Wedding suit for the groom 2021

Navy blue and gray, checkered and tuxedo – every groom will find the perfect wedding suit for himself. Trends in men’s wedding fashion for 2021 will give you the opportunity to show off, show off your creative elegance!

Table of Contents:

  • Men’s wedding suit – where to start?
  • Fashionable men’s suits for the wedding 2021
  • Types of men’s suits
  • How to choose a wedding suit?
  • What does men’s wedding stylization consist of?
  • The perfect wedding suit from A to Z

Men’s Suits 2021 – a few words of introduction

The wedding dress seems to be a key theme for the bride, while little time is spent on the groom’s attire. I am against such an approach! Future Grooms, there will be no such occasion, your appearance must be perfect that day. Although, of course, a wedding suit will never be as spectacular as a dress, it is worth paying more attention to how it will look. After all, the heroes of this day are both of you!

The groom can now choose from a variety of cuts and colors for wedding suits. Classic black, standard navy blue, or maybe bold colors and patterns? Among the collection of wedding suits for 2021, each future groom will find something for himself. It is important to choose a suit and its cut to suit your figure and personality. A well-tailored jacket and fitted trousers of the right length are half the battle.

It is worth starting the search for the perfect wedding suit a few months before the planned wedding date  Such spare time will allow you to discover the collections of suits of the best brands, visit selected salons with men’s fashion, as well as browse the offer of online stores. If you want a suit that fits your figure perfectly, choose a tailor-made wedding suit.

Tip: a suit is not everything – a complete outfit can be created with perfectly matched accessories: shoes, shirt, bow tie or tie, socks, possibly cufflinks and a pocket square, and maybe a watch. In order not to forget about each of these elements, put them on the to-do list in the wedding planner, your virtual pre-wedding helper!

Fashionable wedding suits 2021: 15 models for a stylish groom

Starting with color, going through patterns and ending with style – what men’s suits will be fashionable in 2021 for weddings and receptions? Let’s check it out!

Navy blue wedding suit

The navy blue suit has reigned in men’s wedding fashion for years. Thanks to its versatility, it will fit perfectly regardless of the nature of your wedding partyIt should only be remembered that the darker the shade of blue, the more formal it is and more suited to the evening time.

Stylist advises: A navy blue suit is the most appropriate shade for Poles, who mostly have a Slavic type of beauty.

Blue wedding suit

The blue suit is also very popular. This applies to many occasions – not only weddings and weddings. However, it should be remembered that for very elegant parties – e.g. in glamor or classic style – it is better to choose stylish black or dignified navy blue.

Stylist advises: A blue suit is best suited for a spring/summer wedding during the day, while after dark and in the autumn/winter period, navy blue, black or burgundy will look more elegant.

Gray wedding suit

Gray has appeared among the novelties for 2020 and in 2021 it does not intend to give up. Usually, gray wedding suits look less formal than dark ones, so be careful not to be too casual. Unless that is your assumption, and the wedding will be rather casual and will take place outdoors or in a barn. Among fashionable shades, bright tones will be the most popular, and if you want to use steel, only with a matte finish.

Stylist’s advice: A suit in shades of gray is an excellent proposition for minimalist and vintage weddings.

White wedding suit

A white men’s suit does not mean white from head to toe – it is a duo of white and black. Both colors constitute a perfect background for each other and do not compete with the total white look of the bride. The most popular solution will be a combination of a white top and a black bottom, but also contrasting details, such as black lapels on a white jacket or a black bow tie on a white shirt.

Stylist’s advice: A casual white head-to-toe suit will suit a beach wedding. Then give up the bowtie and tie, and replace your shoes with moccasins.

Black wedding suit

A black wedding suit is a classic that will never go out of style. Such styling for the groom will be perfect for elegant glamor-style weddings and will fit in with the evening dress code of the black-tie type. If the wedding takes place in the summer and before 6 p.m., it is worth choosing a lighter outfit for the ceremony (e.g. a navy blue suit), and only change into the black for the wedding.

Stylist advises: Do not forcefully wear black if your type of beauty does not look good in black.

Maroon wedding suit

Another color that will dominate the unusual wedding colors is red. But not of course, bloody – this can only be present in additions. I am talking about deep shades that will add nobility to any styling. A maroon suit, in a shade of marsala or cherry, will be perfect for autumn and winter weddings, but if your theme allows – also in spring and summer.

The stylist advises: Red is a very expressive color, therefore, when dressed in an outfit, it will perfectly emphasize the leading color of the wedding.

