Wedding menu – rules for arranging

Wedding menu – how to compose it?

All letters that need to be prepared before the wedding are always a big challenge for young couples. Even planning something theoretically as pleasant as the list of dream gifts is often hard work that raises a lot of emotions. The perfect wedding menu usually requires even more from us. However, before we start the battle with various guest diets and our budget, let’s get acquainted with some useful information.

Wedding menu – how many items?

The number of dishes usually depends on the budget and vision of the bride and groom how the event should go. Initially, dinner is usually served. A full set of dishes that can consist of: starter, soup, main course and dessert. However, if the funds do not allow us to all these elements, or we simply decide that such an amount is not necessary, let’s decide ourselves which we prefer to serve. A good idea, however, is to provide a dessert, which is often the best-mentioned item on the menu. In addition, the standard is one more warm meal, which is to strengthen revelers, served around one in the morning. Guests should have access to other snacks provided for the rest of the wedding. Let us remember that the people present at the party are not there to eat but to experience this important day with us!

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Wedding menu – what dishes?

When choosing dishes, there are several rules that we should not violate for the good’s reception. Dishes with intense aromas that will spread throughout the room and cling to guests are always a bad idea. Same with very intense colors that can easily be found on eating clothes. Let’s avoid red borscht, for example. Let us bypass the heavy dishes that will cause discomfort in the stomachs of guests and prevent them from falling on the dance floor. In addition, we simply do not overdo it. Complicated dishes with intricate decorations will extend the time of serving, and with so many presents it will make a big difference.

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Wedding menu – how to provide it?

It’s best to bet on portions served to guests directly on plates. Public platters always generate more clutter, chaos and sometimes it may happen that there is not enough food for everyone. Think also how many waiters you will need to service the tables. It is safe to assign one waiter to ten guests. More advice is unnecessary. The type of tableware, the appearance of the dishes, the only tip is that they are to be beautiful. The rest depends only on fantasy and taste.

Wedding menu – rules for arranging

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It is not difficult to find in books and on the Internet the rules to be followed when creating a wedding menu. There we will find answers to questions about the best time to serve meals, the number of dishes and how to serve. However, such advice is barely a fraction of what we need to remember when arranging the wedding menu. Here are some important elements that you need to refine before the wedding :

Wedding menu for our guests

A good host cares for all his guests as much as he can. Therefore, let us try to satisfy the culinary preferences of the invited, to the extent that we can. To do this, we must first of all gather information about the eating habits of the revelers. We may ask for special culinary wishes to be sent along with RSVP. We will then know if we need dishes for vegetarians, vegans or, for example, people on a gluten-free diet. After counting how many such requests were given to us by the guests, let us report it to the catering company. Usually, there is no problem with preparing several special dishes for people in need.

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Wedding menus changeable like the weather

The wedding menu changes like the seasons of Vivaldi. One of the conditions for arranging a menu must be the weather, and thus temperature. Other delicacies will suit hot weather and others will suit frost. For example, serving a cooler when it is cold and windy outside the window will not go well together. A dessert such as hot chocolate will be perfect. Similarly in the summer, when guests can only be warm or very warm, it is better to avoid heavy, warming dishes. It is better to focus on refreshing and light dishes, lemonade and ice cream.

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Wedding menu and the nature of the party

The nature of the wedding is primarily our decision. It depends on us whether it will be more elegant or whether we focus on a casual style. In addition, however, we must take into account such facts as the place where the wedding will take place and the number of guests invited. We can afford another type of dish when organizing dinner for twenty people. Otherwise, we will also plan the wedding menu if we plan to have an evening barbecue with loved ones. The wedding menu of large parties, at which many guests will appear, will also be governed by its own laws. It is also important to consider the place where we organize the party. Of course, there are universal dishes (for example, wine and wedding cake), which we can always and everywhere. Fine though match the character and appearance of the rest of the dishes to the style of the surroundings. We serve masterful masterpieces in the palace and more homemade and familiar snacks in the wedding hall in the barn. In this way, everything will stay in harmony with each other. And harmony should accompany our marriage from the very beginning.

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