How much wine for wedding to buy? Converts and advises sommelier

Not only vodka, but also wine is an indispensable item on the wedding menu. If this first drink is not a problem for you, but you are still wondering how much wine for wedding to buy, get expert advice. A sommelier and representative of the Odkupienie Win brand come to our aid.

Amount of wine for a wedding – what to consider?

Wine expert emphasizes that the calculations should take into account factors such as: number of gueststype of guests, a season of the year, as well as whether the wine is to be the main alcohol served at the party or just one of many. In addition, do not forget about the additional wines that you plan to give to guests or service as a gift, thank you or rewards for participating in the Ochepin games. Many of these aspects appear not only when choosing the wine itself, but also alcohol as such, which you can see in the article about choosing the amount of alcohol for a wedding.

How much wine for a wedding

When calculating how much wine you need to buy at a wedding, consider the number and type of guests, the time of year, and the presence of other drinks. Sommelier recommends adopting the following wine conversion rate for the wedding: from 50 bottles per 100 guests to 0.7 liters per person.

Basic wine conversion for a wedding:

  • sparkling wines for the welcome toast: 14 bottles per 100 people
  • white and red wines: 0.5-1 bottle per person
  • Dessert wines: 14 bottles per 100 people
wine for wedding

Amount of wine for a wedding from A to Z

It is hard to imagine starting a wedding party without a toast to the bride and groom. The best choice at the moment is sparkling wine: Italian Prosecco or Spanish Cava. For couples with a larger budget, we recommend French champagne. Lightly chilled bubbles will put everyone in a great mood, and in the summer they will also refresh you. Glasses for sparkling wine are smaller than those for wine, usually,  bottle is poured into 7 glasses. So, for example, for 100 guests we recommend buying 14 bottles.

The situation is different with the wines served during the party. First, we must determine whether the wine will be the main or one of the many alcohols offered. It is assumed that  1 bottle of wine is enough for 5 glasses. Therefore, assuming that wine will be the main alcohol, we recommend buying 1 bottle of wine for each person. If other alcohol is also present at the wedding reception, we assume that wine consumption will decrease by about 50% and then we recommend buying 50 bottles for 100 guests.

At this point, let’s also remember the time of year and the temperature outside during the party. In summer, guests are more likely to reach for slightly chilled white wine, and in winter for red wine, which is characterized by deeper bouquets, warms up pleasantly. Thus, in the summer 2/3 of the wine should be white and 1/3 of red wine, while in late autumn and winter these proportions will be reversed.

If you decide to pair wine with food ( wine pairing ), you should return to the calculation that 1 bottle of wine is poured into 5 glasses. We need to buy 20 bottles for 100 guests for one dish.

The taste of cakes, cakes and other sweets should also be emphasized by the appropriate wine. For desserts, we can choose sparkling or slightly pink wine, remembering to make it a wine with more sweetness. As with the welcome toast, 1 bottle is poured into 7 glasses. So, for example, for 100 guests we recommend buying 14 bottles.

wine for wedding

How much – and what – wine for the wedding? A visit to the sommelier

If you are not sure what wine will suit your party and how much you should buy it, visit places that specialize in the art of combining wine with food. Such is undoubtedly the restaurant and shop Odkupienie Win in Warsaw. You can not only arrange an individual tasting here, try it for free before buying any wine, but also an experienced sommelier will tell you about each drink, advise you with your choice and help calculate the right number of bottles, taking into account all of the above factors.

And what if you buy too much wine for a wedding …?

Conversion by conversion, but remember that you will never estimate, as to the milliliter, how much wine for a wedding will be the right amount. In order not to worry that your guests may be missing something during the party, it is better to buy slightly more bottles than you expect for the average calculations. If you are afraid of unnecessary expenses and overstating your wedding budget, ask the seller before buying if you can return the unopened product after acceptance. This way it meets the needs of customers, e.g.  Redemption of Wines, which offers the possibility of returning intact bottles. The creators of the Warsaw store confirm that you never know how much wine you will drink, so it is better not to risk that you will be left with unopened bottles or that the alcohol will end in the middle of the wedding. Even a sommelier who will help you with choosing the amount of alcohol advises you to buy more than worry about running out. Especially when it is possible to return the surplus.

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