Green wedding suit

Original colors are becoming more and more popular in wedding fashion. Among them, in 2021, greenery deserves special attention. On the one hand, dignified bottle and emerald shades will reign, and on the other hand, the natural palette referring to the rustic and vintage style will be popular.

Stylist advises: Green suits all types of beauty, you only need to choose the right shade for the color of your skin and hair.

Checkered wedding suit and more

A patterned groom suit may seem extravagant, but it all depends on its type, color and pattern placement. In 2021, you have an immortal checkered suit, flowers and abstract ornaments at your disposal. If you do not want to risk with a patterned suit, choose prints on accessories, such as a pocket square, bow tie, tie or socks.

Stylist advises: If you dream of a checked suit, remember to choose the right pattern for your figure. Some grilles can additionally widen XXL size gentlemen.

Classic wedding suit

The classics will never let you down. A standard wedding suit made of smooth, matte, high-quality material, without patterns, in a dark color palette (black or shades of navy blue), is an option that goes beyond any seasonal trends. In addition, a snow-white shirt, a silk bow tie or a tie, minimalist shoes and the groom’s timeless look are ready!

Stylist’s advice: A classic wedding suit fits almost any type of wedding.

Sports suit

I may surprise you, but more and more grooms are looking for a sports-style suit for their wedding. What exactly is this kind of outfit? Costumes by definition are formal wear clothing, but because of several seasons in trends is sporty elegance, more free solutions adopted also for casual weddings. The sports suit will be made of matte, softer materials and without edges.

Stylist advises: In the groom’s sporty look, accessories are the most important: no bow-tie and no tie, universal shirt or white T-shirt, moccasins or sneakers.

Rustic style suit

The rustic style in 2021 will still be in trend, but the eyes of brides will be drawn to subtle variations of this climate. A modern rustic groom will choose a matte suit (maybe even tweed?), Will be inspired by the retro style, choose accessories with a floral motif, and even be tempted by a green or brown suit.

Stylist’s tip: Country-style plaid fits perfectly with a rustic suit.

Vintage suit

The retro-style returns to the salons with redoubled strength. Whether it will be a refined image of a dandy, an evening looks straight from the 1920s in the style of the Great Gatsby, or an intellectual chic from the interwar period, or a flannel set in bronze that fits in the 1950s – any era can inspire you. You can draw from bygone eras in accents, although the thematic total looks always make the greatest impression.

Stylist advises: If you choose a stylized suit, remember that it should be consistent with the theme of the wedding.

A tailor-made wedding suit

In the end, not so much the type of the suit itself as its execution. Men more and more often decide to personalize a wedding suit. A tailor-made model is a guarantee of a perfect fit for the figure. We distinguish made-to-measure sewing, i.e. matching the finished model to the client’s figure, and bespoke, i.e. sewing a suit from the beginning to the client’s expectations.

Stylist advises: Today even commercial brands offer a service of adjusting a suit to the figure – it’s worth taking advantage of it!

Which wedding suit should you choose? Types of men’s formal attire

Double-breasted, three-piece tuxedo, or maybe a tailcoat – find out about the types of men’s suits and choose your favorite for the wedding!

Double-breasted suit for the wedding

Classic, which refers to the retro atmosphere, will be today a great idea to refresh the image of the groom. A wedding suit with a double-breasted jacket gives the silhouette a gentlemanly class and at the same time a stylistic panache. Models in brighter color palettes and those referring to vintage fashion will be most welcome.

Stylist advises: A double-breasted suit will be most suitable for tall men.

Three-piece suit for the wedding

Men more and more often choose a men’s three-piece suit for their wedding, consisting of a jacket, trousers and a vest. When, if not for such a special occasion, should you decide on this higher level of elegance? The vest, although it is not the main element of the outfit, will add sophistication and a noble chic.

Stylist’s advice: Remember that the vest is super stylish, but it can be uncomfortable during dynamic movements. You can put it on for a wedding, and take it off after the official part of the wedding.

Wedding tailcoat

The world is crazy about royal weddings. And good! Who, if not representatives of the royal court, can set a good example when it comes to dressing code for special occasions? If you are planning a very elegant party, maybe a tailcoat will be a perfect complement to it in the case of a men’s outfit? It is the most elegant men’s white tie evening dress.

Stylist advises: The tailcoat is still not very popular in Poland, which is a pity because a wedding is one of the few occasions in life that you can wear it on. Maybe you will decide?

