Wedding night lingerie. Trends 2021

Wedding night lingerie perfect for a dress and for the wedding night.

Although it is sometimes invisible, it has a key impact on comfort and self-confidence. From multifunctional bras, through bodysuits for special tasks, to sensual pajamas and bathrobes – I have prepared for you an overview of trends in wedding lingerie under the dress, but also for the wedding night. This sensual selection will make you red hot!

Lingerie under a wedding dress must be functional above all. It is quite different in the case of “styling” for the wedding night. Although it is nice as the former is also beautiful, and the latter is not only sensual, but also comfortable. For such an occasion, it is worth looking for perfect solutions that will combine your favorite aesthetics with the desired comfort. We are looking for!

Wedding night lingerie 2021 – timeless trends

Nude wedding lingerie

Nude wedding lingerie, i.e. in the shade of the skin, is the most frequently recommended and chosen option by brides. No wonder: the underwear under the wedding dress is supposed to be invisible, almost like our second skin, which has mainly practical functions. This is especially important for creations with clear cutouts and elements made of semi-transparent or fully transparent materials.

White wedding lingerie

Although beige wedding lingerie is the leading one, the one in the white version, usually in the color of the dress, also has its supporters. It is important to match it perfectly with the shade of the dress. In 2021, pay special attention to satin and lace trim.

Wedding night lingerie

Lace wedding lingerie

We can safely say: lace is the fashion of a wedding. We have been wearing timeless openwork for centuries on wedding dresses and their accessories. We love him for the elegance and femininity that are so important to all brides. Lingerie with lace is especially associated with sensuality, which becomes even more intense when the finish of a bra or panties is semi-transparent and reveals, covering and covering, revealing …

Wedding night lingerie

Soft bras

Years later, women returned to bras made of soft fabrics. Without underwire and without fillings, bras are increasingly worn on a daily basis, but also on special occasions. To choose a bra without the push-up effect or without stiffening, you should take into account the dress cut and the shape of the bust. If you do not have complexes related to the size or form of your breasts, and the design allows for more freedom, be sure to measure a soft bra. Maybe he will be the shot in the 10th?


Slimming wedding lingerie

If your wedding dress does not have a rigid structure and is not made of fleshy material, you wear a larger size or want to slim your figure, it is worth considering shaping underwear. Depending on the style of the dress and the places you want to mask or correct, choose the underwear that will meet your expectations. This may be a body which models the belly and breasts, can be high briefs, which will focus on the abdomen and buttocks, or a petticoat, which hugs the whole body and make underwear beneath her not to stand out. This is particularly important in the case of dresses made of delicate, flowing material that will be worn close to the body.

Wedding night lingerie

Bra for a wedding dress with an open back

The fashion for wedding dresses with a deep neckline in the back is in full swing, so it’s no wonder that this is the bra most sought after by brides. The perfect bra for a backless wedding dress must above all be functional, so at the same time supporting the breasts in the front and invisible from the back. If the cutout is not too large, you can choose a bra with a lowered clasp at the back. If, on the other hand, the back is to be almost completely exposed, it is worth considering a self-supporting/adhesive bra.

The bridal bra with a V-neckline

For several seasons, wedding dresses with a V-neck, i.e. a sharp cut at the front, are also in trend. If the design of the outfit allows it, and you are bold enough, you can give up the bra. However, if you cannot imagine the lack of underwear, choose a bra with a lowered bridge.

The bridal bra
The bridal bra

Bra for a strapless wedding dress

If your choice is a strapless outfit, I recommend a bra with detachable straps or a self-supporting bra. The era of clear plastic stripes is over. They don’t look elegant and are uncomfortable as they twist, stick and stick to the skin. If you have an abundant bust and you are afraid that a self-supporting bra will not lift it, choose a wedding dress with a reinforced structure and a built-in bra.

Wedding lingerie with flowers

Flowers are another motif that has secured a timeless position in wedding fashion. Present on dresses, accessories, jewelry and underwear. The latter, although invisible, has a special meaning for brides. The wedding is the only such occasion, so every detail matters, even the hidden one. Floral wedding lingerie, most often in the form of lace trim, will add even more femininity and romance to any styling.

Vintage wedding night lingerie

Since we wear vintage wedding dresses, so can our lingerie. Retro-inspired bras and panties should be a bit more built-up. Depending on the decade we choose, bras can be a corsettriangle or soft, and briefs usually with high waisted. In terms of color, vintage wedding lingerie is usually broken shades of white, warm beige and powdery pink.


Blue wedding lingerie

Nude and white lingerie will always be the most popular among brides, but in 2021 also lingerie in blue tones will make its presence felt. On the one hand, it confirms the trend for blue wedding dresses, but also a patent for “something blue”. If you dream about a blue outfit or want to smartly approach wedding customs, blue lingerie may be the perfect option.


wedding night gown

Let’s move on to disability. If you are preparing an outfit for your wedding night and/or morning, or you are packing a suitcase for your honeymoon, do not forget about “night” outfits. In the case of pajamas, in 2021, satin petticoats, possibly with a lace finish, will dominate the trends. Minimalist satin pajamas (whether in the version of a dress or a set of shirt + pants ) are all you need to be sensual and full of class at the same time.

wedding night gown
wedding night gown
wedding night gown
wedding night gown

White lace bride robe

A stylish dressing gown is obligatory for pajamas. Again, it’s best to be made of satin. In the silk version, it will be the most luxurious and pleasant to the touch, but high-quality polyester can also work well if we do not want to spend a lot on a bathrobe. Elegant, smooth material in your favorite color (in the case of brides, usually white or cream) and a classic cut are an idea for a timeless cover. How about highlighting the occasion and personalizing it? More and more brands offer an embroidery service. Wifey, Wife, or maybe the Bride is a very pleasant accent, thanks to which the white lace bride robe will become a beautiful souvenir of this special day!

white lace bride robe
white lace bride robe

Sexy wedding garter

Something old, something borrowed and something blue … However, if blue is not your color and you do not decide on a blue dress or earrings with sapphires, but you want the tradition to be followed, choose a subtle, invisible solution, namely a garter. After all, this is an obligatory element for the wedding standard. So maybe it’s worth killing two birds with one stone? When looking for a garter, pay attention to lace, frills and bows.

sexy wedding garter
sexy wedding garter


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