or pieces and left on the skin (preferably with a plume) so that the whole thing looks just like a quarter of a fruit.

The most popular, pears and apples, unfortunately at weddings rather “do not go down.” No one wants to slice them, eaten directly may turn out to be too juicy, while cooked in advance they darken easily. However, they can – like other fruits, of course – be used in desserts, cakes or tartlets. It’s definitely worth giving them ice cream too!

Wedding fruit table

What else is good to know about a Wedding fruit table

Finally, a few practical notes. If it is warm and the fruits are to stand in an unclimmed space, they will remain fresh for longer when served on platters placed on crushed ice. You just have to remember to change it regularly. The area around the fruit stand is also good to protect against insects in a specialized way. And let’s not forget that strawberries, apricots or grapes should also be spread in smaller quantities near the cheese board or Swedish buffet with cold cuts. They are also a delicious addition to them!

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