Wedding suit “not complete”

A men’s suit does not have to be classic. If you are nonchalant in fashion, create your own suit. Of course, each element cannot be chosen randomly, and the mixing of different materials, colors and textures should be carefully thought out. The safest option is to choose a different vest to match the jacket and pants.

Stylist advises: If you are not very adept at mix & match styling, don’t take the risk on your own – the effect can be chaotic and kitschy. Experienced wedding stylists will help you choose your outfit.

Uniform for the wedding

As the saying goes, behind the uniform of the maid with a rope … If you serve in the army, work in the police, are pilots or firefighters, you can put on a gala dress for your wedding. This is a great idea for a personalized wedding theme that will highlight your passions and experiences. It is worth considering this option, because the dress uniform can look very dignified!

Stylist advises: Do not choose a uniform if you are not professionally related to uniformed services – the effect will be stretched.

How to choose a wedding suit?

In order to choose the perfect suit, pay attention to the following elements:

  • The style of the wedding and reception – every element on this day must be consistent – from the type of wedding hall, through decorations, to costumes.
  • Groom’s style – no less important will be your personal style, which will make you feel comfortable on such an important day for you.
  • Style of the wedding dress – The search for a dress for the bride usually takes place earlier, so a wedding suit must keep pace with the women’s attire.
  • Type of figure – the highest quality wedding suit will not look good if we choose it incorrectly for the type of figure. Take into account height, weight and proportions, emphasize qualities and hide shortcomings.
  • Beauty type – skin tone and color of hair and eyes will determine the color of the suit. For example, fair skin and blonde hair will look best against a blue outfit.

What to wear to a wedding? Men’s wedding styling in 13 elements

A suit is not everything. What should a complete men’s wedding stylization consist of, and what elements should be additionally taken into account? We check:

  • Jacket + pants – the basis of any suit with which it all starts. It is to this set that we select the next components in order to create a coherent image.
  • Vest – an optional part of the outfit worn over a shirt, which will take any outfit to a higher level of elegance.
  • Shirt – preferably snow-white, although it is worth considering that this crystalline shade may not suit every type of beauty.
  • Shoes – in the classic version, elegant shoes made of smooth leather, and if you are considering shoes for a disguise, after-party or casual wedding, it is also worth considering suede shoes, loafers or sports models.
  • Necktie – the most appropriate one will be the silk one with a natural shine, of medium width (but note: this one should also be selected for the type of figure).
  • Bow tie – higher in the hierarchy of elegance than a tie, it will be perfect for such special occasions as a wedding.
  • A flower in a buttonhole – a buttonhole is a small hole in a jacket’s lapel, into which a live flower is inserted. In the event of a wedding, it is worth making sure that the content is consistent with the bride’s bouquet.
  • Pocket square – a small handkerchief that slips into a jacket pocket. A plain white pocket square will be the most elegant, but if you want to add a bit of fantasy to your outfit, a patterned handkerchief can be perfect here.
  • Belt – a suit belt should be leather, smooth, narrower than every day, subtly shiny and with a classic buckle. What color? I always like shoes!
  • Suspenders – have both a practical and decorative function – will keep the outfit “in place” and add a retro touch to the styling.
  • Cufflinks – men’s jewelry that will bring wedding styling to an even higher level of elegance, and at the same time emphasize the personality of the groom.
  • A watch – a timepiece for a wedding suit should first of all be elegant: a simple design, a white or black case, a bracelet or a smooth leather strap in black or brown.
  • Socks – smooth, in the color of the trousers will be suitable for a classic wedding suit, and in a modern version, they can boldly refer to the atmosphere of your wedding in a color or pattern. Regardless of the style – they should reach mid-calf so as not to expose the leg

The perfect wedding suit – choice in 7 steps

Let’s summarize the most important steps in searching for the perfect wedding suit:

    1. Choose a wedding suit to the style of your wedding and reception.
    2. Choose a wedding suit that will match your own style.
    3. Choose a suit that will match the style of the wedding dress.
    4. Order a wedding suit that will perfectly fit your figure.
    5. Buy a wedding suit that will match your type of beauty.
    6. Complete accessories that will perfectly complement your wedding stylization.
    7. Consider classics and trends: go from timeless elegance, but also consider fashionable men’s suits 2021.

Trends by trends and styles with styles, but when searching for a suit, the starting point should always be the reliable classics of elegance. A timeless standard with a gentlemanly elegance and a hint of modernity is what every groom should be looking for. Guys, let’s go!

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