How to choose the perfect wedding jewelry for dress? 💍

How to choose the perfect wedding jewelry for dress

When planning a wedding, one of the most important issues is choosing the perfect wedding dress. However, do not forget that your wedding styling will not be complete without bridal jewelry. When choosing the cut of a wedding dress, you make it depends mainly on your figure.

Wedding jewelry and neckline

And how to choose the perfect jewelry for a wedding dress? The bride must know that it all depends on the neckline. It is the neckline of the wedding dress that largely determines the type of jewelry that suits it. Especially for you, we have prepared a guide on how to choose jewelry for a wedding dress. Thanks to it, you will be aware of having the most beautiful jewelry, ideally suited to your wedding stylization.

1. Illusion neckline wedding dress

This neckline is especially worth discussing if you plan to keep the bolero on. In this case, we do not wear the necklace. If your wedding dress has a transparent neckline or a closed one, long earrings and a ring will suit you best. Elegant long silver earrings with cubic zirconias and pearls are a great proposition for wedding jewelry. The rhinestones, perfectly reflecting the light, will allow the Bride to shine on this special day. Such wedding jewelry does not have to be an expense for one evening. Elegant silver earrings and elegant rings can be used later for evening styling or for an evening out with friends.

Illusion neckline wedding dress

Jewelry for illusion wedding dress

2. Sweetheart neckline wedding dress

It is the neckline of the wedding dress that beautifully exposes the female collarbones. To some wedding dresses with such a neckline, thin straps are attached, which increases the comfort of wearing the dress. Short necklaces and wedding bracelets fit beautifully with such a neckline (both without and with straps). Such short necklaces are based on collarbones and are a great complement to wedding styling. A short necklace complete with a bracelet is a set of wedding jewelry that will add femininity and charm to the bride. If the wedding dress is not very stylish, then don’t be afraid to choose richer accessories. We choose wedding jewelry once in a lifetime – so let it be really special.

Sweetheart wedding dress


3. Strapless straight neckline

The straight neckline of the wedding dress fits perfectly with tiny earrings and a choker necklace. Delicate earrings in combination with a choker are currently the most fashionable proposition of wedding jewelry. Every day you see more and more women who have appreciated the charm of chokers. They wear them with both casual shirts, t-shirts or elegant dresses. A properly selected choker model will also be a great complement to a wedding creation. Surprise your wedding guests with the brilliance of your dream wedding jewelry and wear a white choker. As the ribbons of chokers are made of fabric, an extremely original and interesting solution can be, for example, sewing a choker to order from the same material as the wedding dress.

Straight neckline wedding dress


4. Scoop neckline

The round neckline of the wedding dress is a design that fits wonderfully with small earrings and a short necklace of the same shape as the neckline of the dress. Such a combination is characterized by simplicity and class. An interesting solution is to choose a set of jewelry that to some extent refers to the small elements of the wedding dress. Such a set of wedding jewelry creates the perfect harmony of the bride’s wedding styling. The right choice of accessories gives you a sense of self-confidence and makes this day the most beautiful day in your life. So let wedding jewelry be one of the subtle proofs that you took care of the smallest detail on your wedding day.

Wedding dresses


5. Bardot neckline (off the shoulder neckline)

Bardot neckline is now very often chosen by brides, not only because of its romantic shape. Such wedding dresses are very fashionable now, and in addition they beautifully emphasize the collarbones and the upper part of the shoulders. Wedding jewelry that perfectly harmonizes with such a shape of the neckline are small earrings and a short necklace. The shape of the necklace depends on the depth of the neckline. If the neckline is deeper, the perfect decoration for the bride will be a necklace that refers to its shape, ie the letter V. If the neckline is shallower, choose a necklace with a rounded shape. Regardless of the length of the necklace you have, it is worth choosing delicate earrings to match.

Wedding dresses


6. Queen anne neckline / cap sleeve dress

Queen Anne neckline or cap sleeve dress is already so built up that we do not choose any necklaces for it. Glamor is the worst thing we can do to your wedding styling. Remember the rule, if the dress is modest, the wedding jewelry can be rich. If, on the other hand, the wedding dress is very stylish, we choose subtle, minimalist jewelry for it. In the case of a wedding dress with a Queen Anne neckline, we give up neck ornaments in favor of earrings and bracelets. Long wedding earrings (emphasizing the bride’s neck) and a matching bracelet are perfect for such a neckline. On this important day, the bride has to make sure that her ears and hands are decorated with something special.

Wedding dresses


7. Halterneck wedding dress

The neckline tied at the neck is the perfect cut of a wedding dress for a bracelet and a necklace with a pendant. The size of the pendant depends largely on the dress’s level of decorativeness. If you have opted for a very simple flowing dress without sequins or other accessories, you can choose a more sumptuous version that will enrich your wedding stylization and add a unique character to it. It is worth putting on elegant multi-stone wedding jewelry, which will catch the eyes of wedding guests. On the wedding day, the bride is supposed to shine, she must be aware of having the most beautiful wedding jewelry. Let him, therefore, dare to beautiful compositions with stones, cubic zirconia and unusual shapes.

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