Wedding hairstyles 2020

Wedding Hairstyles 2020 is a list of trends and styling album
that every fashionable bride must know!

The wedding dress has already been chosen, and now it’s time to frame it? This is undoubtedly hair styling. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is fashionable but perfectly complements your creation, you’ve come to the right place! With our expert Tomasz Górecki, we’ll tell you what hairstyles for a wedding will win the hearts of brides in 2020. There are also a few new products that will allow you to stay ahead of trends. Ready for an exciting journey through hairdressing inspirations? Get Ready!

Wedding hairstyles 2020 will appeal especially to Brides who dream of a light, casual hairdo. Our expert confirms this: For 2020, wedding hair trends are focused on my favorite aspect – naturalness ! That is, well-groomed, healthy, well-groomed hair matched to the outfit, face shape, wedding creation and character of the Bride.

Wedding ponytail

Ponytails are and will continue to be a hit, which, contrary to appearances, sensationally harmonize with the wedding dress, both the minimalist and modern model, as well as the traditional princess. They can be low and high, straight or to the side, more or less punctuated (although it is known that the more hair, the better!), Tied with a silk ribbon.

We choose: our favorite for 2020 is the heavily-inspired ponytail with a parting in the middle, the head finished smoothly.

Wedding braids

To our satisfaction, the braids returned to fashion with a bang. Heavily beaten ears, girls’ French braids or crowns around the head, made of braids, will appeal to romantic brides. Associated with every day, inconspicuous hairstyle, but stylists argue that with a little fantasy, you can give it a completely new, wedding dimension. – Loose weaves are great for long boho styling hair, and two braids (or more!) Can be braided on your head to create various forms.

Wedding curls

Our expert notes that this is still one of the most popular proposals among women with long or medium length hair. Constantly reigning natural waves: modest and classic or spectacular curls with a fierce retro style in the style of Hollywood. It is also worth paying attention to the extremely stylish and elegant waves combed aside – they also reign among the 2020 wedding hairstyles.

Hairstyle stylist advises: for variety, you can hook up the waves decorated with a hairpin or flower from the side.

Loose wedding gowns

Meghan Markle definitely strengthened their position. For her wedding, she chose a low upholstery with a parting in the middle, with discreetly released strands, so that the whole thing looks like a controlled slack. To add a natural upholstery class, it is worth choosing a jewelry accessory, e.g. a richly decorated tiara (just like the Duchess of Sussex).

Proven accessories for loose straps: wreaths, headbands, flowers, tiaras, cufflinks

Wedding buns

Until recently, the bun was associated quite archaically, today it is experiencing its real renaissance. But we forget about the intricate hair and grandmother’s style. The 21st century wedding bun is synonymous with delicacy, lightness and wavy strands. It can be high and low, more or less stylized, but certainly located in the middle. For fashionistas to try half bun or otherwise bun samurai.

Hairstyle stylist advises: To add lightness to your hairstyle, you can draw a few strands of hair here and there.

Wedding hairstyles with a parting in the middle

Perfect symmetry is again in hairdressing trends, as evidenced by perfectly straight partitions in the middle of the head. The effect will be enhanced if the hair is smooth and even wet look. In turn, the perfect reflection will be a parting in the middle with smoothing at the head and tuffed hair outside, which will create artistic disorder – an option worthy of world fashion shows!

The fashion stylist advises: an asymmetrical wedding dress will be a stylish counterpoint for a perfect parting.

Wedding hairstyles are combed back

Another extremely stylish wedding hairstyle for 2020, for which all fashionistas will lose their head: loose hair gathered back. WOW factor you will get thanks to the hair raised in the front, which at the back will fall freely on the neck and back if you have fairly long hair. Your knowledge of trends will also be emphasized by the decoration fastened on one side.

The trend straight from the Justin Alexander wedding campaign: wavy hair combed back and finished “wet”.

Wedding hairstyles with a wreath

Although we are slowly saying goodbye to classic rustic trends, their characteristic wreath stays with us. It will always remain associated with the boho atmosphere and idyllic style, but it no longer has to be closely associated with the image of the Bride à la Russell. The new version of the wreath may display unusual, even exotic plant species in the place of wildflowers.

Wedding hairstyles with flowers

But flowers in wedding stylizations are not just wreaths. Vivid flowers can individually decorate the bride’s hair, irregularly distributed along their entire length, but also appear in the form of “still life” as ready hair ornaments or jewelry. For modern romantics, we recommend tiaras, headbands and cufflinks decorated with flowers made of crystals, tulle or brass.

An idea for a modern and brave bride: one flower in XXL size or a magnificent floral composition fastened at the top of the head.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil

The veil is an inseparable attribute of the bride. In some seasons it can be more popular, in others less, but its shine and symbolism will always be relevant in wedding trends. In 2020, we will wear a veil that is very low or very high. To display it properly, it is worth choosing especially from these two hairstyles: a fairly smooth bun or loose hair with natural curls.

Wedding hairstyles with decorations

– Headbands and fascinators, as well as all the decorations that can be skillfully tangled in the hair creating a romantic and elegant effect, will return to favor – announces the owner of the Frizz Me hair salon. There will still be vintage trends in large velvet or satin headbands, silk elastics , pearl cufflinks and scarves that can be cleverly integrated into your hair for a super modern look.

HIT of the season: hair accessories with pearls won the hearts of bloggers, now it’s time for Brides!

Short hair, medium hair, long hair – wedding hairstyles for every bride!

If you have shoulder-length hairhair medium-length or long, we have successfully done all of the above hairstyles. But what about the bride who wears short hair? In a separate article, you will find a set of inspiration and tips for the short-haired. On the other hand, in 2020 Tomasz Górecki advises to pay close attention to finishing the styling with an ornament: – A floral composition ideally suited to the wedding dress and accessories will complete the romantic stylization. All other previously mentioned ornaments, jewelry elements, ribbons or wreaths will form a coherent whole with a classic, short hairstyle.

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