What the groom’s outfit should look like for the after-party

As a rule, after-parties are much less formal than the wedding and reception that preceded them. On the other hand, the newly minted groom should still be in style and look great. So she cannot allow herself to be completely loose, even wearing flip-flops and a T-shirt. So what to consider when completing the groom’s outfit for the after-party?

There are at least two factors that must be taken into account. The first is the nature of the post-resignation party, usually determined by the place where it takes place. A ballroom in a palace or a manor house or an elegant restaurant requires equally elegant attire. Which, in turn, may seem like an exaggeration on a family barbecue in the backyard garden.

Wedding.pl stylist advises: it is worth that the style of the groom’s outfit is similar on the wedding day and after the party. Before you choose the outfit for the next day, check out the trends in wedding suits!

The second important issue is the clothes of the young wife. If the bride plans to put on a sophisticated formal dress and high heels, the groom must not stand out from her stylization in the wedding party. So, for example, jeans, moccasins or a shirt with short sleeves will be excluded.

Groom’s outfit for after-parties – what to avoid

Some items of clothing should not appear in any male outfit for after-parties. Among them, for example, the said shirt with short sleeves. A much better solution will be to freely tuck the long ones. The aforementioned flip-flops, as well as slightly more “built-up” sandals, are also removedThe only exception to this rule is the beach party.

The fact that you should not put on military trousers or sweatpants probably does not need to be mentioned at all. Neither exaggerate the other way:

tailcoat and a tuxedo are men’s clothing for after-parties, in turn too elegant.

Patterns and colors

For a similar reason, it is better to give up black as well. Instead, you can bet on safe grays or blues foreverOr to take advantage of the less formal nature of the after-party and indulge in a dress in shades of brown, green, burgundy or beige. In more expressive colors, such as strong yellow, red or, for example, aquamarine, details can be maintained:

  • handkerchief,
  • jacket lining,
  • buttons,
  • contrasting insert in the collar of the shirt,
  • boutonniere lining,
  • possibly a tie, bow tie or suspenders.

Colorful accessories will introduce a certain nonchalance to the outfit. However, only men who enjoy fashion most freely can afford a suit in such a juicy shade. If the groom does not want to look too avant-garde during the wedding party, but likes vivid colors, he can, for example, combine a simple jacket in a subdued shade and colorful chinos, the shade of which will be repeated in one of the accessories. This will close the composition and make it look thoughtful.

A neutral jacket and pants allow you to match them with a shirt in a shade other than white, as well as the one with a delicate throw. Also, the elements of the suit on the day of the after-party can be checked, herringbone or striped. Especially when the wedding suit was too elegant for that. However, if the groom’s stylization the day before was rather loose and, for example, the check has already appeared – during the aftermath, the jacket can be abandoned at all.

The groom’s less obliging outfit for after-parties

It will work especially in the case of parties only in the immediate group, the rustic ones, the barbecue … The groom can then present himself in a harness, a colorful (or wooden) bow tie, or a vest put on a shirt instead of a jacket. You can also open the shirt slightly at the neck and, as already mentioned, roll up its sleeves. If, instead of chinos, we choose linen trousers or even classic-cut jeans, then it is worth choosing a white shirt. This will emphasize both the uniqueness of the occasion and the status of the man. Footwear may be light – e.g. canvas or slip-on shoes – but never open.

What a groom should look like at a very elegant wedding party

If the party takes place the day after the wedding in a ballroom, palace or prestigious restaurant, slightly different rules apply. The basis is a suit – if not the wedding one. After all, it is not appropriate to put it on, especially since it is probably not the first freshness. So you should get another one, but this time only two-piece. The lack of a jacket will mean a slightly lower degree of formal attire. This will also be done by textures on fabrics, as well as a tie or a bow tie with colors and patterns that the day before would have been too expressive to be considered elegant. The shirt does not have to be white (although its shade should be rather subdued) or fastened at the cuffs with cufflinks.

The groom’s outfit for the after-party in the smart casual edition

How about styling the groom as after-parties that are neither so elegant nor overly casual? Of course, the best choice will be a smart casual set, i.e. elegant fabric chinos, a good-quality shirt and a jacket decorated with a pocket square or interesting hem. The tie is not obligatory here, and the jacket – on colder days – can be replaced with a cardigan.

The groom’s outfit for after-parties – inspiration



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